Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
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    Private Thread 
    August 2nd, 1887
    Randall had been anxious to get things underway, where he proposed the idea it had seemed like a fun thing to do, something to while away the free time he had, not to mention giving him a grand excuse to see Miss Bonney and perhaps help her in some way. But once the actual planning had come into play, well that had been another matter altogether, to be frank it was quite exhausting pulling in all the pieces and making sure everything fit. But it was done now and he was waiting in a coach outside of Irvingly to be off. He had hired another coach to pick Miss Bonney up and then bring her here instead of going directly to her and in town where more eyes would see, Randall looked around the lushness of the forest and hoped there would be no one to see their interaction, he felt confident there wasn't anyone, at least not anyone to worry about anyways. He pulled a watch connected to his pocket with a fine gold chain out and clicked it open, she should be here shortly. He placed it back inside and got out of the coach, standing tall as he awaited her arrival.
    @Kerensa Bonney
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    Kerensa wasn't used to being in a coach. It felt so strange to her. She had been greeted by the driver earlier, who didn't seem thrilled to be there. Along with that, the bundle of blankets in her arms earned a raised eyebrow for her. She expected that. She half expected to be sent right back inside. But that wasn't the case. She was still helped with what little she was bringing with her. She still was directed into the coach, to find it… empty? She had given a questioning look to the coachman, who told her theu would meet Mr. Stuart outside of Irvingly. Well, that made sense.

    So, there she was. She waited to meet him and leave. She held her daughter close, rugging her little back through the blanket. The poor little thing was sick, and had finally started sleeping after crying the whole night beforehand. Kerensa felt bad for the little love.

    She finally felt the coach stop after a while, and the door opened and she was helped out. She looked around briefly, before looking at the other carriage. She could see Mr. Stuart through the window. She made sure to keep her daughter out of sight under the blanket. She did notice the driver of her carriage briefly give Mr. Stuart a knowing look, but say nothing of what Kerensa had with her. Now was the time. Time to see if he would still allow her to join him, or if he will leave her, right there, spooked away by the bundle in her arms. She breathed calmly, and started walking over.
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    The driver of the other coach gave Randall a queer look, one that had him highly curious. Kerensa got out and seemed to be holding something in her arms. The coachman that was directing their coach grabbed her other bags and when he got to it, he heard some chuckling. Randall wondered what was so funny, he would be more intrigued, but instead found himself more irritated. "Miss Bonney there is no need to carry your possessios with you like this, however precious it may be, I can assure you it will be safe in your luggage." Randall came close and took the said bundle from her, his intentions to tuck it away but something stopped him, Kerensa's protests in the background. This package felt odd and upon closer inspection he could've swore it moved. Peeling back the cloth he peered into a fleshy face and time felt stopped.

    A baby. Randall felt numb and was struck stupid, which was rare for him. "Is this yours?" He asked holding it out towards her, the babe not making a peep as it seemed to keep slumbering, even though it had been a bit roughly handled not a moment before.
    [Image: tumblr_inline_oga48pXm8Y1smrh7z_500.gif]
    Keresna looked at the one who was laughing with a look of slight annoyance. Well, that was slightly uncalled for. It wasn't that amusing. But, perhaps it would be if she wasn't the one who had caused such laughter. Her annoyance grew to worried upon noticing Randall's irritated look, as he started to walk over. But, when he actually took her baby out of her arms, she gasped quickly. "No, Mr. Stuart, please don't, I can expla-" she was saying, but was cut short by the look on his face.

    She watched him, sad and… scared. Scared he wouldn't except her, and her child. Scared he would leave her, right then and there. She took her baby back without hesitation, holding the poor dear close. She hesitated for what felt like ages, before finally speaking. "Y-yes. She's mine." She said softly, her voice cracking as tears tried to force their way to her eyes. "Mr. Stuart, I can never say I am proud of my past. I will always regret most of what I have done with it, though I wasn't raised to know much better. But one thing, probably the only thing besides meeting you, that I don't regret in my life is my daughter. I only regret that she isn't the daughter of someone I actually care about." She stated, wanting to make that clear before he decided anything.
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    Randall was glad when she took the baby away, it felt odd holding it, her, he adjusted his clothes and rolled his shoulders, uncomfortable at what was unfolding. Miss Bonney began to give her explanation but Randall was only half listening. When she finished he just stood there, staring. The driver of the coach expected to take them out of town came up to him. "Are we still leaving Sir? Or would you like me to take the...lady back to town?" Randall looked back, sure enough the other driver had already left. "I don't know. Just wait. Either way you'll get paid for the full night like promised." The man gave a bow of his head as he shuffled back to the waiting horses. Randall watched him as he checked the gear, lifted the hooves, he was trying to process but watching the other man kept a comfortable blankness for him to hide behind. Finally he looked at her.

    "I don't know if I can do this now. I figured there were some...unseemly things in your past, but I didn't know there would be a product to show for it. If we did go along with this, it makes my planning a little bit harder, but honestly I'm not sure how to handle this. Don't women in your position usually give them away?" Randall was still shocked and his words were more clipped than usual, more hasty and perhaps harsh, but he didn't have the mind or the heart to wrap the words in velvet before delivering them.
    [Image: tumblr_inline_oga48pXm8Y1smrh7z_500.gif]
    Kerensa watched him with sadness in her eyes. It was starting to seem as though that he would leave her. She did not want that, not at all. She wanted to be with him. She didn't actually know just how much until now. She slightly flinched at just the thought of the driver's second suggestion. She was hoping that Randall would do that. Would leave things like this.

    She waited quietly until he finally looked at her once more. She flinched at how harsh his words were. It hurt, but it was true. Most other's seemed to do that or... she couldn't think like that. She hated this. She didn't know what to do. "P-perhaps... perhaps you could say I'm a widow? Recently out of mourning?" She suggested. Was that how it worked? She didn't even know how long rich people mourned. Perhaps she could save this. Perhaps he would give her a chance?
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    Randall brought a hand up to scratch the back of his head before raking it through his hair. "I don't know, let's just get in the carriage before someone sees all this." He escorted her towards it, the driver opening the door, he helped her in then nodded to the man as he got in himself, sitting opposite her. The carriage lurched forward and Randall stared at his companion and her bundle. "This really upsets my plan. Please try to keep quiet, I have stuff I need to write." He said the last part while looking at the baby, a bit doubtful as to how quiet she could be. With a frown he grabbed some parchment and a pen from the leather bag seated next to him. The sounds of the pen scratching the parchment and the rumble of the coach sounded off nicely together.

    After a few minutes Randall looked at the haphazard mess that was in front of him. "I suppose this should suffice for now. So you are indeed a widow. How old is your child?"
    [Image: tumblr_inline_oga48pXm8Y1smrh7z_500.gif]
    Kerensa wanted to say something, to try to reassure him in some way, but what could she possibly say? How could she possibly help this situation? She wasn't sure, and she possibly would never be sure. She just nodded and entered the carriage without a word.

    She watched him as he sat down and listened as he spoke. She wanted to apologize for so much trouble, but decided it was best she kept quiet. It seemed quite clear that he didn't really want to talk to her. It still felt strange as the coach began to move.

    When he finally looked at her, she paid attention, worried as to what he would say. She didn't calm at his words, she knew better than to loose her guard so quickly. She nodded to his words. "She's only a little over three months." She said quietly, but loud enough to hear.
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    The carriage was mostly silent as they went along, a small lurch or bump here and there. Randall let out a sigh. "You were a middle class girl who married a nice chap also from the middle class. His family was horrified by the idea but went along with it because you were pregnant. However your husband had an unfortunate riding accident and left this world when your were in the last stages of pregnancy. When the babe was born and it was a girl, his parent's tossed you out of the house and claimed you and their son were never married. This happened in a parish that my family supports, and I being a good, charitable christian with the means to help, decided to sponsor you. That is your backstory and our connection. I have a little house secured in the bay near my home. When we get there I will begin teaching you the customs, mannerisms and ways of being upper class. There is also a girl from the village that I have hired to be your maid, and now," here he paused to stare at the sleeping child, "I will need to hire another. I suppose you do the feeding yourself? It is more customary for women of means to hire a wet nurse, but I will let you decide if you want one and a nanny, or just the nanny."

    He hovered his pen over the parchment, and once her preference was given, he scribbled it down and then banged on the carriage top. It slowed to a stop and Randall got out, he instructed the driver to stop at the first place he came to so that he could post the letter. He climbed back into the carriage and it jumped forward as it got moving again.
    [Image: tumblr_inline_oga48pXm8Y1smrh7z_500.gif]
    Kerensa knew that she shouldn't talk. She felt she had lost any right to speak. She waited patiently for him to speak. She refused to let any tears surface, feeling she had no right to show them. She didn't know how he felt now, but felt that she knew that they were not happy feelings.

    She listened carefully as he finally spoke. She didn't question anything, or comment to anything, no matter that she didn't understand the ways of those who were of higher class than her. She remained silent. She nodded to his questioning statement. "Whichever is less trouble for you." She stated, her voice still only just loud enough to be heard.

    She looked down at her daughter, who slept soundly, despite the bumps in the road. The poor dear was probably too exhausted from her cold to wake. She didn't bother mentioning it. She knew what she was used to with a child's cold, to wait it out and hope for the best. She didn't even know what those in higher class than her did.

    @Randall Stuart
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