Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Dionisia Tweedy
    Full Name: Dionisia Alexandra Tweedy [DYE-oh-NEE-see-uh]
    Nicknames: None that she'll respond to
    Birthdate: Febraury 02, 1868
    Current Age: Nineteen Years
    Occupation: Magical Bugs Healer
    Reputation: 4
    Residence: Pennyworth
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: Aspen, 9¾", Fairy Wings & Unicorn Hair, Brittle
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Edgar Tweedy, Father [1839-Present]
    Clara Tweedy (née ------), Mother [1844-Present]
    Tristessa ------ (née Tweedy), Sister [1866-Present]
    • Stands at a solidly average 5 ft. 4 in. tall. Her proportions are fairly even, though her shoulders are slightly wider than her hips. She weighs a little less than average for her height, but that can be attributed to her body structure rather than malnutrition.
    • Very long auburn hair that she struggles to keep tangle-free. Frequently worn half-up with curls so tight that it shrinks her hip-length hair to the bottom of her shoulders. Hair accessories are a big no-no.
    • Light brown, up-turned eyes.
    • Dresses in gowns that could only be described as modest in style. She does not wear vibrant colors nor flashy patterns, and she never tries to dress herself up to look wealthier or poorer than she really is.
    • Left-hand, but trained to use right.
    1868 — Dionisia Tweedy is born as a perfectly normal girl in a perfectly normal household. She is the youngest of two daughters, and unknown to her parents at the time, the last child to be born. The Tweedy family is — like I mentioned — perfectly normal, sitting solidly in the middle class. They are a family of avid churchgoers, with Mr. Tweedy being the preacher at an Anglican church in London.

    Summer, 1869 — Things begin to go wrong — and I mean very wrong — at the Tweedy residence. Strange occurrences plague the household, leading the small family to believe the devil himself has invaded! The family, especially poor Mrs. Tweedy, fears for the safety of her children and takes them to stay with their paternal grandparents in Liverpool. Things settle down initially, but it's soon discover that the very strange occurrences have followed them there! They return home.

    1870 — Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy begin to suspect that their darling daughter is the reason so many odd things have been happening. Nothing seems to go wrong when her presence is lacking, but things do happen when she's in the room. They begin to associate her fits with the unexplained happenings.

    1874 — Dionisia begins her education under the supervision of a governess. She learns to read and write and draw and sing. Her education is primarily based off religious doctrines, and she's subject to demanding tests of the Bible.

    1876 — Dionisia becomes ever too aware of the fact that she's an unusual child. She notices that she can do things with her mind that could not be explained through any means available to her. She'd watched herself move things without touching them — seemingly with her mind! While she finds her unexplainable abilities intriguing, she's also terrified of them. Her father had frequently accused others of plotting with the devil, and she feared becoming his next victim.

    1877 — All hell brakes loose. The existence of real witches and magic becomes common knowledge throughout the country, leading to mass persecutions and violence. Dionisia watches two men get burned alive by a mob — one of them led by her own father! She spends much of the summer hiding in her room, fearing that she will eventually be burned as well!

    1879 — Dionisia learns what the phrase "Oh, Merlin!" means. During the summer after her eleventh birthday, her family receives a visit from a mysterious man with a letter. Though initially intrigued by the man, her expression of curiosity soon shifts into one of horror. Her! A witch! It had to be some sick joke. Her father's face went bright red, and in the next moment he began screeching about how the wizard and Dionisia would both burn in hell. After Mr. Tweedy scrambled to find a weapon, the older wizard grabbed Dionisia and, fearing for both of their lives, apparated away. The man — who proved to be quite kind! — takes her to the village of Hogsmeade and places her in the custody of a well-kept orphanage until he could contact authorities to figure out what to do with her. After her unfortunate tale becomes the subject of gossip, a charitable organization offers to help pay for her school supplies. She never returns home, and never desires to, either.

    Fall, 1879 — After a month at the orphanage, young Dionisia is shipped off to Hogwarts. After a few moments of deliberating, the sorting hats places her in Hufflepuff. She finds that the members of her house live up to Hufflepuff's reputation, and the castle soon becomes her home.

    Summer, 1880 — After contemplating on how she plans to spend her summer, she arranges to live with @Phoebe Beauregard, one of her dorm-mates. Though happy to feel like a part of a family once more (at least temporarily), there's no denying that she misses having a real family.

    Fall, 1880 — After a year of straight Os in her classes, Dionisia is able to attend Hogwarts without having to worry about tuition. She manages to get all the supplies she needs, but many of the books she purchases are old and worn. Never the one to complain, Dionisia goes back for her second year of Hogwarts with a bright smile stretched on her face.

    Summer, 1881 — Dionisia once against spends the summer with the Beauregards. She ponders on what electives she might take come the fall — Divination and Care of Magical Creatures seem like the obvious choices at the time.

    Summer, 1882 — Dionisia is offered the chance to live with @Zelda Fisk and the Fisk family for the summer. She finds the brood quite entertaining and is fascinated with the sibling relationships. Being one of two daughters in her biological family, she was never able to experience much of the fun that came with having almost a dozen children!

    Summer, 1883 — Dionisia spends the summer with the Fisks once again. Rather than holding a part-time job during the summer, she chooses to instead focus on her studies. She reviews her old textbooks and homework that she's completed, hoping to keep her full scholarship after her OWLs.

    Spring, 1884 — Dionisia takes her OWL examinations.

    Summer, 1884 — Dionosia is unable to stay with the Beauregards, nor the Fisks, but is offered the chance to live with the Backus family. Though her summer wasn't as comfortable as the summers before, she does learn how to make the best cakes and pastries! Her OWL scores come in halfway through the summer; she receives all Os and Es.

    Fall, 1884 — Dionisia returns to Hogwarts (with her full academic scholarship, may I add!) and continues with five NEWT classes: Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. NEWT-level classes prove more challenging than her OWLs, but reducing her load of extracurricular activities proves to be an acceptable solution.

    Summer, 1885 — Dionisia stays with the Backus family once more. Apart from her day job around the bakery, Dionisia also works as a maid at a pub late into the evenings. Though she wants to focus on her academics, she knows she'll need more money to live on her own once she graduates.

    Spring-Summer, 1886 — After taking her NEWT exams, Dionisia begins to write up her plan for successful adulting. She manages to secure references from school to fill an application for one of the more reputable boarding houses in town. After living there for two months, however, she finds that the loneliness is dreadful. Her NEWT scores come in the mail, and to her delight she finds that her scores were well enough for her to intern at the Hogsmeade Hospital.

    Summer, 1887 — Dionisia is promoted to full healer in the Magical Bugs department of the Hogsmeade Hospital. To make some extra money, she begins helping various individuals organize community activities — a job that she finds she enjoys very much. She is finally able to leave the awful boarding house to live with the ------ family!
    Miscellaneous Information:
    — Dionisia's patronus is a potbelly piglet
    — Dionisia's amortentia smells like old books, chamomile, and a certain someone's hair
    — Dionisia's boggart is herself being burned at the stake
    — Dionisia is heavily into political activism, though she's never actively participated in a protest. She is heavily liberal-minded and feels that all individuals — whether purebloods, halfbloods, muggleborns, half-breeds, or muggles themselves — deserve equal rights. To contribute to the fight for equality, she frequently hangs up posters on the community bulletin.
    — Dionisia could not duel to save her own life; her area of magical expertise is household charms and transfiguration.
    — Though a true romantic, Dionisia envisions that she will remain unmarried and be a spinster; she feels there is no man who could truly bring her the happiness she desire, and she refuses to settle for someone she isn't truly enamored of.
    — Though no one would consider her a particularly brash girl, she cannot stand when others attempt to belittle or undermine her value. This is particularly the case when someone assumes she's incapable of a task due to her being a woman, or when someone insinuates that muggleborns are inherently inferior. She cannot be easily intimidated — even by members of society that others might find daunting to face.
    Out of Character
    Name: Bree
    Age: 18

    Dionisia considers herself middle class. Also, Stef is amazing.
    Dionisia has a lonely plot! | Bask in the glory of her moodboard by Tiff!
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