Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Animal Instincts
    Private Thread 
    August 3rd - after this
    She did not have to work nights. As a single mother, a woman of society, and the founder of the Infirmary, Felicity Riley had countless excuses to get out of it, but her small establishment could use all the help she was able to give it. As such, the redhead took care to spend one night each week doing her fair share for both her employees and the people of Irvingly—and besides, was that not what nannies were for?

    The ‘night shift’, though, was often very mundane indeed, little more than caring for the patients already present if they awoke from the night, and so the sound of someone arriving hastily through the door woke her, she was embarrassed to admit, from a bit of an accidental nap. Quickly, Felicity rearranged her robes before emerging from the office, her blue eyes widening in surprise as she saw the Minister of Magic stood in the entry with a dark girl—his daughter, she presumed—clutched in his arms and a frantic look on his face.

    Felicity sprung into action, ushering father and daughter promptly to a workroom, which had been left well-stocked by the day nurses.

    “What happened to her?” the redhead demanded in businesslike fashion as she examined a particularly aggressive wound on the poor girl’s shoulder.
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    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    Must. Help. Topaz. Must. Help. Topaz.

    The words came in rhythm with his heart, in rhythm with his footfalls as Balthazar moved with whatever haste he could muster towards the Irvingly Infirmary. A simple attempt at walking home had gone horribly awry and, once the dust had settled, the wizard would strongly debate letting any of the children leave the house again. Ever.

    What an awful father he was.

    After what seemed like an eternity but also only an instant, he was through the infirmary doors, and there was a healer, and everything would be alright.

    Until she asked what had happened.

    The word came hesitantly to his tongue, as he had not fully come to terms with it yet. It rested there stubbornly for several long moments before finally, softly, bubbling over.

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    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    Topaz felt as though she were adrift as Papa walked, drifting momentarily in and out of consciousness only to be brought abruptly back to his arms when even the slightest jostling sent another jolt of pain through her. She thought she was bleeding but she didn’t know from where, or how much. Maybe a lot. It was hard to tell when she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

    Nothing had seemed to fit in her head since her Papa had arrived and scooped her up off the ground, but when she heard the word werewolf something snapped in her mind. The monster from the forest. The one that had attacked her.

    No. It was a nightmare. It was only supposed to be a nightmare. She was supposed to wake up.

    Topaz instinctively tried to squirm further into her father’s chest, for comfort, but attempting to move made her shoulder hurt even worse and she let out a pathetic noise of pain and gave up the attempt. The monster had torn at her arms and sat on her chest, but it was her shoulder that still hurt--the shoulder where she thought she’d been burned, when Papa came in to save her.

    Then she remembered--she was bleeding. She knew she was, she could see the blood. The wound on her shoulder wasn’t a burn.

    This couldn’t be happening. This was a nightmare.

    Was it too late to wake up?

    What little colour existed in her cheeks drained from them entirely at two little syllables.


    Already, without close examination, Felicity could tell that the wound was a bite, not a mere scratch. The young Miss Urqaurt’s life would be permanently changed, and her heart went out to the poor girl…

    ...and then her mind drifted to her own little girl at home. It was not even yet midnight—and there was a werewolf on the prowl!

    With a murmured excuse me, she slipped away to fetch Doctor Pratt. Though a muggle, and so ill-equipped for the magical nature of the girl’s wounds, Fee suspected she would need his second set of hands.
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    As Topaz began to move about, Balthazar reluctantly lay her out on the workbench, though his hand moved to brush a wayward ringlet from her forehead and did not move again. He should, he knew, be focused on the right here, right now—but what would become of her afterwards weighed too heavily upon him. Even if she survived tonight, as he hoped and prayed she would, Topaz’s life would be very different than any of them envisioned.

    Balt was not confident that he could handle that.

    But what was the alternative? He would not kill his daughter in a foolish effort to “save” her, and could not cure the affliction she almost certainly now bear. Casting her out was nearly as ludicrous a notion as slaying her, and pretending it never happened, while an appealing course of action, seemed likely to bring more trouble than good upon them. He would have to be strong, now, would have to be better, because she needed him to.

    He could not let her down, not in this.
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    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    Topaz didn't want to be set down, but she didn't realize what was happening until it was too late to protest. Could she even protest? Could she have forced her mouth to make those sounds? She wanted to say something, but she didn't know what. She didn't want Papa to leave, and she was worried when he set her down that he would be brushed back by the healer. That was who the woman was, she'd deduced--and this place must have been the Infirmary, because they hadn't gone through the floo so they couldn't have been at a hospital.

    They were not supposed to be at a hospital, or the infirmary--Topaz was supposed to be back home in bed. Or in Dezzie's room, at least. How had tonight gone so wrong? Topaz could no longer pretend that this was a nightmare that she was going to wake up from, because that feeling of dread that had convinced her maybe this had all been a dream was gone. Well, no, not gone, but changed, replaced by something less ethereal and more concrete.

    A werewolf. Could it really be? Topaz had learned about them, of course, but she never thought she would ever be anywhere near one. Now there was one lurking in her woods, ready to steal away little girls who wandered out of their houses at night. She should have died. The werewolf should have killed her. She hadn't even had her wand on her, and she wouldn't have known what to do with it if she had. How had her Papa been able to get to her so quickly? How had he found her? He'd come to the rescue and he'd saved her--

    But had he?

    Hit with the sudden reality of what had happened in the woods, Topaz started to cry--then, consuming more energy with her emotion then she currently had to spare, she passed out.
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    She rested a shaky hand upon the muggle’s shoulder to distract him from the papers over which he had been pouring, still feeling lightheaded from the revelation in her workroom down the hall.

    “D-Doctor Pratt,” Felicity stammered gingerly, “I’m—I’m afraid I have need of you. It’s a young girl. She’s, well, she’s been attacked.”

    Breathe in. Breathe out. It was going to be alright.

    Never before had Felicity encountered something so high stakes on the job, and the healer realized now how horribly out of her depth she was.
    @Brian Pratt/@Leander Grantham
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    He supposed he'd heard something of their arrival, even from where he sat.  It was not a large infirmary, after all, and the nights were quiet.  He hadn't been listening though.  With hunched shoulders he poured over printing in front of him.  The vascular system of the hand was a gracefully intricate structure and the mass printed rendering in front of him did it no justice.  He'd just set pencil to paper, resolved to do a better job than the text before him, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  

    He turned immediately, his good posture returning with his focus.  It unsettled him to hear the tremor in her voice and even more so to see her so shaken.  He frowned.  Did she look pale or was that simply the light cast on her face?

    He did briefly wonder why she would need of him but not before he was already moving towards the patient beds.  He'd caught some glimpses of magical healing.  He knew there were things that they could do in mere moments that would take him weeks.  

    "Attacked in what manner?" he asked, making a line for the curtains drawn around a previously empty examination table.  "We'll need to call the constable."
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     Bee sets rock my world <3
    “No!” she returned quickly and emphatically. The muggle constable could not help with this. “It isn’t…it was an animal,” Felicity explained.

    She pulled back the curtain so that they might see what they were dealing with, relieved for the relative emptiness of the Infirmary that evening.
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    Brian shot her a look - if there was a feral or dangerous animal running around they would most certainly need to inform the authorities - but she was already pulling back the curtains around one of the very few occupied beds in the room.  

    His stomach lurched and he managed a weak 'Good Lord' when his eyes fell on the girl.  Covered in multiple wounds of varying severity that all seemed to be actively bleeding, she looked exceedingly small on on the exam table.  Already his mind flooded with a list of things that needed tending but each one stacked more time to her treatment and thus and more odds against her survival.

    "Muggle?" he asked Mrs. Riley briefly before turning his attentions to the man beside the girl's bed.  "Sir, I understand Magic can seem off putting but given the circumstances I urge you to accept what ever options may be available."
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    “My daughter has been mauled by a werewolf,” Balthazar snapped at the man who appeared, “so I suspect magic is the least of my concerns!”
    [Image: crmE7bB.jpg]
    set by mj <3

    He had braced for a less than agreeable reaction from the man; Brian had seen just enough trauma in his short tenure of fill-in surgeon to know temperament was unpredictable in times like these but he hadn't braced for werewolf.  He swallowed hard, torn between forgiving the man of lunacy in this time of distress and facing the possibility that the old tales might be true.  And then consider what other horrors Magic was hiding behind the guise fairytales.  

    "Your patient, Doctor." With the man's permission secured the magic treatment could begin and he was not equipped to help.
     Bee sets rock my world <3
    “Doctor, please hold the girl whilst I work, so that her father does not have to,” the redhead instructed, a tin of powdered silver in hand as she moved towards the girl. As the muggle moved to do as instructed, Felicity began to sprinkle the substance into the bite, the smell of blood meeting silver repugnant in her nostrils.
    [Image: mQCGt6.jpg]
    lady makes such beautiful thiiiings <3
    Brian moved to the other side of the table, her unharmed shoulder being an obvious place to start but he hesitated looking for a place to brace on the other side. Splashed with blood he had little choice but to pick the best spot he could find on her upper arm. He couldn't help but note the blood had begun to go tacky and his stomach turned.

    He tucked his face against his arm away from the stench of whatever she was doing to the wound, fighting a wave of nausea. Shouldn't they have straps for this? Shouldn't they have a surgeon for this? He took a breath and straightened his posture. If a surgeon can deal with this surely he, a surgeon, could.

    Unfortunately that meant the girl's father was in field of view and he was forced to remember what he'd blamed the girl's trauma. As much a he wanted to believe it was just the lunatic ravings of a panicked man the looming chance that he might be telling the truth sent a prickle of fear down his back.
     Bee sets rock my world <3