Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #139 - Minister Abanadoned At Altar; Lovegood Opts To Die Alone
    [Image: mvsxus.png]
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       Odira Potter
    Announcing the Witch Weekly Anniversary Sweepstakes!
    September will mark the anniversary of our lovely publication here at Witch Weekly, and we would like to invite all of you, our dear readers who have made this magazine possible, to celebrate with us! And what better way to celebrate than with an all expenses paid holiday?

    You read right: a handful of our lucky readers will be able to win the vacation of a lifetime, courtesy of Witch Weekly.

    What do you need to do in order to be eligible to win?
    The Sweepstakes is open to any of our female readers who have already debuted and are over seventeen. A chaperone will be provided for the group, so unmarried and married women alike can participate (though debutantes will need parental permission to travel!) Winners will be determined by a raffle. How do you get your name in the raffle? It couldn't be simpler: send in an example, however brief, of your writing!

    Why do we need your writing sample?
    Only a few women will be able to participate in the holiday, but we want to share the experience with all of our readers! To that end, sweepstakes winners will be asked to document their travels by sending in a column, to be published in Witch Weekly.
    Your sweepstakes entries should take the form of reviews--perhaps of a play you've attended or a book you recently read? Or get creative, and critique the latest tailoring style, or even the newest ice cream flavor available at Fudge & Son's? The possibilities are endless! Entrants may submit one review per week, and will earn a raffle ticket for each entry. Winners will be drawn the third week of September and will be announced in our final issue for that month.

    What will the holiday entail?
    Think luxury! The winners will depart the first week in October and return one week into November, traveling via portkey to their first destination. The destination(s) will be revealed shortly, but rest assured, it's a trip you won't want to miss! Along the way you'll have the opportunity to stay in luxury hotels, try foreign foods, and engage in cultural exhibitions and displays from around the world. More details will follow over the coming weeks!

    Questions? Direct any inquiries you may have to Ms. Yente Ventus, Editor in Chief, care of Witch Weekly magazine. The Sweepstakes starts immediately, so break out your quills and show us what you're capable of!
    The ordeal Miss Sleptova endured was undeniably brutal, although one would hardly know from the grace with which Miss Sleptova bears herself. Flying Tigers and Terror: Miss Sleptova Speaks Out
    The catastrophe of the Wizarding World Market has surely escaped no one's notice by now. Many have lost friends and relatives or narrowly escaped the disaster themselves. One survivor was Miss Eva Sleptova who was rescued on the 11th and was brave enough to share her experience with the readers of Witch Weekly.

    Miss Eva Sleptova, prior to the Wizarding World Market incident.

    When did you know something had gone wrong?
    I had a bad feeling since morning that day. Call it intuition, or the Sight! When the screaming and the chaos began I felt like I already knew, you know? And then there was no time to think, just act.

    How did you survive?
    I was lucky to have Mrs. Rosaline Bennet by my side. She used to be a professional duelist, so she really knows how to handle a wand! We actually had to fight the tigers ourselves. I do not want to brag, but I daresay we made them run away with their tails between their legs!

    Many would have despaired or been lost to hysterics your situation; what do you think made you so resilient in the face of danger?
    My loved ones. Most particularly, my fiancé, Frederick Humphrey-Mavis, Viscount Corcrest. We are to be married in December, so I could just not allow myself to die before that!

    And how are you now, a week after your rescue?
    Shaken, but not broken! I want to think of it as an experience that has made me a stronger person. I feel so lucky for having survived, especially when so many others didn’t make it out in one piece or even alive! My heart goes to all those families that lost loved ones in there!

    Miss Sleptova was certainly one of the lucky ones.
    No one is sure what the true reason for her prompt change of heart was, but both Minister Urquart and his would-have-been bride have been decidedly absent from the social scene since their ill-fated wedding! Is one of them nursing a broken heart, or are they just too embarrassed by this catastrophe to show their faces?

    What was Miss Lovegood doing after she jilted the Minister? Was she running around the town looking for someone, or something, or was she simply out of her mind?

    One can only imagine how embarrassed Miss Lovegood's brothers must be by her sudden mania--and it must have affected the Minister's six children awfully!
    Minister Abandoned At Alter: Lovegood Opts To Die Alone And Unloved

    As our readers are doubtless already aware, July 15th was the date chosen to finalize the union of Minister Balthazar Urquart and the rather notorious Miss Adelia Lovegood. The ceremony was intended to be small and unassuming (quiet, it would seem, as a thief in the night, perhaps befitting the hasty nature of their relationship so far), and so our readers may be forgiven for not hearing this news sooner: Miss Lovegood is still, a week after the date of her wedding, still quite firmly attached to her maiden name!

    Sources at the intimate ceremony say that she broke down in tears in front of the officiant and made a hasty confession to the assembled group, including the information that she did not love the Minister. That, of course, seems rather obvious from an outside perspective--Miss Lovegood was obviously chosen for her superior age, and therefore her supposed ability to approximate maternal instincts more easily than a properly desirable young woman might. At least, this was the predominant theory for those who did not believe Minister Urquart had been influenced by magic to begin courting her. From Miss Lovegood's perspective the arrangement seems rather simple: at twenty-seven, she is already well past her prime; she could not, reasonably, say no to any proposal, even if the Minister were a vampire!

    Who would ever have imagined that such a disgraceful ordeal might have befallen Minister Urquart? Though perhaps, by pursuing a woman already twice abandoned, he was playing with fire!

    So why the sudden declaration regarding a lack of love? Some have speculated that this was nothing more than an excuse to cover her guilt, over having manipulated the Minister into the hasty marriage in the first place. Another idea is that she became hysterical and momentarily deranged--a theory that may have merit, given that she was seen later that day wandering town in her wedding dress! Accounts vary on when and where Miss Lovegood was seen following her ill-fated nuptials, ranging from sightings of her in a dazed, almost drunken sort of stupor sending lengthy letters at the post office, to her becoming a wailing mess wandering Asphodel Cemetery as the sun was setting.

    One thing we can be sure of, regardless of her reasons for so publicly embarrassing the Minister, is that Miss Lovegood has thrown away her last chance at marital bliss, unless she sees fit to turn to love potions again! After a broken engagement, a broken courtship, and now this humiliation at the alter itself, it is safe to assume no self-respecting man would even hold a conversation with her at a dinner party, much less become particularly attached to her!

    Based on her previous history of unlikely attractions, however, our female readers are advised to keep their unmarried brothers or widowed fathers well clear of her at all future events, as she is apparently emotionally volatile. At best, speaking with Miss Lovegood might invoke a recurrence of her momentary mania, and she could become hysterical or even dangerous. At worst, you may find your loved ones' affections stolen away! As it is unclear how she seduced Minister Urquart in the first place, it is impossible to prevent her from working any future schemes on your beloved relatives, except to keep them far away from her. Who knows? If she manages to ensnare another gentleman, she may not have any crisis of conscious to save them from a most unfortunate marriage!
    Ask Harmony! She Answers all of your urgent social questions! . Ask Harmony!
    Dear Harmony
    I am a country girl, and I secured a fiancé last season, but my cousin up from town for the summer and I am worried. She is so much more fashionable and flirtatious than I am and she has been so patronising me infront of everyone. I fear that I am being completely overshadowed in the eyes of my fiancé. I have tried so hard to be welcoming to the visitor, but she pretends she is bored everyime she talks to me and expresses both her astonishment at the latest fashion in millinery and her repressed fears that she will be held back by having a common person by the side of her. 'There's nobody here to say anything to her, or to check her behaviour, so am I to suffer for her rudeness and lose the man I hope to marry?
    Desperate Debutante

    Dear Desperate Debutante
    No matter how great the intimacy may be between the families, etiquette in these matters should always be conducted as it would be if the parties were strangers to each other. It is so much the fashion now for friends to jibe on another in a manner which can seem vicious, and for a woman to lay another low to make her herself seem better that your cousins actions are not to be thought of as strange. The reality is that if you cannot fight off your cousins wit for one summer where it pertains to your betrothed how can you hope to keep him for a life time.

    Dear Harmony
    A young man with whom I have been writing has asked me for a photograph, but I do not have any to send him other than one my mama had taken of my sister and I a few years ago. We were dressed as fairies and it is a sweet childish photos, should I send him one of these or risk my mother finding out and get a new one taken?
    Modest Model

    Dear Modest Model
    It is so much the fashion now, mutually, to present a photographs for the purpose of placing in photographic albums, that a lady could take no exclusiveness of her image, or she should not, on being presented with a gentleman's likeness, unless the magic words have been spoken, and parents' approval make it a betrothal. Therefore, by NO MEANS should the lady give hers in exchange - never give the slightest opportunity to be laughed at, or to be spoken lightly of, or the chance to have it imagined that her pure and maiden love, that brightest jewel of a girl's inheritance, can be obtained without effort, and for the asking. Men always desire most that which is difficult to obtain. If your image comes easily, then a man is left to wonder what
    [Image: feZFFO9.png]

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