Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Watch Your Head
    Private Thread 
    Hurling Roulette!
    @Tatiana Lestrange @Odira Potter

    One of the perks (or downfalls, if you were his brothers) of Reuben not having a real job--i.e., one that he had to report to and work at every day--was that he tended to have lots of opportunities for day drinking. Unless he specifically had something else in mind, Ben tended to make use of those opportunities, with one group of friends or another. He'd met up for lunch with a friend in London, and they had been planning on going on to a tennis game afterwards, but after a light lunch and two drinks, they'd heard there was something happening at the Ministry that seemed far more interesting than tennis.

    So off they'd went. Ben wasn't even really sure what was happening, but gathered details on the way to the Ministry entrance. Some people were angry about the half-vampire dignitary, it seemed, but Ben's friends were on the other side of the argument, and Ben tended to agree. (Besides, as he'd joked en route, working at the Ministry already sucked the life out of everyone; adding some blood-drinking tendencies couldn't possibly make it any worse).

    He'd only been there a few minutes, or maybe a quarter of an hour at most, when someone--he wasn't sure whether it was their side or the other side, because it was kind of hard to keep them straight when there wasn't any distinguishing pattern to who was on which side of the argument--got a loose brick from somewhere and let it fly. It looked a bit like the edge of the base of the sculpture, but Ben wasn't at all close enough to be able to tell. In any case, it looked to be heading straight at the head of one young lady.

    "Watch out!" he yelled, before barrelling forward to try and push her out of the way.
    The cold marble raced up to meet her—or rather, she down to meet it—without warning, causing a jolt of surprise and pain to radiate along the length of her body.

    It was not, she supposed, a good start to her afternoon.

    Tatiana Lestrange had hoped to abduct her brother for luncheon, having spent an entirely insufferable morning doing needlepoint with some former school ‘friends’ and being in desperate need of more stimulating conversation. Her quest, though, had been delayed by the appearance of a protest of some sort in the Ministry atrium, and the witch stood transfixed and baffled as it grew a counter protest. How easy it was to rile the sheep!

    She had no sooner thought this than she was on the ground.

    Dazed, the debutante moved into a sitting position, one arm supporting her torso as she looked around to figure out what in the hell had happened.
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    Reuben had managed to get himself and the young lady out of the way of the brick, but he hadn't really had much of a plan beyond that. It was no surprise at all when this lack of foresight saw them both splayed out on the ground, though Ben tried to recover himself quickly enough to look appropriately dashing and heroic (he had just saved her from a potentially fatal head wound, after all) when she sat up next to him. Ben tucked one of his feet under his other leg in a sort of casual-but-still-alert position, in case there were any more bricks about to come flying their direction, and turned towards her. He wondered vaguely where his wand was. He probably should have used the wand before tackling the lady, but he hadn't thought about that at the time. Hopefully she wasn't the type to complain about good deeds.

    "Are you alright?" he asked, glancing from the protest back over to her.
    It was Mr. Crouch—or Mr. Crouch if he was less couth. His brother, then, Tatiana quickly realized. She still was not certain why she was on the ground, only that she was not a fan of this turn of events.

    “I couldn’t say,” the deb offered cautiously and truthfully. Physically she was probably entirely sound, but the entire situation was not at all something she was accustomed to. “Why in Merlin’s name am I on the floor?”

    Her tone was light, but the look she shot him was anything but.
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    Ben frowned, wondering briefly if she had ended up with some sort of head injury, after all. She clearly hadn't been hit by a brick, but she was acting as though she had no idea what had happened when the series of events was, in Ben's opinion, fairly obvious. He didn't think their landing on the floor had been rough enough to cause any serious damage, but perhaps she was particularly frail?

    "Er," he said, unsure how to proceed. "There was a brick. From the protest. I was getting you out of the way of it."
    Tatiana frowned as she tried to connect what Crouch claimed had happened with her understanding of things. Reluctantly, the debutante had to conclude that it was not unlikely to be the truth, though she was loathe to remain still on the floor.

    “Then I must thank you, Mr. Crouch,” she offered stiffly as she moved to get up—without any offer of assistance from him thus far! “I should hardly be the most desirable young woman on the dance floor with my skull caved in.”

    It was a dark sentiment, but she found herself now in a dark mood.
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    Ben moved to get up when she did, though her words gave him pause. Her tone was fairly cool, which he didn't really understand, but she had also used his name. Had he met this girl before? Met her and offended her, perhaps? That would explain why she was so ungrateful for his having intervened and potentially saved her life! Still, he liked to think he wasn't normally so disorganized that he would have forgotten meeting a girl entirely, particularly if he seemed to have made quite the impression on her. Maybe he met her at a party and he'd already been drunk?

    "You're welcome," he said as he got back to his feet, wondering whether she would think it was unspeakably rude of him if he admitted that he didn't remember her name. Probably; she seemed like the sort to take offense to little things. "I'd hate to ruin what I'm sure is an excellent dancing talent," he added, not because he felt any real desire to compliment her but because he didn't know what else to say and didn't want to admit he didn't know who she was.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Reuben Crouch's post:
       Tatiana Lestrange
    “I should hate to trespass upon your gallantry further,” the witch continued, “but I must find my brother. The crowd having already shown itself to be rather unruly, however, I am loathe to venture in unescorted.”

    Tatiana Lestrange was a witch who could take care of herself, but who had spent the better part of two decades building up a façade to the contrary.
    @Reuben Crouch
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    Ben really thought she was about to make her excuses and leave, and he wasn't particularly upset about it--the less time he spent with a girl whom he may or may not have offended through some unknown past actions, the better--but then it became clear that she wasn't saying goodbye at all.

    "Oh, certainly," he agreed, though he was surprised to have been asked given how cool she'd been a moment before. He couldn't very well say no, though, and offered her his arm in as good a show at gallantry as someone like Ben Crouch could reasonably put on. "It's no trouble--though I'm not sure I'd be able to pick your brother out of the crowd, so you'll have to do most of the looking."

    Admitting to not knowing who her brother was seemed marginally less damning than admitting that he didn't know who she was, so he was taking the opportunity provided him to try and deduce who this girl was.
    “Get me to the lifts unmolested, and I am quite able to make the rest of the journey on my own,” she replied stiffly. Getting across the atrium, though, was an endeavor easier said than done.
    @Reuben Crouch
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    The lift he could manage, he figured. It was a straight shot, though it happened to be a straight shot through the protest. Still, the crowd wasn't too dense around the edges of the atrium, so he steered the pair of them in that direction, keeping himself between the unknown woman and the crowd at large in case anything else should happen to come hurtling their direction. Luckily, nothing did, and Ben was rather relived to part ways with the lady at the door to the lift.

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