Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #141 - The Exceptional Miss Twilfit & Mrs. Tatting
    [Image: mu2YFG.png]
    The House of Lytton's Fit For a Queen Best Dressed Competition drawing staggering nineteen contestants on the thirty first of July, we at Witch Weekly want to share a few of our favorites - and even those we thought the most interesting for those of our readers who were unable to attend. Fit For a Queen
    Miss Annette Fontaine appeared in her take of Queen Damodice, the wife of kind Midas with a Greek inspired dress with gold embroidery, trail, and neckline, pale pink sleeves, and a white base.

    Miss Ophelia Dippet awed everyone with her Queen Cleopatra dress. Mostly white, it had gold accents and blue sheer wings between her arms and the dress. Also quite stunning was her headdress.

    Miss Adasia Mohr certainly played off her veela heritage with her Aphrodite robes. Her skirt was likely a bit too see through and she wore her hair down, though a she seems a bit too old for that - it was, however, a costume contest.

    Miss Eva Sleptova impressed everyone with her version of a red and cream Russian court dress with gorgeously detailed embroidery. She paired it with a tiara we would quite love to get our hands on a copy of!

    An unexpected entry of the night was Miss Madeleine Backus, the only lower class girl Witch Weekly was aware of being in attendance. At first, we thought her dress was a plain blue with a few piece of lace but as her and Mr. Herschel Dawlish were announced, her dress transformed into a stunning blue floral piece that she had somehow managed to enchant into glowing.

    Miss Xena Fisk appeared in a relatively simple Tudor style dress in grey styled after Lady Jane Grey.

    Miss Minnie Pendergast wore a gown that copied the Fairy Queen from Shakespearean fame with well-placed vines of flowers on her skirts and across a shoulder and wings to complete the looks.

    Mrs Hannah Perrigrew excited everyone with Catherine de Medici Renaissance-style gown with multiple stunning shades of blue and gold.

    Miss Porphyria Dempsey, however, appeared dressed as King Richard III and wore men's tunic like robes!

    The winner of the competition was Countess Adinbury who dazzled everyone with her icy blue based dress that was decorated by a layer of lace made up to look like tree branches in frosty white. Our favorite part of the "Queen's' fairy queen of the winter court, however, was the drooping sheer sleeves and accent belt that was hung around her hips.
    Lonely Hearts
    Wealthy Ministry-employed gentleman

    of commanding stature and 47 years of age, in possession of a strong jawline, a prominent nose, a full head of thick fair hair styled in keeping with the current trend, a respectable occupation, and two homes. Seeking petite woman, 18 – 30 years of age, red or yellow hair preferred, green or blue eyes. Must be from a reputable background, well educated, vivacious, slender ankles, charming, skilled in all the feminine arts, and a decent piano player. Must not have children from a previous marriage, unmarried ladies preferred.


    Young lady with inquiring mind seeking gentleman of exceptional intellect for matrimony and amiable lifelong companionship. Must be morally upright and open-minded, in possession of a full set of NEWTs or foreign equivalent, as well as financially capable of supporting a wife. Appearance and blood status unimportant. The gentleman must like dogs, non fiction books, and intellectualism in females. Fluency in the Russian language preferred but not required.

    Quidditch Player Wanted

    for self-proclaimed broom bunny and recently out young lady of respectable middle class background. The broom bunny in question is a svelte, brown-eyed beauty with charming dimples and long lashes. Mr. Quidditch Player must be on the first string of a professional Quidditch League team, but Wimbourne Wasps need not apply here! He must be above average height although exceptions may be made for seekers. Mr. Q.P. must be handsome, strong, and in a position to woo a young lady.

    Hands of a pianist

    I should like to find a friendly female companion with either a mastery of the late Franz Liszt's most intricate pieces, or a pair of hands that suggest themselves to be that of a natural pianist.


    A gentleman herbologist would like one gentlewoman herbologist (or herbology enthusiast) for harmonious matrimony in the near future. The gentleman has a country dwelling with extensive
    garden and greenhouses, home to both native and exotic magical and mundane plants. Hoping to plant a little seed of love in the pot of your heart.

    Tender Heart

    128 year old affluent gentleman seeking a third wife to live out the rest of his days with. The only requirement is that this woman be in possession of a tender heart and a gentle bedside manner so she might keep a dying old man company in the twilight of his life. This special lady would find herself the sole beneficiary of his estate and privy to all wisdom and life experiences a life of such length has seen. Age, class, and background of little significance. Please no vampires, werewolves, or part vampires – I am not terribly tasty now, anyway.

    Literary Lover

    In search of a gentleman with a quill skill for a friendly letter exchange. No plagiarists or unimaginative creatures! Should be romantically inclined and deserving of the title 'wordsmith'. Samples of writing will be needed before disclosure of name and address is granted.

    Happiness is just an owl away! Send a letter in with your personal advertisement or response to have it printed in the next issue. Address your letters to: Lonely Hearts, Witch Weekly.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Elsie Beauregard
    The Next Installment of the Exceptional Women Series! Exceptional Women #3: Miss Twilfit and Mrs. Tatting
    Some of the lovely ladies at the London Store!

    The sisters Twilfit and Tatting are exceptional entrepreneurs, who have one of the most successful and popular clothing stores in Magical London are this week's ‘Exceptional Women!’

    - Their primary store is located in South Side, Diagon Alley, London,

    - The store was originally intended to be a rug store, but after a client requested the material be used for a cloak the sisters branched out into their true passion, fashion!

    - From the rarer fabrics to the most expensive of accessories, the store specializes in the one of a kind and special order pieces.

    - Miss Twilfit prefers linen gowns while Mrs Tatting prefers satin!

    - These twin sisters trained together in Paris, but have been inseparable since Hogwarts when they were in the same house.

    - They mostly employ women!

    - Rumors say Muggle royalty have used connections to the magical world to purchase items from the store!
    Witch Weekly Sweepstakes Entries!
    After the official launch of our Anniversary Sweepstakes last month, we've received many excellent writing samples from our aspiring travelers! Here are a few of our favorites. We'll be running this column periodically until the winners are announced in September, and also announcing more details about the grand prize holiday, so watch this space! To keep everyone in suspense, all of our writers have been assigned pen names at random. Enjoy their reviews!

    From Miss 'Snowstorm':
    I bought the newest potions in Madam Rosehip's newest line. They are called 'Spring Rose' and include a hair potion, a teeth-whitening potion and an anti-sweating potion for the summer months. The hair potion was meant to make one's hair softer and shinier within only a week of using it. Just as I expected, this was an exaggeration. My hair didn't feel any different than usual, so the potion was neither terrible nor something groundbreaking.

    The teeth-whitening and anti-sweating potions were the strongest points of that collection. My teeth did seem whiter and brighter after consuming the potion and my breath was so fresh, besides! As for the anti-sweating potion, I went on a long walk at Padmore Park that afternoon, under the August sun, and I barely broke a sweat! Overall, this potion line is average. You can get better products for the same price. I would suggest the lines 'Pristine Witch' and 'Circe'.
    From Miss 'Rose':
    I was fortunate enough to attend the Lytton ball recently with the themed fancy dress, but was appalled by the lady who was named the winner! Of course there is very little in the way of quality control when one can simply buy votes, but perhaps there ought to have been at least some guidelines! With a tiara that could have put an eye out and her hair gone prematurely grey (perhaps intentionally, or perhaps a trick played by a mischevious parlor maid on the unsuspecting lady), Lady Adinbury looked like a reanimated corpse, not like the queen of anything at all! Her selection as the winner in that dress that looked like it was made out of a handful of spider webs, with glitter added in an attempt to be glamorous, is positively shameful and is a black eye for Mr. Lytton's supposed fashion sense!

    From Mrs. 'Minnow':
    Fudge & Son's has introduced a new ice cream flavor that everyone ought to try! It's a lemony flavor, but it's colored orange, so it's quite surprising when you take your first bite. I had one in a plain cone which was lovely and simple, like a clear summer day. Next I tried it with a cone they'd dipped in chocolate and it was such a heavenly balance of flavors I couldn't even imagine. Unfortunately I've forgotten what it's called but if you ask at the counter I'm sure they'll know the one I mean. Everyone ought to try it!
    [Image: m5yAxF.png]

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