Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Sexy Gettin' Ready Song
    7/15. An hour before the Broomrider Bash.
    Issie and Dot had managed to get the password, and Dot had offered her house as the location to get ready. Ismene had announced that she was bringing Miss Browne, and Dot - in a mix of desperation and awkwardness - had invited Bri. Now all four of them were here, and Issie didn't like Bri, and Loretta made Dot feel awkward, and everyone was in her bedroom.

    Technically it was also Lou's bedroom, but that was neither here nor there. Dot felt desperately like she was supposed to entertain, and mother had brought her a plate of cheese and crackers, but she was suddenly regretting this. What did she do now?!

    "I.... think I'm going to wear gold," Dot said, glancing between the girls, the crackers, and her closet.  
    @Ismene Swift @Brighid Connolly @Loretta Browne
    @Odira Potter @Elsie Beauregard @Tristan Michaud
    (invitational: @Louisa Potts could also def show! @Hannah Pettigrew)
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    [Image: I2AqpO.png]

    They had the password to the quidditch party, and Loretta would be coming, and her mother was out of town for the week-end—Ismene Swift was positively walking on air!

    Or at least, she had been until she had entered the Potts home and discovered Brighid Connolly present.

    Ismene did not bear Miss Connolly any ill-will in the slightest, however their time as Pendergast Roses had overlapped. As such, she knew the other young lady—the term used loosely—to be fun and spirited but also brash and from a decidedly uncouth family. She had made no efforts to befriend the other witch, and was uncomfortable that Dot seemed to have done just that.

    “Hoping a seeker will catch you?” Ismene teased her friend gaily, perched on an ottoman by the window—she had taken care to ensure as much of the room as possible would lie between her and the errant redhead. For herself, the brunette had chosen a pale blue dress with small embroidered bees flying throughout, a nod to her support of the Wimbourne Wasps.

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    [Image: pCh5m29.png]
    set by stef <3
    Lounging on what Brighid guessed was Dot's sister's bed, the redhead was completely comfortable in the room of girls, no matter what awkwardness the rest of them were feeling. Bri had never been one to really give much of a care as to what others thought of her. She and Dot were friends, Dot had other friends that may or may not have enjoyed her company.

    Oh well.

    Brighid wasn't convinced that Ismene disliked her, but they certainly hadn't clicked the way she and Dot had! "I think you would be so lovely in a soft green." Fashion was not Bri's forte, but she did enjoy the dress up process. She was wearing a striking royal blue with gold accents and jewelry; Puddlemere colors. She had never really settled on a favorite team, she did always look good in blue.
    [Image: IfBCl6.png]
    Loretta was silent as she sat there though in her mind, she had fielded a few possible responses that she could have had. Gold would look lovely with your coloring and especially your hair, she had thought to say but didn't. She was entirely uncomfortable and that tended to close up her voice boxes functionality.

    Loretta didn't know who the redhead was beyond a name and some of the things that Ismene might have told her. Her statement about gold looking good on Miss Potts died even more upon the redheads assertion that Miss Potts would look good in green.

    Fashion opinions aside, she wasn't exactly jazzed at the idea of going to a party. One they were technically not even invited to at that! "Do Quidditch parties usually begin so late in the evening?" She inquired, mostly to have something to say. Normal parties made her feel off course, ones that started at ten at night, even more so!
    av by bunny@cttw
    “She sees beauty in everything but herself.”

    “Not any of the ones that my father attended,” came Ismene’s answer, the witch thinking herself the best suited to answer that particular question. “Though even those kept he and Mother out rather late, when I was young.”

    But this was hosted by the Prewett’s, a couple whose union had been so abrupt as to be rather scandalous. And Mr. Prewett had gone to Azkaban that one time, though all charges had been dropped…clearly they were the sort to push boundaries, and their party would be no exception.

    This is a Téble

    [Image: pCh5m29.png]
    set by stef <3