Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Who's Playing Who?
    Private Thread 
    Miss Ida Green was waiting for him on the other side of the door. In a Ministry interrogation room. Finally, something was going right for Javert since he and Richardson had taken up that case.

    They were still trying to extract information from her father, with little success. He was loyal to his cause and countered their attacks with claims by trying to be clever about the law. Supposedly, they couldn't charge him, because they didn't have enough proof. So what if his name was associated with that brotherhood? There was no proof that he had been practicing alchemy on humans! The old man even had the gall to threaten to sue them, for being overly violent.

    It was true that it was a problem that they didn't have more information about the other members. The one record they'd found - and which they had used to locate Mr. Green - was an extremely old one and half of the members were either dead or they had had the good sense to use a fake name.

    They needed more than that. They needed names and locations. Javert hoped that Ida Green would give them to them. She was a woman, how soon before she broke and spilled everything? Sure, she was no blushing debutante (she had surprised him at her confession of having a sexual life), but still. Javert was confident that he could get her to speak.

    "The Sons of Alchemy," Javert said pointedly as he took the seat opposite of Ida's. What kind of stupid name was that, anyway? "Your father can't be an only child."

    @Ida Green
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    It had been Ida's own fault that she had been arrested. She had gotten too comfortable, too confident, and she had underestimated her now captors. Now she was stuck in the interrogation room, waiting for Mr de Mont-shitty auror to come and interrogate her. And unfortunately, that wasn't a euphemism.

    He wanted to know about the Sons of Alchemy, and her father and their family. However Ida was so pissed off at the concept of being arrested, she was certain she wasn't going to tell him a single thing. So she was going to fuck with him instead.

    "Oh goodness!" she exclaimed, "That's no way to greet an old friend! No hello, good morning, good afternoon? You certainly are very rude Mr de Montfault!"
    She was being clever again. Javert would let her be clever. She was at the disadvantage here. She couldn't punch him and run away from a building packed with Ministry officials.

    "I will become even ruder if you don't start to talk!" Javert said in a well-trained threatening tone. "How many of you are there? I need names, Green!"
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    Ida laughed. "So sorry," she told him, "I know you're trying so hard to be threatening but I think you need some more practise." In reality, Javert's tone had been quite threatening, but Ida was a dick. So.

    She cleared her throat and continued, "Anyway. I need some clarification. When you say names do you mean names generally, names for a new novel you may be writing? Specific names?" She gave him a clearly false look of confusion.

    This was the most fun anyone had ever had after being arrested. Ida was sure of it.
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       Javert de Montfault
    Javert didn't expect for it to be easy, but this was becoming really frustrating really fast.

    "Stop playing games, Green!" Javert shouted. "I need the names of your father's accomplices. Or brothers as he may refer to them. I need the names of the Sons of Alchemy."
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       Nigel Yaxley
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    Ida pretended to think it over, before finally telling de Montfault, "Thing is. I don't really want to tell you who my father's accomplices were, but I do want to play games. I don't get anything from ratting on people but I do get quite a lot of joy by messing with you."
    "See, you are going to prison anyway," Javert started. "And I assure you, you won't be in a mood to play any games with three different dementors lurking every corner at any given time. What you could do, however, is help us so you don't have to spend as much time around the dementors."
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    Fuck. Ida really did like the sound of not having to go to Azkaban for less time than required. She wasn't entirely sure why she still felt any loyalty to her father or his 'brothers' anymore.

    Ida had found an opportunity to help herself. And she wasn't going to let it go to waste.

    "Thing is," she replied, "I don't really like the sound of going to Azkaban at all. Could you imagine this beautiful face being ruined by the horrors of Azkaban. I don't have the constitution for it." She wanted to see how far she could push it.
    This wasn't the first time a criminal had tried to escape Azkaban by offering their cooperation.

    Javert gave Miss Green an arrogant smile. "I can't even consider removing a month off your sentence while you refuse to help me." He wasn't actually going to let her escape Azkaban. Maybe. He'd have to consult the lawyers for that possibility and she'd have to be of big help. He wasn't going to let her roam free just because she'd given away the name of that one guy the alchemist cult didn't even like anyway.

    "Why don't you give me one name and we could get you a lawyer for your case. As a sign of good faith?"
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    See. This male arrogance was why Ida's number one priority in this world. And why she used men for their privates and what they could do for her. That too. It was hard work for Ida not to tell the auror to do one, because as aforementioned, she used men for what they could do for her. And de Montfault could get her out of Azkaban sooooooo.

    She had to deal with his shit, didn't she?

    Therefore she told him a name. Someone fairly important, but not irreplaceable. Enough to sate the aurors but not enough to get them too deep into the alchemist circle.

    But she did this all in a cool way, yeah? Because she had pride to keep intact.
    Javert was privately really pleased that he managed to get a name out of her in their first interrogation. This was a success for him, and his department. He knew that it was too early to celebrate, however. They'd need to look into this man and catch him. For all that he knew, Ida Green could have given him a fake name.

    "Thank you, Miss Green," Javert said as he rose from his seat. "We'll keep in touch."

    He didn't tell her when that would be. It'd be when they took care of the guy she'd mentioned, but she didn't need to know that. The more unsure she was about her fate, the easier would be to break her.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Javert de Montfault's post:
       Ida Green
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    "I'll be waiting!" Ida told him in a clearly piss-taking rom-com voice. Because she didn't have a choice so it was funny.

    She then blew him a kiss and gave him a look of pure love and affection.

    Idert 5eva <3
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ida Green's post:
       Ellory Pendergast

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