Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Linguistics Interpritation
    Private Thread 
    May 3, 1887
    While he much enjoyed the class - frankly it was his favorite from the point in his third year that he had added it - he had never been too much of a fan of group work. Yet four years had taught him the much-dreaded concept was unavoidable. And today, he realized as he walked into class, his bag hung down beside him, overfilling with papers and quills, that the board stated group work. How wonderful, group work so close to exams. He'd far rather review.

    Instead, he checked the list at the front of the class for his partner before taking a seat to wait for Miss Reese to arrive. He wasn't too sure about how he felt working with the Hufflepuff, at least he thought she was a Hufflepuff. She was either that or a Gryffindor and well, hopefully, she was a Hufflepuff. Gryffindor's work ethic was non-existent. while Hufflepuff would at least attempt to pull their weight - though he would be fine doing it on his own.

    [Image: itFVAz7.png]
    thank you, soph, for the set!
    Although exams were coming up soon, Erie was as cool as a cucumber - at least as far as Ancient Runes went. It was her best subject and she felt fairly confident with whatever was thrown her way. If this were potions class, she might have felt differently, but it wasn't and she walked into class easily.

    It didn't even bother her to see that groups had been written on the board for today's assignment! In all actuality, Evie preferred group work to anything else. She was a social being and much preferred it to working alone!

    So she approached her assigned table with a bright smile on her face, greeting the boy already sitting there with a chirped, "Hello!" She recognized him, of course, for she'd had at least one class with all of her fellow fourth years, but she was quite at a loss when it came to his name! Evil was the worst with names.
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       Germander Macnair
    [Image: NIJdyd0.png]
    Wonderful set by Rune!
    Now that there was a face to the name, she looked familiar, he would admit. He could at least confirm she was a Hufflepuff from seeing her in the grand hall and in classes. "Greetings, Miss Reese," he stated, reciting the name he had read off the list in the front of the classroom that had told him where to sit as he had taken the time to check who else was assigned to the table as well, as the girl offered her cheerful greetings. He wasn't to used to anyone with her level of personality, he could tell that already.

    She was bright and peppy, he would give her that, but that mattered little to the dark haired male. She'd have to prove herself in the work. "Mr. Macnair," he offered fully out of necessity. They couldn't work together if she didn't know what to call him.
    [Image: itFVAz7.png]
    thank you, soph, for the set!
    "Nice to meet you," she answered just as happily, taking her seat beside him. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear before reaching in her bag to pull out her books and notes, which she dumped onto the table.

    She then glanced back up to the board for the assignment, studying the runes carefully. While she wasn't quite sure she understood it completely without checking her notes, she though that she understood what it was that the professor wanted them to do.

    "It looks like a riddle," she noted, looking at Mr. McNair to confirm if he was thinking the same thing.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Evie Reese's post:
       Germander Macnair
    [Image: NIJdyd0.png]
    Wonderful set by Rune!
    "You too," Germander stated dully, having never been a fan of pleasantries, though he offered the girl a semblance of a smile that seemed sincere enough that it in part, that it could possibly cancel out his harsh tone. There was nothing wrong with the girl, only the partner work, therefore, he probably shouldn't be too harsh on her. It wasn't like she chose this - though he doubted she minded it. She seemed like the social type. Or maybe just the trusting type. The type to get taken advantage of in school work where she had to do most of the work. Maybe it was good she was paired with him - he didn't trust anyone to do his work.

    On that note, he glanced up at the board and nodded. It was most deffinantly a riddle. "We might need to answer it in this form. How they are drawn might mean something, and if we translated it, we could end up with a synonym of the intended word - when you had to have a set word."
    Although Evie was a little disappointed with the boy's dull tone --that, to her, made him either stuck up or boring-- she tried her best to hide it. Instead, she listened as he spoke, nodding every so often to show that she was paying attention as she dug out her notebook.

    "That makes sense," she answered, even as she looked up to study it intently. After some checking, she thought that she at least had the riddle, if not the answer.

    "There is a house," she translated aloud for Germander, looking over to see if he'd come up with the same thing. "One enters it blind and comes out seeing. What is it?" Biting her lip, Evie considered the runes on the board. "'House' seems emphasized, don't you think?"
    [Image: NIJdyd0.png]
    Wonderful set by Rune!
    He then followed her lead, pulling out his own parchment and quill, setting them on the table and dipping the metal tipped feather in the ink to scribble the riddle down in fast, steady strokes that were both neat and plain but as she spoke further, he started to mindlessly scribble in details that made the ruins look more like art than a language. 

    He nodded, confirming that his scribbles had given him the same translation. "A house that gives the blind sight?" he muttered, pausing his scribbling to spinning his quill for a moment, stopping only when a blot of ink flickered across his paper at which he frowned. He doubted the answer was a simple of as a hospital. Or a church. Neither of those explained the emphasis on the word house.

    "I doubt it means 'see' literally, but I doubt it means from a religious view either."
    [Image: itFVAz7.png]
    thank you, soph, for the set!
    Evie was about to suggest a hospital before Germander discounted the literal idea of 'seeing.' There wasn't a cure for blindness anyway, was there? So that couldn't be it.

    "I see," she muttered in understanding, almost disappointed, for that really ruined her answer! So if it wasn't a hospital for the literal sense of the word and it wasn't a church for the religious way --not that she really understood how it could be related to that-- then what could it be.

    There had to be another meaning for 'sight' then, one that Evie just couldn't figure it out. The house was a building, obviously, but what kind of building was the question. She looked around the room at the other students, wondering if any of them had it. "I must've really not learned a thing if I can't figure out a little riddle," she complained, more to herself than to her partner.
    [Image: NIJdyd0.png]
    Wonderful set by Rune!