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Bella's Networking!
Player Name: Bella
Contact: PM Donovan or at discord – Raven#2335.


Friends: Although quiet, Donovan is very loyal to those he cares about. I think it would be fun for him to have very loud friend who sort of just grow on him because they wouldn’t give up/they thought he really didn’t mind them. Someone that would pull him out into society despite his desire to stay in. I’m open to this being someone from school or someone from outside of school. Also look for people that he doesn’t mind spending time around, which is what he would consider a normal friendship.

Former Classmates: Donovan was at Hogwarts from 1866-73, in his 5th, 6th and 7th year he was prefect. Perhaps you have a character he studied with, caused him trouble during his prefect years or just knew him.

Hurls/Romantic: While open to being Hurled, he would probably only look at woman from MC or UC (AB though). Donovan is not actively seeking a bride, however. He is happy with his own space, so he might take a while to be convinced into a courtship. It is possible however due to his traditionalist personality and hidden desire to be a father.
Hellooo, Bella! We've chatted a few times but here's my best attempt to offer actual connections ^.^

@Finnian Byrne is my most obvious option. He's Donovan's cousin and is the complete opposite of Donovan personality-wise. He's flirtatious, quirky, outgoing, and a little daft. He's unhappy with his job, but following his expedition into Irvingly during the 1888 fog crisis, he's sort of grateful he never became an auror. (Hint: He doesn't handle stressful situations well.)

Wow, that's about it now that I keep looking. I don't have any academics, Finnian is the closest in age, and my hurlable ladies are currently limited to one who hopes to marry up. I'm doing SO WELL :P

(If you make a student I'll come running right back, though. I'm not sure I'm capable of not having connections for students.)

beautiful set by Lady
Hi Bella!

Yaaaay more Connollys!

I have @Lorcan Byrne, who has always been one of the family disappointments, but is still startingly impervious to any criticisms of him. Obviously he eloped with a working class girl earlier this year so he is still not in the family's good books, but he definitely showed up here and there in recent months especially to poke fun at Maeve's elopement. Also he thinks, in the kindest, most cousinly way possible, that Donovan should get a life.  

I also have @Carmelina Cramming, who was in his year at school in Ravenclaw, and is also a giant nerd! So definitely potential for study buddies/even school bffs there! She only started teaching this year, and before that travelled with her husband to archaeological expeditions, so they very easily could have kept in touch over the years! I imagine she's very chummy with all the museum people still.

Otherwise the only dudes I have roughly around his age, though none were in his year, are @Elias Grimstone and @Aubrey Davis, both former Gryffindors - although both were working class at school, and one has also been missing for a decade >.> -  or @Ari Fisk, who's a few years older but a nerdy, sensible Hufflepuff who was also a prefect back in the day.


I've only really hurls in the form of @Benevolence Montague or maybe @Madeleine Backus
Ben is more bookish and academic than Maddie and she's a plant nerd so there may be the possibility for nerd friends there.

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Heya! Welcome to Charming!

I have @Zachariah Binns as a possible friend option. They went to school at the same time. He's a Ravenclaw. He is a bookish type and owns Whizzhard Books in Hogsmeade! He's energetic when it comes to work and hopelessly awkward sometimes. They would have worked at the museum together for two years (1876 and 1877). Zach worked there before he got involved with the book shop doing research. So, definitely a potential friend with all of that overlap, if you'd like. :) Zach could also be a good work connection if Donovan is looking for certain books since Zachariah has some odd connections.

Other than that, I don't think I have anyone else suitable. Dang!

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Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
I don't have anyone right his age unfortunately. @Mason Skeeter is a couple years behind, but the academic sort. He was also a prefect at school, but I'm not sure if they would have overlapped xD

@Sydney Podmore is a couple years older and works at St. Mungo's, not sure how they would meet unless they had mutual friends.

Elsie here is a librarian in London, so they might cross paths every now and then.

@Eileen Buchanan is a waitress at the Leaky Cauldron if he ever stops there!

Unfortunately I don't have many quality connections! Sorry!

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I have @Thaddeus Davies to offer you! He's Donovan's co-worker, and was about 2 years behind Donovan at Hogwarts. Thaddeus is basically a nerdy workaholic and he's been at the Museum since 1875, so they've worked with each other for a while. I'm up for nerdy coworker times whenever you like! :)

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