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    November 1887
    Serving Up Hostility
    Private Thread 

    Word Count: 182 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    Out of all three of Annabelle's siblings, Joseph surely had to be her least favorite. While she did care for him (as in, she didn't wish any ill will upon him), she didn't care to be around him. He was a snotty and obnoxious teenage boy who reeked of prejudice and elitism, and that was something Annabelle thought to be very toxic to her.

    Nevertheless, she attempted to endure the hours with him without as much as a complaint. Breakfast had been served an hour before, and Araminta, Julius, and their father had been dismissed from the table. Annabelle and her younger brother sat at the table, with Annabelle gingerly watching Joseph poke his food. She knew she should probably say something, but she had a difficulty finding words. What could she talk to him about that wouldn't induce a conversation on very touchy subjects?

    "Er ... I hope last night treated you well, Joseph?" she asked politely, bringing a piece of her food to her mouth. Her eyes watched him carefully, trying to pick apart his mannerisms for any signs of hostility.

    Joseph didn't think himself a complete bigot, but when Annabelle and he had gotten on the discussion of blood purity, he honestly confessed his sentiments on the subject. He wasn't a complete purist like their father. He had no resignations towards purebloods (duh) or even halfbloods, but he really couldn't view muggles, or even muggleborns, as equals. He did have something of a tendency to talk to muggleborns, for it couldn't be prevented at school, in sort of superior way (not that he believed them to be stupid and he certainly turn his nose up at them—not in public anyway. And at school, one was always in public).

    Joseph, not feeling particularly inclined to eat this morning, had been poking at his food after the first few bites. Breakfast had been awkward as Joseph knew that Father had been particularly nasty to his long-lost sister. Although he found her presence disruptive, he felt sympathetic. The youngest Scrimgeour had incurred their father's wrath a few times in his short life and it hadn't been pleasant.

    “Yes, I slept perfectly well. Thank you,” he said automatically, his eyes not leaving the but of food he was picking at.

    A moment of silence passed before he decided that he probably ought to be genial as his sister was at least making an effort on her part. “And you?” he inquired, looking up at her.

    So long as they stayed away from the topics of blood purity and muggles, they should be fine. And Joseph had no interest in starting a row this morning.

    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

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    Word Count: 131 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    Joseph showed no immediate signs of hostility, leaving Annabelle to release a breath of relief. As argumentative as she could be, Annabelle didn't like getting into arguments — especially not with her family members. She gave her brother a small, somewhat shy smile as he looked up at her with the hopes that he would return a similar gesture.

    "I didn't sleep as well last night as I usually do, but I can attribute that to excitement. Lady Adinbury's Hunt was wonderful yesterday — it's a shame you can't attend," she said politely, pushing her plate away from her as she finished. She knew he had no desire to attend the hunt, despite whether or not children were allowed. Annabelle had always assumed Joseph held similar sentiments against nobility that their father did.

    Joseph tried to keep himself from rolling his eyes at his sister. To be honest, he really didn't understand how hard it was to transition from her life in the lower class to the upper class. Joseph himself, he thought, would have been ecstatic to learn he was the prodigal child of an established, magical, upper class family. But his sister seemed to have a difficult time with it. Mostly because she had rather coarse and unrefined manners—or so it seemed. Of course, it was unfortunate that their parents had been so insistent to keep her when she clearly wanted to stay with those muggles.

    “Yes, it's most unfortunate,” he agreed, surprisingly truthful. He held no resentment towards the nobility in itself, but he didn't really know if he should enjoy all the activities there. After all, hunting didn't seem that exciting. He much rather play Quidditch.

    “Is it only a hunt—or do they have other things to do?” he inquired.

    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

    This sexy set is by Soph! Admire it forever~


    Word Count: 108 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    Annabelle frowned. Had his words been sincere? Did he actually sound interested in attending? The young witch found herself staring at her brother with a puzzled expression. Perhaps he was just carrying on a casual conversation — you know, like people people would.

    "They have plenty of events planned, I believe. They had a ten course dinner last night — I came home feeling sick," she explained glancing up at him curiously. "They're having a hunt today — and a chase tomorrow, though I don't know the difference — but they have lawn games set up for those who do not wish to participate. I think there's a dance tomorrow as well."

    Joseph regarded his sister with a long, arched eyebrow as she gawked at him from across the table. He wondered what he possibly could have said for her to look at him so, but ultimately he decided it wasn’t worth pondering over. His sister was rather strange, after all. He had simply come to accept that after nearly seven years of sort of knowing her.

    “It all sounds rather boring,” he said dismissively with something of a pout. Perhaps that’s why Father didn’t like the aristocracy. It sounded like they made everything dismal despite their wealth. No mention of Quidditch whatsoever! The earl and countess should have an entire Quidditch pitch. Joseph certainly would if he ever found himself so happily situated as they.

    He eyed his sister, curious to how she would respond to his declaration.

    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

    This sexy set is by Soph! Admire it forever~


    Word Count: 102 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    Relaxing her shoulders, Annabelle allowed a pout to slip onto her face. Did Joseph even know how to have fun? What part of what she said sounded boring? Obviously it wasn't boring, or no one would've showed up!

    "I'm sorry you see it that way," she said sadly, smoothing out her dress and napkin. She wondered if he'd thought it boring simply because she found it exciting — that sounded like something her little brother would do. How terrible it would be to enjoy the same things as one's elder sister!

    "What do you think would make it less boring?" she asked curiously.

    Joseph offered a crooked smile at her sister in return for her pout. Annabelle was so easy to bother and, like any younger brother, Joseph enjoyed harassing her. He always figured it was a way for him to show her his love for her, though he knew it was easily misinterpreted. He didn't really feel motivated to change her perception either; it was too much work.

    He shrugged at her apology, the smirk still lingering on his face as he watched her smooth her dress. He liked that she was trying so hard to not seemed bothered by his comment.

    When she asked what would have made the Hunt a more interesting affair, a boyish grin overtook his smirk. “Quidditch, of course!” the Hufflepuff chirped.

    “How can you be wizarding nobility, invite everyone to something so boring as a hunt, and not offer Quidditch to amuse your guests? How do lawn sports, like croquet, trump Quidditch at such an event?” he argued, though genuine bewilderment apparent.

    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

    This sexy set is by Soph! Admire it forever~


    Word Count: 123 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    If it had been modern day and Annabelle hadn't been so worried about being impolite, she would've groaned and rolled her eyes. This boy only cared about quidditch, didn't he? She dearly hoped he went off to play quidditch once he graduated, for in such a situation she might not have to hear from him for a while! Though if her plans for marriage went accordingly, she wouldn't have to worry about him ...

    "They do have muggle neighbors, you know," she pointed out. "Having quidditch players scoring through the sky might seem a little odd to any of their muggle neighbors who might be trying to catch a glimpse of the party. You wouldn't wish to break the statute of secrecy, would you?"

    Quidditch wasn't the only thing that Joseph cared about. He cared about his family, his friends, his education, and the fact that he'd likely never get the chance to play Quidditch ever again after he graduated from Hogwarts. Father had already expressed that he expected Joseph to obtain a job within the Ministry of Magic. And Joseph didn't dare go against his father's expressed wishes. It likely would have ended poorly for the boy. Disownment would have been considered a blessing in such a situation. No, Joseph greatly feared his father's chaotic temper would land him alive, in the Hospital without any hope of returning to professional Quidditch again. Then their father would disown him.

    Joseph shuddered at the thought, though his mind returned to the present at his sister's comment. “What's the point of being a witch or wizard if you never embrace the magical culture? They could have easily shielded the pitch from the prying eyes their 'muggle neighbours’ by using a concealing charm or something,” he countered, waving a dismissive hand at his sister's excuse.

    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

    This sexy set is by Soph! Admire it forever~


    Word Count: 87 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    Annabelle frowned at her brother's dismissive attitude.

    "The Earl and Countess chose to live in close proximity to — and not to mention entertain — their muggle neighbors. As such, they comply with the necessary measures to assure that their magical nature is kept a secret," she explained quietly, her eyes scanning her brother's face.

    "I believe they think of themselves as half-muggle and half-magical. They have two lives they live, and their home is the one place where they must make sure both identities are comfortable," she continued.

    Joseph regarded his sister with a flat expression as she explained the Earl and Countess’s living situation. It was certainly a disappointing thing to learn. No wonder their father didn’t want to go to the Hunt. If Joseph had known as much, if he knew that there would be muggle guests rubbing elbows with him, he’d certainly not want to go either.

    “I can see why Father wasn’t interested in going then” was his reply. Apparently, his sister wasn’t too keen on avoiding sensitive subjects like muggles with him. She knew he disliked the topic. He had proposed perfectly plausible solutions, too, but that wasn’t good enough for her, apparently.

    “Well, I’m done,” he said, not particularly wishing to linger at the table any longer. He didn’t feel like bickering with Annabelle today. Teasing her was fine, but bickering was bothersome.
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    NEWTs: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Divination, Earth Magic, Herbology, & Transfiguration. Clubs: Flying & Quidditch.

    This sexy set is by Soph! Admire it forever~


    Word Count: 166 | Tag: @Joseph Scrimgeour | Date: August 10, 1887

    There was no stopping her blood from boiling at his passive aggressive comments. Joseph was the most like father out of all three of her siblings, and that meant he was the likeliest to anger her. His anti-muggle sentiment was completely unfair and frankly getting old. She could not see how people like Joseph and her father saw them as inferior beings! The only thing that separated them was the ability to use magic.

    She shot her brother a nasty look before collecting her own utensils and placing them on her plate. She needed to keep her mouth shut, but it was just so difficult! Prejudice was one of the things that rubbed her the wrong way, and this household was full of it. She let out a dramatic breath.

    "There is no point in trying to convince you of my beliefs," she said coldly, her gaze avoiding his. "You're just like him — so sure of yourself with your discriminatory ways," she added under her breath.