Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 

    Otavio had gotten the letter that morning. How his had reached her so quickly and how she had been able to respond so immediately had to have been a stroke of fortune and nothing more--or whatever the opposite of fortune was. The timing of all of this was highly inconvenient. Couldn't she at least have taken some time to get herself ready for the journey, to give Sebastiano time to heal properly? Otavio had no intention of forcing the other man out of the house, after he'd made the offer of hospitality, but it would be... well, it would be interesting, trying to explain this to Elinor.

    Obviously, he needed to talk to Sebastiano about the entire ordeal. It was possible that he would want to leave of his own volition, to avoid any potential awkwardness between him and the woman who had, regrettably, become Otavio's wife, but Tav didn't want him to feel as though he was being forced out. Honestly, he wanted him to stay--and he was willing to battle Elinor over that, when the time came--but he could hardly just pretend all was well and send his old friend into the thick of things unprepared. No one deserved to face Elinor unprepared.

    Knocking lightly on the door before opening it, Tav peeked inside with a half-smile, though he thought the weariness brought on by reading Elinor's letter was probably still written quite clearly on his features. "Feeling any better, today?" he asked. It would hardly have been polite to open the conversation with news about her.

    @Sebastiano Fernandez @Tristan Michaud
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Sebastiano was still left unable to quite walk but he was glad to find that his painting hand was not injured. He would much rather be paralyzed from the waist down than be unable to muster another brush stroke. Or so he currently felt anyway. He was growing increasingly cross with his own body for not getting the memo that he was not fully comfortable in his current residence and would thus very much appreciate if it would hurry with its healing.

    It was a new kind of torment to be in the same residence as Tavi and his children. This time around he couldn't even leave into the night like he had when Tavi's nephew had died. What was more, he was getting quite bored.

    Looking up from the sketch that he had been working on at the sound of a light knock to the door, he saw the weariness on the older mans face. He supposed Tavi was still dealing with the aftermath of the World Market Disaster and would be for some time. He couldn't blame him for being weary. "I'm able to stand for a couple moments longer than I could yesterday so I suppose that's something."
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    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    The half-smile he'd put in place faded as he noted the other man's obvious frustration. He couldn't really blame him for being unhappy with the situation--Otavio knew that if he had been confined to a bedroom he would have been rather miserable, no matter where the room was or who stopped by to visit him. Not that he'd been here too frequently. Nothing that would make the children suspicious about this 'close friend' who they'd never met before his sudden arrival in their house.

    Of course, all of his caution would be a moot point soon enough. Even if Sebastiano opted to relocate before Elinor arrived, there was no way she wouldn't find out about his presence in London sooner or later. Tav just hoped she had the good sense not to react to anything too harshly, for the sake of appearances. It was not in anyone's best interest to go digging up the past like that.

    "I hope you're not in any pain," he said, sincerely. He felt responsible for Sebastiano's injuries, even though he hadn't been directly to blame for the catastrophe at the Market that day. He was the reason the other man was in England in the first place, after all, and if there was any lasting damage to his legs, the blame would rest squarely on Otavio's shoulders. "You know I'd do anything I could to help."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    "The potions help," Sebastiano assured. As did the alcohol but he wasn't about to say that. He wasn't sure how aware Otavio was of Sebastiano's tendency to overindulge in drink but he felt he had been keeping it rather well hidden. Sebastiano was no stranger to being discreet about vices that should be secret, after all.

    "I know you would. You have already done more than enough," he assured the other man warmly. "Any particular reason you've come to see me?" It was possible that this was just a social call but he found himself still slightly able to read the other man even after all these years.
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       Otavio Caldiera
    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    Otavio tried for a wry, teasing smile at the other man's question, but he thought it probably seemed a little hollow. "What, am I not allowed to pay a call unless I've come with a purpose?" he said, trying to jest, but they both knew that was a little too close to the truth for comfort. After all, they'd gone decades without seeking each other out, and then when Tav had spoken to Sebastiano during the World Market it had always been with some agenda. As much as he might have liked to pretend they were still friends, it simply wasn't true. Their relationship was nothing like the casual, carefree, beautiful thing they'd had when they were younger, and it probably never would be.

    With a sigh, Tav gave up the attempt at mirth and glanced briefly at his hands. "I've had a letter from my wife," he said reluctantly, looking back up at Sebastiano. "I had to write her about Mrs. Pendergast's death, of course. And now it seems she's... decided to come to England herself. To fill the void left by her cousin, I suppose."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]

    Sebastiano shrugged though managed a tentative smile. "It seems I still somewhat know you. Or at least, the look of you, your body language," he admitted, unable to help feeling internally a little melancholy. It was a little odd to see Tavi's mannerisms on this older version of Tavi though Sebastiano supposed that made no sense considering they were the same man.

    Sebastiano made an ew face at the mention of Tavi's wife and made no attempt to hide it. Otavio knew his feelings on the matter and they were on their own anyway. He'd have done better to conceal his distaste for the older mans wife if anyone but Tavi was in the room with him. "Of course you had to," he said, actually genuine. It was to be expected. "So I need to clear out." Like he even wanted to be here while she was - only problem was that it wasn't like he was here of his own full accord to begin with. His body wouldn't thank anyone for a major move. Was he going to be stuck here while the Missus was in London? Merlin, he prayed for a lightning bolt to strike him through the window.
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       Otavio Caldiera
    [Image: IS35u8.png]
    Sebastiano's reaction was not even remotely unexpected, though it did serve to deepen Otavio's frown as he tried to word what he wanted to say next. "I won't ask you to leave," he said evenly. He meant that in the most inviting way possible, but they both knew that the house would hardly be a hospital place once she arrived. Sebastiano may not have had much first hand experience with Elinor Goyle, but Tav was sure it wouldn't take him long to get the full impression of her and to have justified the look of disgust on his face.

    With a heavy sigh, Tav shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. "You can make your own decision; you're a grown man. I won't ask you to leave but if you stay, you'll need to know what to... expect."
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]