Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Cat out of the bag
    Private Thread 
    Tiny stitch after tiny stitch sprawled over the white linen the Gryffindor was embroidering, a new pinafore for the winter. Vesta was nearly getting too old for pinafores over her home clothes- she was very nearly fifteen, and at this time next year she’d be starting to put away her pinafores for good and counting the few short weeks till she’d be pinning her hair properly up for the first time- but that was no need for her to go about with boring, plain pinafores till then. Of course, the point of the pinafore was to protect her dresses, but she’d never been particularly messy so she didn’t see why she couldn’t put as much effort into it as her stockings, when her stockings were hardly seen and her pinafores so obvious.

    Her cat, however, was less pleased with her mistress’ intense focus. Vesta had only just snipped the last thread of the design with a pair of tiny scissors when the feline decided she had been ignored for long enough and darted out from her post under the armchair, pouncing on the sewing bag and seizing a skein of thread as her prize.

    Quite proud, the cat trotted across the common room and hopped onto another Gryffindor’s lap, sending Vesta hurrying after. “Oh, I am sorry!” She said, recognising the cat’s new seat as a first year. “I don’t suppose you can get the thread from her? She does get ever so put-out when I don’t pay her nearly enough attention.”

    @Sisse Thompsett
    [Image: HvKTuVx.png]
    Absolutely stunning pretties by MJ! <3
    Classes had ended for the day and Sisse found herself quite alone in the common room. Not that there weren't plenty of others around but the few Gryffindors she knew, namely her fellow first years and her elder brother, had scattered to their various tasks. None of which appeared to be pursuing their homework in the common room. Having never had quite the rigorous course load that Hogwarts provided with her Governess, Miss Hughes, Sisse had determined her time prior to supper would best be spent attempting to read the rather thick volume that she been required to purchase. Of all her subjects she had always found history to be the most fascinating, if any school subject could truly be said to fascinating. Hogwarts, it seemed after her first day, would provide many fascinating subjects. But after such a long first day Sisse was sure that even something as interesting as Charms would hardly hold her attention like a story from the past.

    It wasn't long into her perusal of the text that she determined the it rather lacked the charm and vibrancy of one of Miss Hugh's lessons and she set the book aside. Preferring to look out the window beside her perch in a cushioned window seat instead.

    She had rather hoped to find Matthew upon her entrance to the common room, but her brother - now a forth year - seemed to have deemed her existence only a minor blimp in his life now that he was almost a man. A soft sigh floated across Sisse's lips, only to turn into a startled yelp when a warm weight landed on her lap. Her eyes widened as she turned her attention to the cat that had determined her to be a soft landing place. The cat had the look about her of Sisse's own cat, Persephone, with it's soft fur and warm eyes. Even the mischievous look in it's eyes as Sisse noticed it's treasure held tight in its mouth and paws.

    "Whatever have you found there?" Sisse asked gently, gingerly reaching out to place a hand on the creature's back and the other allowing the cat to both smell her hand and reach for the trophy. An older girl appeared behind the cat, a look of disapproval and disbelief on her features. Sisse gave her a charming smile indicating it was not an issue at all. She rather liked cats. "It's quite alright." She replied chipperly.

    "Of course." She reached for the thread, believing the cat to have quite accepted her smile by this point, when the cat launched from her lap, back claws digging into her lap and snagging on her pinafore and leaving a nasty snag that Sisse would need to try and repair. The cat sprinted away from the two girls. "Oh no!" Without truly considering her actions Sisse followed taking off at an unlady-like pace as the cat made a run for the open portrait door an upperclassman was currently exiting through.

    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    For a moment Vesta had hoped she might be getting the skein of moss-green back, but Viola, as always, had her own ideas. She didn’t get chance to take in the snag in the other girl’s pinafore- probably able to be repaired with a little darning if a spell couldn’t do the job- before the little scottish fold was darting away, the First-year scrambling after her.

    Vesta debated taking off too for a heartbeat, but she was in proper corsets now her her dresses were ankle length, if not yet floor-length, and there was no doubt a cat would be able to outrun her. Unless…

    She quickly took out her wand and sent a spell flying towards the feline, to make her movements far slower than they would be, like the cat was trying to sprint through treacle. The Gryffindor then tucked her wand away as she hurried after the younger student and her cat. “Not exactly a fair fight, I suppose, but we don’t want to be caught out after curfew.” Vesta laughed.
    [Image: HvKTuVx.png]
    Absolutely stunning pretties by MJ! <3
    Before Sisse’s eyes the cat slowed. Had she not grown up with magic she might have found the sight something more surprising. Instead she surveyed the cat trying to sprint away but only moving at the speed of a turtle rather amusing. The older girl caught up to her as Sisse gathered the apricot creature into her arms. A bell like laugh escaped her lips. “Of course.

    She shook her as she reached for the green thread with the ever-growing tail that the cat had dragged with her. Sisse's delicate fingers deftly plied the treasure from the cat’s jaw despite the increasing hisses that arose from the animal. It's twisting and thrashing still slowed allowing Sisse an opportunity to actually get the thread. Her task complete Sisse allowed the cat to jump from her arms and held the thread out to it's owner. “I believe this is your’s. ” She smiled.

    A few people were looking at the two girls and the commotion they had caused. The portrait door had swung shut but Sisse still felt as if everyone were looking at her. A light flush stained her cheeks and she could tell her curls were disheveled. Trying to ignore it she smoothed her skirts down hoping she looked more dignified than she felt as she introduced herself, it would be considered rude not to, no matter how much she might wish for few to know her name as the girl who randomly chased after cats “I'm Sisse Thompsett.
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    ”Thank you.” Vesta smiled, taking the thread and wrapping it around her fingers a few times to stop it getting tangled before she could safely return it to her sewing basket and away from the clutches of her cat. She tucked it into her pinafore’s pocket for the time being, watching as the feline made a rather slow exit.

    “Vesta Bones.” She replied, smiling again. “I’m a fourth year.” She added. The fact she didn’t recognise the other girl meant she was most likely a first-year, though Vesta hadn’t made an attempt to memorise everyone sorted into her house during the ceremony itself- that was far too difficult and it wasn’t like they’d ever be in her classes, so she had plenty of time to learn who was who. “Sorry about Viola- she does get a little grumpy when she thinks I haven’t paid enough attention, but I’ll give her some marmalade later and I’m sure all will be forgiven.”
    [Image: HvKTuVx.png]
    Absolutely stunning pretties by MJ! <3
    "You're welcome." Sisse responded automatically, feeling a little better about the situation when the girl introduced herself as well. The girl, as a fourth year almost seemed old enough to be a woman. She definitely seemed more mature than Sisse's child like self. And she'd know Matthew! "It's very nice to meet you. My brother's a fourth year too. Matthew Thompsett?" At home the Gryffindor boy made it seem like everyone knew him, knowing how small the school was there was a good chance, but every once in a while Sisse doubted the validity of the statement. Surely Vesta would know him though as a housemate and year mate.

    Violet seemed a good name for a cat, Sisse concluded. "It's quite alright. Our family's cat get's quite put out when she's ignored. She always likes Henry best though, he's my younger brother, but she always curled up with me in the afternoons." Perhaps she had said too much but as much as Sisse didn't want to admit it she was beginning to feel a bit homesick. Which, of course, was entirely ridiculous and not at all a grown up feeling.

    @Vesta Bones
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]
    Vesta nodded. She wasn’t a friend of the boy, but you couldn’t share a house and yeargroup with someone and not be acquainted with them. “I got Viola when I first went to Hogwarts- I was worried I was going to miss our cook’s cat, and the school has owls I can use.” Owls were more useful, but not so comforting. They wouldn’t hop on the end of your bed in the middle of the night because you were having a bad dream or feeling homesick.

    “She’s rather fickle, but she’s a sucker for attention.” She added, as the cat pranced on over as if nothing had happened and began looping around her stockings. Vesta paused to scoop up the fluffy cat, cradling her to her chest. “See?”
    [Image: HvKTuVx.png]
    Absolutely stunning pretties by MJ! <3
    Sisse’s eyes followed the cat as the older girl talked about her. Her parents hadn’t wanted to send any of their children to school with pets, one because they were worried they’d all arrive back home, and two because Sisse was pretty sure they didn’t want to have to get one for each of them. One family cat was enough her father had always told them. Granted Papa also wrinkled his nose each time Persephone trotted into a room. “Papa always says we only need one cat in the family. Although I think he extended that to one pet in the family when Matthew and I went away to school.” She shrugged although a small frown tilted the corner of her lips down.

    Violet had made her way back to Vesta and wound affectionately around her legs until Violet scooped her up. Sisse smiled, “She just wants to be treated like a grand lady, doesn’t she?” She tentatively stepped forward, “Would you mind if I pet her?” She asked, feeling slightly silly for the question, after all she had just chased the cat across the common room after it hopped into her lap. Surely that meant that Vesta wouldn’t mind Sisse showing the troublemaker some affection.
    [Image: Z5k5ZI1.jpg]