Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Killian Tabiner
    In Character
    Full Name: Killian Tabiner
    Nicknames: Ian (among friends); William Jones (penname)
    Birthdate: September 12, 1841
    Current Age: 45
    Occupation: Head of Spirit Division; Playwright
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Irvingly
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    • Red oak, 10", rigid, unicorn hair (broken, 1856)
    • Pine, 11", rigid, heartstring of a Hebridian Black dragon
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Family:Father: Seymour Tabiner (1813-present)
    Mother: Josephine Tabiner née Borden (1818-present; of failing health)
    Wife: Ella Tabiner née Lacey (1849-1885)
    Sister: Georgette __ née Tabiner (1843-present)
    ++ husband and children

    Ward: @Regina Lacey
    Appearance: With pitch-black hair and simple, trimmed facial hair, Killian cuts a distinguished silhouette with his typically grey or black suits. Never seen without his polished walking stick and a sly grin, his deep brown eyes sparkling with what some might call mischief. He is dominantly right-handed, stands five feet, eight inches tall, and takes very good care of his appearance, never accepting a hair out of place.

    #443 serves as visual reference of Killian's walking stick.
    1841: Killian is born three weeks premature, following two miscarriages and a stillborn birth.
    1843: A second child survives birth, but barely - Killian's newborn sister is named Georgette when she reaches her fourth month of life.
    1847: In his first form of magic, when Killian and Georgette lie in bed one cool November night, he hears his sister begin to grow upset for some reason - and, in an attempt to soothe her as he stares in her direction, he creates a spontaneous display of fairy lights above her bed.
    1850: Killian is levitated by his younger sister displaying her own first sign of magic. He does not approve.
    1853: Upon receiving his acceptance to Hogwarts, Killian is given his first wand, a rather lovely ten-inch piece of red oak and unicorn hair. On top of this, he is also provided an eagle owl he names Socrates and his books. He is sorted into Ravenclaw upon his arrival at Hogwarts.
    1854: When the new school year begins, Georgette follows directly in his path into the house of wit and wisdom.
    1855: For his third year, Killian takes up Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures as OWL courses.
    1856: At a Care of Magical Creatures class in mid-February, Killian leaves his wand in an...unfortunate place as he tries to take notes on the creature. Sadly, another student steps on it without even realizing it is underfoot. The red oak wand snaps in two, and Killian writes off to his mother to send another wand. It arrives two days later, two inches longer and made of spruce, with a troll whisker core. Still, at the end of the school year, Killian drops Care of Magical Creatures going forward.
    1858: Killian sits for his OWL testing, perhaps the most relaxed in the room. He subsequently chooses to drop Astronomy, Herology, and History of Magic. His scores were as follows:
    Ancient RunesO
    Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
    History of MagicT

    1860: Killian's NEWT scores, when received, are thus:
    Ancient RunesO
    Defence Against the Dark ArtsO
    1861: When Killian learns that Georgette won't be returning for her final year of Hogwarts, he is utterly livid - which turns to white-hot rage when he learns why. He and his baby sister have quite the spectacular argument, which culminates when Killian outright hexes Demetrios, leaving the man with a pronounced limp in his right leg. It is in this moment that Killian begins to understand he may not be entirely stable. Towards the end of the year, he applies for a position at the Ministry of Magic, in the hope that having something to occupy his time will curb the growing instability in his mind and at the same time, do some good.
    1862: Killian gains a position as a division employee in the Spirit Division of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The position is rather mundane and menial, but at least with such a placement, he can't hurt anyone.
    1867: In a sequence of very strange circumstances, Killian ends up kicked in the leg by a carriage horse. Luckily, magic manages to allow him to keep his leg, but karma is a b****, and he ends up with a significant limp. Out of ease of transportation, he takes up residence with his closest friend, Silas Marsden.
    1869: Killian begins courting Ella Lacey in late June, knowing that he needs to eventually have his own place, despite how...welcome he was with Silas. An engagement announcement is made in late December.
    1870: A March wedding binds Killian and Ella, bringing a new branch to the Tabiner name. Silas features as Killian's best man, and Georgette takes the place of matron of honor. Though he is content in his new life, he does continue to regularly spend time with Silas, often claiming to be playing a card game in his parlor.
    1872: Come May, Killian finally gets the promotion to Spirit Division Head. This is a pleasant change, as it permits him a bit of additional money.
    1874: When rumors of him sleeping with his own sister take their stride, Killian can only laugh - as can Silas, who hears the rumors as well and knows very well that Killian is engaged in an entirely other relationship. Killian has no interest in his sister in that fashion, merely taking the part of protective elder brother where Georgette is concerned. It is in this year that Killian begins writing his plays.
    1877: One summer evening during the chaos and madness of the year, when Killian was visiting Silas, the latter realized he had run out of whiskey. Telling Killian that he didn't need to come along, Silas went out...not entirely recalling that he wasn't dressed in proper Muggle attire, but a deep blue robe. On his walk, Silas was bludgeoned to death under suspicion of being a wizard. That he could have prevented the situation remains one of Killian's biggest regrets, and this is what turned him bitter. In his grief, it goes nearly unnoticed that his sister-in-law is also, as believed by Ella, brutally murdered.
    1880: After three previous attempts at a second child, Killian's sister's midwife has an ultimately stupid moment and drops the newborn. Without Georgette's knowledge, Killian kidnaps the midwife, strangles her, and tosses her in the sea for this affront to his family. Given that he hired an illiterate accomplice to steal and control a small boat, and that he used Polyjuice to make himself appear to be a lower class muggle he'd run into while shopping the day before executing the plan, Killian's murder goes undetected. This is this same year that Killian's niece begins Hogwarts, sorting into brave and chivalrous Gryffindor.
    1883: In wintertime, Killian and Ella move to Irvingly - Ella having finally agreed to something that would hopefully bring Killian out of his moroseness, if only to be closer to her brother with the same breath. Georgette's family follows them, moving into a house next door.
    1884: After the nightmares of the Laughing Plague, Killian and Ella's niece, Regina, is left an orphan. Though Killian is initially reluctant to allow another person into the house where he tends to be the most violent and antisocial (mostly towards structure and objects, which are easily repaired once he comes to his senses), he relents when he learns that Regina is the sole heir to her father's fortune.
    1885: As per usual, Killian locks himself in his study on the night that marked the anniversary of Silas's death. But tonight, not all went as planned - one of the maids came and interrupted him while he drank away his sorrows, informing him that his wife's health was growing poor. Again. He went to her, taking his bottle of liquor along, and as he drank, the thought came. It would was so simple, to just take one of the dressing-pillows from beside her and...... When it was over, he broke into sobs. Not weeping for the wife he had just put out of her misery, but for the lover he had lost eight years before. It was mistaken to be tears for Ella, and the healers called to the scene proclaimed she passed of a respiratory illness.
    1886: In January, after a near-term pregnancy, Georgette miscarries not one, but two infants thanks to illness. In her distress, once health-recovered, she and Killian lock themselves in his study in his home with a bottle of imported Russian liquor. Those within the house and of a lower status, remembering the old rumors, begin jokingly speculating that the siblings are in fact involved in untoward activities. His ward - now his alone - hears the maids discussing this and assumes for herself.
    1887: Shortly after coming out of formal mourning, Killian begins to make a plan. A plan to wed to his ward, if only to gain her money and an heir at the very least. Enlisting his sister's assistance to give her something of a debut and fund her wardrobe properly, he plans to give her the illusion of free choice. But it is he who makes the determination of whether a wedding can happen, as her guardian.
    Personality: Slight blood purist leanings (half-breeds only, not full wizards), determined, patient, egotistical, vain, greedy, passionate, insincere, superficial, sentimental
    Out of Character
    Name: Elaine
    Age: 23
    Contact: PM, cbox, Skype (elainesage-themerciful)
    Other Characters: See my CML entry
    emo!Killian by Nolan!! <3
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