Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Shake Things Up
    Private Thread 
    20th June, at the Jubilee Street Festival
    More than Lorcan's pride had been bruised the other day at the broom jousting: it had all sounded well and good in theory, but there he had been, against his very first opponent... knocked from his broom almost immediately, and all to show for his loss were the three cracked ribs he was still nursing. He'd also managed to - literally - shit himself on the fall down. The ribs had been fixed up fast. The memory hadn't, quite.

    He was decidedly refusing to so much as mention flying today, as it was, which was difficult when the old Gryffindor friend he was with was no less than a flying instructor. Diagon Alley, at least, was heaving today with the Jubilee celebrations. With the promise of fireworks later, no shift tomorrow morning, and the heady lightness of the atmosphere of all the stalls and carnival games, Lorcan was distracted enough to be well and truly enjoying himself.

    "Here, have another one, León," he declared brightly, pressing a new tankard of an odd-smelling mead he had just requisitioned from a nearby stand into his friend's hand. He was on his second or third, himself, and he still hadn't quite concluded what exactly it was spiced with, but never mind that. "Drink that, and then you can lose to me at -" Lorcan's eye roved the nearest gamestands, looking for one that didn't have much of a queue, and eventually he pointed at a sort of shoot-'em-up (shooting jinxes, of course) at moving cut-out silhouettes. Eh, it'd do - "that."
    @Henrie León
    [Image: mAGYam.png]
    Henrie was having fun, and not just with the festival. He himself had (regrettably) not attended the prior broom jousting, as he'd been rather tied up with other events, and where he had been excited to hear how it had went, 'apparently not very well' was what he'd decoded. So he - darling friend that he was - had sworn to himself he wouldn't even bring up the subject of flying until his friend was at least six drinks in. Henrie had lost count of his own drinks however, and the challenge had likely switched to 'whenever he lost control of his mouth'.

    He gripped the proffered tankard like he feared it might burn him and sniffed it experimentally, given that he still wasn't too sure about it's contents. The smell wasn't too enticing, and his throat burned slightly. He downed it anyway though, a bit wrought with festival spirit, and maybe just a bit hoping to drown out his deep-rooted lethargy.

    Henrie was already a bit out of it when Byrne spoke again. He turned to find him in the crowd, then again to follow his gesture to the game. It looked like it probably required full eye-site, which Henrie wasn't sure he currently possessed at the moment, but he was never one to back down from a challenge and so slapped the tankard on whatever surface he could find. "Right then, Byrne," he crowed, brow raised as he turned his head to squint at the rules. His eye-site blurred a bit at the sudden movement, and he shook his head like a wet dog to reclaim his vision again. Oh, he was going to lose.
    @Lorcan Byrne
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Henrie León's post:
       Lorcan Byrne

    [Image: muHxLN.png]
    photoset by the darling MJ <3
    Henrie was a good sport, Lorcan thought to himself, as the guy downed the drink, even after sniffing it like a wary dog. That said, of course he was a good sport. He had been a Gryffindor, after all, and everyone knew Gryffindors were the most fun. (Lorcan believed this without qualm, which was easy for someone who had been born and indoctrinated into an entire family who preached the greatness of Gryffindor.)

    Still, he felt a little Slytherin himself, coaxing León along the road to drunkenness just so he might stand a better chance of winning some idiotic festival game. At any rate, he deserved to win something, after - well, after that calamitous broom jousting.

    "Easy there, Henrie," Lorcan teased, as his friend apparently had to shake his head out. "Can't have you falling over on me!" As a matter of fact, just watching that made Lorcan a little dizzy as he stepped up to the second player's spot and dug out his wand, holding it at the ready. Mercifully, the game wasn't quidditch themed (Lorcan did not think he could bear that, and León would have had the edge without trying); the figures charmed to pop up and flit about in the stall's backdrop were just designed as posh society figures, women with large bustles and men tipping hats, and also an array of cake silhouettes floating about. Above them was a point counter, Lorcan presumed. Just then, the was the ding of a bell signalling the start of the game; on the heels of it, he brandished his wand and started firing Knockback jinxes.

    @Henrie León ack, sorry for my slowness!
    [Image: mAGYam.png]
    Oh, they were... okay. Half-asleep and a bit incapacitated, Henrie shook his head once more and stepped up to the platform, wand already slipped into his hand. He noted that his grip was quite tight, and loosened it up a bit, while his eyesite blurred with each sharp movement. He wasn't going to admit to how intoxicated he'd already become and instead, with a sharp laugh, threw ahead a jinx.

    Henrie had a good aim. His wand work had been somewhat of a pride for him during his school years, and he usually sported quite a good eyesite too. That being said, he was more than a bit tipsy, and the jinx that left his wand went off-shot, searing quite a burn mark on to the backboard for the game. He grinned despite it though, and his next jinx, luckily, managed to hit one of the figures (luckily for him perhaps, however not entirely for the innocent little people roaming the game booth).

    He stepped back, grin wider, wand balancing in the open palm of his hand as he studied the point counter. Then, with quite a flourish of his wand hand and a laugh, he dove straight back into firing jinxes. "One to me already, Lorcan!"

    @Lorcan Byrne it's fine! <3

    [Image: muHxLN.png]
    photoset by the darling MJ <3

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