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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    August 4th
    He had returned at dawn, sleeping fitfully for a couple of hours before dressing and instructing for his children to be assembled in the parlour the moment Ruby was home. Whatever happened moving forward, this was a secret that could not be kept from them, not if the family was to remain a healthy one.

    They were assembled when he arrived.

    Balthazar Urquart felt as though he had aged a decade as he sat with Topaz the night before, perhaps even two. Fatherhood had not been easy since Mary’s death, but this new trial seemed, understandably, to be unbearably daunting. Telling the other children was only the first hurdle in a life of difficulty to come, and that terrified him.

    “What I say to you,” he began quietly, without preamble, “must not leave these walls. I am afraid that Topaz had an accident on her walk home last night, and so will remain in the Infirmary until tomorrow.”
    @Delight Urquart @Ruby Urquart @Sebastian Urquart
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    set by mj <3

    Ruby knew that there was something wrong when she was woken up by the visibly distraught Auntie Evelyn. It was obvious that she'd spent the past hours in tears. Her Aunt confirmed these suspicions. She informed her that she had to get home at once because something terrible had happened - something terrible to Topaz. Apparently, her twin had left the house in the middle of the night while she and Dezzie were asleep.

    Auntie Evelyn walked her home herself. Ruby had tried to get more information during the walk but to no avail. Auntie Evelyn didn't know anything more, or she did and she didn't want to tell Ruby.

    At home, she was welcomed by her father. He looked just like he had when Mama had died - and worse. Ruby's heart pounded in her chest.

    She gasped when he mentioned an accident, though she wasn't that shocked. She suspected that harm had befallen her twin. Having it confirmed hardly made it better, though. "What happened?" Ruby demanded, tearful already. "Is she alright?" Had someone attacked her? Had she been defiled and that was why their father demanded their secrecy? Oh God, Topaz was only fourteen!
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    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Bash had instinctively become unaware of his sibling's whereabouts and cared little for their desperate shenanigans. For this reason, he had separated himself from them whenever he could and tactfully invaded their space when they had vacated their living quarters, grabbing whatever was in plain sight to annoy them even further. What he hadn't expected, however, was to take note of Topaz's lack of attendance, especially when the children were called upon to meet with their father for what seemed to be a fairly important gathering. This made his thievery rather uneventful and unsatisfying.

    He approached the room cautiously, aware that perhaps something was wrong given the solemn vibe he was receiving. His small legs carried him to an area of the room not closely inhabited by another of his siblings where he closely eyed the other twin. She seemed worried, nervous even, as their father spoke, though the only emotion Bash could muster was that of annoyance and frustration. It just had to be Topaz that caused even more drama, beyond what she already had--alongside Ruby--prior to the nuptials. He viewed the situation as an attention grab and failed to see the situation as anything but, causing his eyes to roll after his sister began emotionally projecting herself yet again.

    He was slightly concerned for her safety, but beyond that he wasn't invested enough to believe substantial harm was caused to her. Perhaps she just tripped on the street or something and was knocked unconscious, or maybe she had a few scrapes that truly didn't need that much tending to. Bash knew how much his father valued his daughters and wouldn't stray from the thought that he had done everything possible to ensure his little girl's safety. That's why he found the whole situation perplexing, for had Balthazar been so keen as to pair Topaz with a chaperone, this may not even be an issue.

    Instead of voicing his opinion on the matter, he allowed the man time to explain the issue further to silence Ruby and any opposition Delight may have thrown into the mix.
    [Image: Inzpje.png]
    Wonderful Slytherin-y set by BEE!!
    The past few weeks hadn’t been easy on any of them, and Delight was increasingly feeling like she was on a sinking ship but unwilling to leave her berth and face the waves. Miss Lovegood had torn the family apart and then tore herself free, her Papa had as good as admitted she had been unwanted, a bastard, and now Topaz was injured.

    She blinked but remained silent, nails digging deeper into her palms within her clasped hands.
    [Image: RAvtZl1.jpg]
    [Image: 2daa8ut.png]
    It came as no surprise that Ruby became so quickly overwrought, but for once, Balt could not blame his passionate daughter for her lack of restraint. It was only the presence of his children that prevented the wizard from doing much the same.

    “She will be home tomorrow,” he said again, softly, to Ruby. “You may judge her state for yourself then. But before she returns,” Balthazar continued to all three of them now, hesitating for a moment, “I must tell you that she was attacked by…by…”

    He practically choked on the words, and it was all he could do to maintain his composure.

    “She was attacked by a werewolf.”
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    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    Ruby sighed with relief but, sadly, Papa's tale didn't end there. There was a moment in which Ruby felt like time had frozen, before the news hit her like an angry wave.

    An attack by a werewolf, generally, had two outcomes: a) someone died and b) someone was turned into a werewolf. Topaz had survived the attack, which lead to one possible outcome.


    "But she wasn't turned!" Ruby shouted as she jumped off her seat. "She wasn't turned, right?!" Her tone was almost accusatory.
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Balthazar looked at his daughter with such sorrow in his eyes, it had been exceeded only when he told the children their mother had passed.

    “I am afraid not,” he offered softly. “Her shoulder was bitten during the attack—I arrived in time to prevent any worse from happening, but not soon enough.”
    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    Oh Merlin, her twin was a werewolf now.

    How could life take such a terrible turn in such a short time? Topaz had been alright just yesterday! They'd both been at a slumber party like normal girls their age and now she was a monster for life. Ruby felt guilty, too. Had she and Dezzie done something the day before to upset Topaz enough to make her leave the house in the middle of the night? They hadn't been mean to her, not really, but they had been very tight like they usually were. Ruby knew what it was like to feel like the third wheel from that time they'd spent at Sanditon with Topaz's best friend. Topaz was much more sensitive than her, though, and they had had a horrible fight so recently...

    "Did you kill it?" Ruby asked hatefully. Topaz was beyond any cure, but at least whoever had done it to her could have gotten what it deserves!
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    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Delight felt sick to her stomach. Even the Minister’s own familly couldn’t be kept safe. Not from snakes, not from the press, not from wild beasts- none of it.

    Hadn’t their own Father not that long ago compared Topaz to the moon? The words seemed cruel now that her sister was to live in fear of it for the rest of her life. Would Ruby end up a vampire and have no choice but to cower from the sunlight, just to prove to the world that nobody was safe? What would become of the rest of them.

    The young witch stared blankly back at their Papa.
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    [Image: RAvtZl1.jpg]
    [Image: 2daa8ut.png]
    It is a human being, most of the time,” he reminded Ruby gently—reminding himself in the process. As angry and upset as Balt was, it was important to cling to the humanity of the creature that had done this, for if it was inhuman, what did that make Topaz? “Even if I could have hurt it, rather than sending it running off, I would not have.”
    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    If Ruby was emotionally detached from the situation, she would have seen the werewolf's humanity too. She could dislike others with great intensity, but she'd never wish death upon them. Until today. This was the first time where someone had caused someone she cared about such great harm. Even Mama had only been killed by a snake.

    "It hurt Topaz," Ruby sobbed as she collapsed back to her seat. "There's nothing human about that."
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    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Bash wasn't sure what to believe anymore. Between the horrid summer the family was put through and now Topaz's unfortunate new... disease, the young Slytherin had begun to fear the Urquart's were undoubtedly cursed. Unless his sister had somehow lured the beast to her with one of her tantrums, but even that was unlikely given she was the quieter one.

    Without much of a reaction beyond a concerned expression, Bash turned his head downwards to gaze at the floor. He could barely stand to hear Ruby and papa talk in the moment as his mind raced with possibilities and outcomes of Topaz's arrival the next day. Would she be the same as he remembered her? Would she have hair all over her arms and neck? Would she start howling at night like some caged dog? He had so many questions, yet couldn't bring himself to ask them. He missed the times when everyone and everything was normal; when no one had to warn him that his sister would be coming home as a werewolf.
    [Image: Inzpje.png]
    Wonderful Slytherin-y set by BEE!!
    “No,” he allowed quietly, “no there isn’t.”

    Balt was doing his best to remember that there was a person behind the creature that had so maimed his daughter, but it was difficult—and thus, difficult to argue with Ruby on that score. But the wizard could not give himself to that anger, could not set an example of hatred for his traumatized children, children who had already endured so much in such short lives. It was his place to protect them, to guide them.

    He had already failed on the former; he could not afford to do so on the latter.
    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    Ruby's hatred was justified, which wasn't very satisfying in itself. Her fists were balled and she wanted to hit something - to get this negative current out of her. She wished that the beast who'd done this to her twin was before her so she could hurt it - hit it, maim it, cut it to pieces and do so until it ceased to exist.

    She was unable to say anything more. Instead, she broke into ugly tears - the sort that made you uncomfortable to hear.
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    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]