Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    25 August, 1887.

    One week.

    One week until the first full moon, but Topaz was doing her best not to think about that, whenever she could avoid it. Having it all explained to her at the Ministry hadn't helped her nerves about it at all, but there was nothing she could do, so there wasn't any benefit from sitting around and fretting over it. No, the more important thing was that it was one week until everyone left for Hogwarts. One week until her life diverged from that of her friends' and her twin's forever, and Topaz was left alone while her peers continued on with life. Technically, that had happened the moment she'd been attacked, but thinking about Ruby leaving for Hogwarts and leaving her behind was what made it all feel real.

    She couldn't just sit at home not doing anything for the rest of her life. Some of her friends from Hogwarts had offered to send her books, but even Topaz couldn't spend all day doing nothing but reading. There would be school, too--at least for a while, unless people kept writing in to the Prophet and Witch Weekly and saying she oughtn't to be allowed to go--but it was Muggle school, and Topaz didn't think it would really fill up her time the way Hogwarts had. Which left her with a very large problem of what she was going to spend her time on.

    After Witch Weekly had run that article with her picture in it, Topaz didn't think she'd ever get to have a life that was anything close to normal. She'd certainly never get married. She probably wouldn't have been able to marry anyone in England, anyway, because everyone knew about her now and no one would want to bring something like that in to their family, but... well, she hadn't known that she wasn't going to be able to have children. Even if she found someone who was willing to overlook her... disease, she didn't think anyone would be willing to marry someone who was barren and turned into a monster once a month.

    If she was Ruby that might have bothered her more, but Topaz hadn't ever been much of a romantic. The loss of a potential future husband was nothing compared to the loss of her NEWTs. She couldn't get any sort of job ever if she didn't have NEWTs. Not that anyone would want to hire her, anyway, with everything in the paper, but... well, if she'd been able to get NEWTs at least maybe she might be able to do something someday, when most people had forgotten.

    So she couldn't have a career, and she couldn't ever be a wife. What was she supposed to do?

    She still didn't really have an answer, but if there was anyone who could help her figure it out, Topaz thought it was Mrs. Riley at the Irvingly Infirmary. Topaz had wanted to be a healer, after all, before everything had collapsed. While that was obviously out of reach for her now, Mrs. Riley might be able to give her some advice about what she could do that might be in a similar sort of field--and Mrs. Riley had already helped her, the night of the attack. Topaz was incredibly self-conscious about talking to anyone outside the household, after the article had come out, but she thought Mrs. Riley would be safe. She hadn't treated Topaz like a monster when she'd woken up, the day after the attack, and Topaz had no reason to suppose her attitude would have been changed by the newspaper article. As far as outsiders went, Mrs. Riley was relatively safe.

    She hadn't wanted to tell her Papa about her plans, not yet. Topaz wasn't sure if she was worried he would think she was being silly and disparage her plans, or try to dissuade her, or if she was instead hoping that he would be proud of her for taking some initiative to try and figure out her life and she wanted to wait to tell him until there was something to be proud of. Either way, she'd managed to convince Delight to walk to the Infirmary with her without asking too many questions (it was easy to guilt her older sister into helping her, because Topaz never asked help with anything, as a general rule, and everyone was still pitying her for having been attacked) and had then left her in the front room. Steeling herself and hoping she didn't end up sounding too silly, she walked back to Mrs. Riley's office and knocked on the door.

    "Good morning, Mrs. Riley," she greeted, hoping that she wasn't interrupting anything important--the woman must have been so busy, and she hadn't thought about that before planning this little excursion. "I was wondering--if--maybe you'd have time to talk to me? For a few minutes?"

    @Felicity Riley @Odira Potter

    What little colour existed in Felicity’s face drained from it entirely at Miss Urquart’s arrival at her office door, and the guilt that she had been working so hard to contain in the weeks since the…incident came rushing back in full force, hitting her in the chest like a tonne of bricks. In spite of her brother’s reassurances, and in spite of her confidence that publicizing matters did, in fact, make Irvingly a safer place for families like her own, Fee could not shake the feeling that what she had done had been dreadfully wrong, or at least that she had wronged Miss Urquart personally.

    Shaky hands smoothed her robes for occupation as she rose to her feet.

    “Of course, Miss Urquart,” she replied with a tense smile, though every nerve in her body was screaming No!. “Please, come have a seat.”
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    Topaz noticed the slightly forced feeling to Mrs. Riley's smile, though she entirely misinterpreted it. Her first thought was that Mrs. Riley must have been very busy, and was probably thinking something along the lines of why must I suffer to entertain this child when I ought to be engaged in the very demanding and very heroic business of saving lives? (Healers, she thought, probably spoke very formally in their inner monologues on account of their being so very intelligent and so accomplished and having such an incredibly noble career).

    Her second thought was spurred more by her ideas about herself than her ideas about the older woman. Maybe, she thought, Mrs. Riley had only been kind to her after the attack because she had to be, while Topaz was still her patient. Maybe it was some kind of healer-code to be very kind to people who were checked in to the hospital, and Mrs. Riley was now under no such obligation and would really rather not have talked to her, because of what she was now. Maybe Mrs. Riley thought along the lines of the articles in the paper, and when she smiled she was actually thinking something like why did this monstrous creature make its way into my office, and how can I get rid of it without appearing to be too rude? (Topaz was very conscious of appearing rude, even when she really wanted to be rude, so she assumed that all adults would have a similar aversion to it even when faced with people they thought were rather despicable).

    Whichever of these was the case, though, Mrs. Riley had told her to have a seat, and it was too late to back out. Nervously biting her lower lip, Topaz walked over to the chair and sat down in it. Her shoes only touched the floor when she tipped them down to make them touch, at the balls of her feet. She pushed them down and held them against the floor, to make herself seem more adult. She couldn't come talk to Mrs. Riley and let her feet swing off the chair.  

    "Thank you," she said, her mouth rather dry. "I--uhm--I wanted to ask you about--" Suddenly the idea of bringing up healing to Mrs. Riley seemed utterly ridiculous. The idea of talking to her hadn't made her nervous before, but now that she was sitting here, Topaz felt as though a wide chasm had made itself apparent between the two of them. Mrs. Riley was over there, and she was perfect (at least in all of the ways that Topaz cared about--she was smart and she was a healer and she was independent and people respected her even though she could have just been a widow like any other widow), and then Topaz was over here, so far away from all of that that there weren't even units of measurement that could describe the difference between here and there. Topaz would never be any of the things that Mrs. Riley was, and bringing it up and trying to pretend that she could be just seemed so laughably childish.

    "I--uhm--well, I won't be able to go back to school," she said, all nerves.
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       Felicity Riley

    “No, no you won’t,” Felicity confirmed sadly as the guilt began to know more deeply at her chest. Did Miss Urquart somehow know that Fee had inadvertently signalled the papers? No, that couldn’t have been it—after all, even if it hadn’t come out, there was no way the young werewolf would have been able to return to Hogwarts and keep her secret.

    But if it was not to lay blame, what was the purpose for Miss Urquart’s visit?
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    Mrs. Riley must have thought she was an idiot, Topaz thought miserably as the older woman replied. Of course she knew that Topaz wouldn't have been going to school; that was obvious to everyone who knew about her problem--so, in other words, everyone. She had chickened out of saying what she'd really come here to say and she'd ended up trying to kill time by making herself look foolish. Mrs. Riley might have even been offended that Topaz apparently felt the need to explain something so rudimentary to her.

    She had to just out and say it, even if it was unfathomable. She'd come this far, and she couldn't just turn around and leave now.

    "Well, uhm," she said, clearly struggling against her nerves. "Before--uhm, before what happened I--I was thinking that I wanted to be a healer," she said, cheeks flushing a dark red at the admission. "And I was going to talk to Madam P about maybe having her teach me some things in the hospital wing outside of class, this year. And, well, obviously--I mean, obviously I can't do that," she said, looking down at her lap where she had clutched her hands tightly together to prevent herself from fidgeting. "But--but I would still like to learn some of those things, even if I can't ever... use them," she said, her voice taking on a shy quality. "And I wanted to ask you whether you could... recommend some books, maybe, from the library in London?"