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Spend my time missing you
30 December, 1888
Sloane ~
Can you believe this means we are half way through our second year? I can handle believe I even came to Hogwarts in the first place - you know what I mean? Even more so having a late birthday. It felt like the wait to be here was so long but now that we are here it goes so fast. Look at me being sappy! I'm only a second year what right do I have to be sappy? But hey, we get to pick our electives at the end of the year!! Do you know what you'll take yet?

I wish you had come home this year. I miss playing with you. You missed Christmas. Ohh... what's Christmas like at Hogwarts? I only have seen them start to put up the decorations. They seem so pretty. All the candles and trees. What if the trees talked? What would Christmas trees say? Sorry sorry. I am getting distracted again. I do that. You know that. But I couldn't give you your gift in person so I am having to mail it. Yes, I do know I'm late. Better late than never, I would say!

Calla Potts

with the letter, which Calla scribbled 'read first', was a thing of chocolates she talked the cook into helping her with and little snitch charm bracelet.
@Sloane Bixby

[Image: oadORX.png]
thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!
December 30th, 1888

It is going by alarmingly fast! First year was so exciting and here we are already halfway through the second. I'm so excited for electives! I'm definitely taking Care of Magical Creatures, but I don't know what else. What are you going to take?

Christmas at Hogwarts is beautiful. The castle is so pretty with the tree and the decorations. It's very relaxing, actually. I'm really enjoying it, which his weird, because I love when it's busy and there's lots of people to talk to, but this is just as nice. Got the common room mostly to myself, Barnabas and I have been hanging out, playing a little qidditch and pretty much relaxing. How was your Christmas?

See you soon and thank you for the presents! I have yours but I'll wait until you come back.

[Image: BIuhNG.png]
please bury me with this MJ set ♥

01 January, 1889
Sloane ~
As far as electives go I think I am to sign up for care of magical creatures as well and for my second I think I'll sign up for earth magic. I'm not entirely sure what it is but it certainly sounds interesting. I am a bit annoyed with it - I spoke to my sisters over break and all but a few of them took those two as well so Quidditch remains my only specialty I am afraid to announce. Regardless they stand to be what sounds the most interesting to be so I'm going to take them regardless.

If it is as lovely as you say maybe next year I'll stay as well - well only if you or Sissie stays with me. I know you have other friends but I quite miss you, Sloane.

My Christmas was pretty much the same as always. Loud and crowded. Amaryllis brought her family over this year so the only one missing was Aunt Myrtle- but as you know she had to be at Hogwarts. I got new gear - my old set had grown small but I haven't had anyone to play with - it feels to odd to go to your place to play without you and Sissie's mother will never allow her to play.

I look forward to returning as well. I miss the castle and all the open space and everyone there - I might even dare say I miss the prattling of the slytherin Miss Scrimgour. But you must never tell anyone I said that and surely that feeling will disappear as soon as I see her once more.

Do tell Barnabas hello for me and have a wonderful New Years! When all return if there is snow I do think we ought have a snow ball fight!
Calla Potts

@Sloane Bixby

[Image: oadORX.png]
thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!

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