Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    watch this space
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    - write that thing on professional quidditch you meant to do a month ago
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    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    “Come what may”

    she's sneaky and smoked out with Miss Melody Drooble
    run away to the foreign legion with Miss Antonia Tucker
    Muggle Studies with Mr. Hugh Goodfellow et al
    les miserables with Miss Antonia Tucker
    Celebration [of Clumsiness with Mr. Timothy Allwright
    Puzzling with Mr. Meerletalis Etherium et al
    FACING THE UNKNOWN with Miss Margaret McCrae et al
    failed attempts to fly with Miss Olive Lovegood
    To Mr. Oxford Lovegood with Mr. Oxford Lovegood
    Miss Alice Lovegood with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Bewitching Daisies with Miss Violet Ollivander et al
    Future Sister-in-Law with Miss Jian Min Hou
    People running circles with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    My Own Prison with Miss Lysandra Sutherland and Miss Brynn Malfoy
    remember the name with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Caught Amongst the Puffs with Mr. Ben Taylor et al
    Miss Lysandra Sutherland
    take me out with Mr. Oliver Detheridge
    Pick-Up Game o' Quidditch with Mr. Harvey Beauregard et al
    Oh Alice with Miss Alice Lovegood
    [Image: 28835zd.png]
    “Have been unavoidably detained by the world. Expect us when you see us.”
    For Mac's pre-play history, please see his application.
    When Mac met Roxana Rios, he wasn't expecting to knock her up. After whining to his favorite brother, Mac does the right thing, kind of.

    When Mac was getting fake married, his sister was getting real expelled and fled her own engagement party.

    At the end of the year, Mac has a kid.
    the town is colder now with Miss Eliza Trelawney
    on an island in the sun with Miss Eliza Trelawney
    i remember with Miss Felicity Prewett
    responsibility is overrated with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    standing in silence with Miss Odette de Montfault et al
    go on and close the curtains with Miss Roxana Rios
    duel with Miss Roxana Rios and Mrs. Mariana Macnair
    Duel with Mrs. Mariana Macnair and Miss Devon Nystrom
    we're in trouble with Miss Roxana Rios
    woops with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    little lion man with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    crap shoot with Miss Roxana Rios
    To CLAN MacFusty with Mrs. Griselda MacFusty et al
    whiskey bottles piling high with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    Bird Watching Haiku with Miss Sorcha MacFusty
    Interlude Party with Miss Roxana Rios
    Welcome to the Madness with Miss Malvina Macfusty et al
    Killer Bees with Misses Sorcha and Una MacFusty
    Blaze of Glory with Mr. Ixion Swift
    Maclet with Miss Roxana Rios
    announcement of a maclet with Mrs. Griselda MacFusty et al


    It's Been a While with Miss Cadence Honeysett
    Birthday Boys! with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    Gotta Do Something Right with Miss Cadence Honeysett
    About a Girl with Mr. Torquil MacFusty
    Tea Disaster with Miss Cadence Honeysett
    On Display with Mr. Torquil MacFusty
    Duel with Mr. Rupert Hamilton and Mr. Ludolf Van Patten
    To: Mac with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    Left at Lews Castle with Mr. Torquil MacFusty
    no need for forgiveness with Mrs. Abigail MacFusty
    a true friend stabs you in the front with Mr. Ferb Echelon-Arnost
    Damn Spaniards with Mrs. Cadence MacFusty
    i dreamed that love would never die with Miss Imogen Van Helsing
    Malcolm MacFusty v. Gervaise Ollivander
    tipping the scales with Mr. Iraj Khorasani
    Livin' in a Lonely World with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    Things Were Good When We Were Young with Miss Imogen Van Helsing
    a strange inquiry with Miss Imogen Van Helsing
    Strangers No More with Mrs. Cadence MacFusty
    here's to never growing up with Miss Imogen Van Helsing
    Worried Grandmother with Mrs. Abigail MacFusty
    For Mac with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    Let's do something with Mr. Kentigern MacFusty et al
    [Image: macsig_zpsf3ce43a0.jpg]
    [Image: INZ05F.png]
    "We’re neither pure, nor wise, nor good; we do the best we know."
    For Cash's pre-play history, please check out his application.
    and even when your hope is gone with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Promise Not To Tell with Mr. Eli Swan
    Spring Cleaning with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Chase Bletchley
    Practical (le)Strangers with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange et al
    skins with Mr. Eli Swan
    you warthog faced baffoon! with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    halp! with Mr. Claudius Lestrange
    can you hear the sound of hysteria? with Mr. Eli Swan
    just when you think you're in control with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Versions of Ourselves with Mr. Eli Swan
    dirty little secret with Mr. Eli Swan
    Under the sun with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    syncing up to the beating of your heart with Mr. Eli Swan
    best friends and troublemakers with Miss Tabitha Peverell
    few things will console with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Heartbeats with Mr. Eli Swan
    Sibling Rapports with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Piece of Your Heart with Mr. Eli Swan
    virtually invisible with Miss Effie Turnbull and Mr. Claudius Lestrange
    A Mysterious Meeting with Miss Judy Hatchitt et al
    Chaos, Absolute Chaos with Miss Judy Hatchitt et al
    the kids are alright with Mrs. Alexandria Lestrange
    helicarrier with Miss Faline Prewett and Mr. Eli Swan
    Strange Love with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange et al
    Duel with Miss Audrey Borgin and Miss Julie Harper
    Duel with Miss Antoinette Ashmore and Miss Ursula Black
    Duel with Miss Lysandra Sutherland and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    clockwork sorrow with Miss Tabitha Peverell
    octoroon rangoon with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    ELI ELI HEY ELI with Mr. Eli Swan
    psychosis with Mr. Eli Swan
    Cash! with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    OWL Scores
    The Raven with Mr. Lucius Lestrange et al
    Don't Hold Your Breath with Mr. Eli Swan
    the missing groom with Mr. William Pendergast
    Duel with Miss Eva Sleptova and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    lay it all out with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Water Bending with Miss Violet Ollivander et al
    Murder in the Foret Morgue with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange et al
    [Internal?] Conflict with Miss Judy Hatchitt and Mr. Eli Swan
    Comfort with Miss Angie Sinnet and Mr. Eli Swan
    Crashing in Confusion with Mr. Eli Swan
    Rude Awakening with Mr. Eli Swan
    Triangular with Mr. Ignotus Peverell
    Duel with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Wounded Soldier with Mr. Eli Swan et al
    Duel with Mr. Lucian Dudley and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    If I Can Learn to Do It... with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Dealing with Lechers to Be with Mrs. Letitia Swift et al
    Blunt Force with Miss Angie Sinnet
    To be updated!


    Threads pre-May 25th not yet included; this is for arc stuff.
    Cleopatra with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    The Words with Angie Sinnet
    First Session with Mrs. Belphoebe Trimble
    Gettysburg with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Man Up with Mr. Lucius Lestrange and Mr. Kristoffer Lestrange
    Women. Ugh. with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett et al
    some things just don't add up with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard
    I'll Never Smile Again with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Getting Even with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Dreamers with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Fan Mail with Miss Meta Lestrange
    Seneca Induced Book Club with Miss Vesta Bones
    Freakin' Me Out with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Yay, We Have a Little Sibling with Miss Seneca Lestrange
    Ready Or Not with Mrs. Belphoebe Lestrange
    Are You Murdered Yet? with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    continuing the theme of beanie being the relationship counselor with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Fools Rush In Where Wise Men Never Go with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Let's Make a Deal with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Didn't I See This Movie?
    Everything is Not What it Was with Miss Nora Abercrombie
    A Light in the Dark with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]
    "I'm more than wonderful, how dare you insult me.”
    For Lucinda's pre-play history, please check out her profile.

    Nosiness with Miss Georgiana Goyle


    Lucinda, in the midst of hating her job, met Wesley Cavanaugh and ran into him on New Year's, making him an excellent mark for 'rich dude to marry.'
    dead man's chest with Mr. Cole Agrippa
    in short, our pal is doomed with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    feathery bastards with Mr. Samir Patil
    No One of Consequence with Mr. Wesley Cava naugh

    It Feels Like One of Those Nights with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Your vote of confidence is overwhelming with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Inconceivable! with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Unsubtle with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    i know what you did last summer with Miss Adelaide Filch
    Unemployed, in Greenland! with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Your Pitch Needs Work with Mr. Bennet Potter
    Guilt Trip with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Losing It with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Humiliations Galore! with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    The Most Nosy with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Let It Fly with Miss Ruth Lockhart
    Up in Smoke with Miss Ruth Lockhart
    For Future Reference with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    I Got 99 Problems... with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Checkpoint with Mrs. Eleora Etherium
    one day more with Miss Viola Prince
    The Truth is Out There with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Through the Grapevine with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    I Have Something to Tell You with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Selfish Needs with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    A Fall Like This with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    9 in the Afternoon with Mr. Magnus Lockhart et al
    Some Sweet Company with Miss Adella Beauregard
    High Places  with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh et al
    Power of Three with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard
    Same Time, Same Place with Mr. Konnor Broadmoor
    The Great Unknown with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    we sure are in for a show tonight with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard
    Girl's Day Out with Miss Leah Beauregard et al
    Never Say Never with Miss Ruth Lockhart
    Sugar Cookies and Tea with Miss Phoebe Beauregard
    Slytherin! with Miss Leah Beauregard
    (Kissed You) Goodnight with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    S.O.S. with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart



    Some Sort of Window to Your Right with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Going Green with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Another Love with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    Sax Rohmer #1 with Mr. Thom Pettigrew and Mrs. Ursula Black
    Minefield with Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew
    24 Frames with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Here We Are with Mr. Magnus Lockhart and Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    The Mess Inside with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Still Rock'N'Roll To Me with Miss Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: IfsBNG.jpg]
    "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul."


    August moves to Hogsmeade and re-meets his sister. He also starts writing to Lyra Potter which results in her proposing. He meets the Potters, buys a cafe, and frees his sister. He helps Lyra run away, but then a rumor causes some problems. A very ill August confesses his love, and things seem like they might work out, except Elsbeth meddles with an ill-planned love potion. August makes a deal to help Lyra out of her betrothal with her brother and his brother, but when the year ends, August and Lyra are SUPER broken up.
    Morning Revival with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    the postal service with Miss Lyra Potter
    sisterhood and brotherhood are conditions with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure with Miss Lyra Potter et al
    blood is thicker than water with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    The Guilting of a Brother with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Can You Keep a Secret? with Miss Lyra Potter
    Mr. August with Miss Theodora Flamel
    Employment Available
    we are who we are with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Little Runaway with Miss Lyra Potter
    Hell Hath No Fury with Miss Lyra Potter
    Dearest Brother of Mine with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Love & Chocolate with Miss Lyra Potter
    The Hostage Exchange with Miss Lyra Potter & Mr. Bennett Potter
    Family Matters with Sam Echelon-Arnost
    postscript with Miss Lyra Potter

    when you're away when i am missing you
    All About Me with Miss Leisa Echelon Arnost
    Stranger to Kindness with Miss Lyra Potter
    On Pain of Death with Miss Lyra Potter
    Drunken Harlots with Miss Thistle Shacklebolt
    Love Drunk with Miss Lyra Potter and Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    King of the Forest with Miss Elsbeth Gisella and Mr. Leon Lupin
    To a Grump with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    We Will Become Silhouettes with Miss Anne Primpernelle
    where the light bends with Mrs. Vertiline Faulkner
    hang on little tomato with Mr. Nathaniel Scrivenshaft et al
    No One Should with Miss Lyra Potter
    One Last Kiss with Miss Lyra Potter
    Lyra with Mr. Bennet Potter
    August walks with a cane.
    [Image: 21vhj8.png]

    [Image: 2pt1c10.png]
    "Fuck it, I'm inadequate. What can you do?"


    Yes and No with Mr. Edward Mohr et al
    Proposition with Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    Quite a Predicament with Mr. Reuben Hagrid
    Resolutions with Mr. Ozias Lovegood


    The Bachelor Life with Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    Housewarming with Mrs. Leisa and Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    Unidentified Alcohol with Mr. Niall Donovan
    The Night Hell Freezes Over with Mrs. Leisa and Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    SWP3: Chaser Tryouts with Mr. Ixion Swift et al
    Coffee with Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    An Invitation with Mrs. Rufina Mulciber
    A Strange Celebration with Mrs. Rufina Mulciber et al
    Duel with Mr. Devon Etter and Minister Darcy Potter
    Lost Puppy with Mr. Niall Donovan
    Jurassic Park with Mr. Everard Nilsen
    hi are you dead with Mr. Sam Echelon-Arnost
    when the kids in the band were playing with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    The End with Mr. Faustus Prewett
    I Thought You Was a Bur-Ga-Lur

    Interim coming soon!


    In Omnia Paratus with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett
    Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time with Mr. Reuben Crouch et al
    Losing Game with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    Life on Mars with Mr. Reuben Crouch and Sawyer
    Kill Some Time, it Looks Like Tonight with Mr. Henrie Leon
    a mild impalement with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    women. ugh. with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett et al
    Bad Advice with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    silly boys with brooms & sticks with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett
    Wish I Knew You with Mrs. Lucy Pettigrew
    Our Mutual (Boy)friend with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Walking Disasters with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    Pretense in the Air with Mr. Yarrow Macnair and Mr. Nigel Yaxley
    boys just wanna have fun with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    drunk dials with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    Art and Ben's Excellent Adventure with Mr. Reuben Crouch
    [Image: 2rgfha9.png]

    "Doing what you shouldn't is half the fun."


    Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Mr. Patrick Primpernelle
    X and Y with Mr. Jack Collins
    Wonderful Wonderful with Miss Eden Webster
    We're All in Love with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    The Sky is Falling with Miss Gemma Simpson
    You're Not Him with Mrs. Magdalena Collins
    Found it in a Rain Cloud with Mr. Titus Piotrovski
    Maybe You Can Find Me with Miss Carolina Grace
    yeah yeah and it's okay with Miss Kaye Hadley
    On My Own with Miss Eden Webster
    Friendly Interaction with Miss Aislin Beckett
    Eyes Open with Miss Eliza Fitzgerald
    we are free if we want with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    The Adventures of Robin Hood and Also Robin Hood with  Mr. Edmund Grimm
    Jonathan Webster C/O Apparition Test Centre with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    Sweater Weather with Miss Kaye Hadley
    Duel with Mr. Niall Donovan and Mr. Casper Darrow
    The Worst Part of the Job with Mr. Alexander Hunt
    The Wind in My Hair with Mrs. Threnody Mohr
    It's Been Too Long with Mr. Charlie Gilmore
    [Image: IfsFW1.jpg]
    jenny removed the watermarks from these images for me, b/c she is an angel
    [Image: IV9vxP.gif]
    "You dozed, and watched the night revealing
    The thousand sordid images
    Of which your soul was constituted"


    I Dreamed a Dream with Miss Olive Pond et al
    Painted Cards with Miss Briar Ifan-Carstairs
    Dearest Sister with Miss Virginia Carmichael
    Office Hours with Miss Temerita Reid
    Lay a Rose Down with Mr. Mason Skeeter
    Christmas with the Carmichaels with Miss Gwenda Carmichael et al


    Old Friends with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Swear This One You'll Save with Miss Temerita Reid
    Duel with Mr. Barnabas Skeeter and Mr. Devon Nystrom
    Duel with Mr. Mortimer Skeeter and Mr. Angus MacFusty
    Duel with Mr. Hiram Eldridge and Miss Jessamine Rookwood
    Sex Education with Miss Moira Prewett et al
    Follow Up with Miss Temerita Reid
    Vampires Won't Stake Themselves with Miss Astrid Van Helsing and Uilleam
    Little Talks with Mr. Gawain Carmichael
    And It's Surely to Their Credit with Mr. Gawain Carmichael and Mr. Ianto Lloyd
    Welcome Home with Mr. Brandon Carmichael
    The Mother We Share with Miss Virginia and Mr. George Carmichael
    Boom Goes the Dynamite with Mr. Cassander Goyle et al
    I'm Not Calling You a Liar with Miss Temerita Reid
    Divination 6-7
    Divination 3-5
    Between Two Lungs with Miss Temerita Reid
    Elliot has the Sight. Hit me up.
    “I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way."


    Stick Them With the Pointy End with Mr. Leonid Fisk


    Carry Your Will with Mr. Oliver Trask
    Werewolves of London with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov et al
    Duel against Miss Annette Fontaine
    Reluctantly Yours with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson
    Sisterly Yours with Mrs. Katia Meadowes
    Different People with Mrs. Delia Fisk
    Mellow Yellow with Mr. Percival Plum
    Nom, Nom, Nom - Food! with Mr. Frank Hooch et al
    Duel with Mr. Hamish Darrow and Miss Gwyneth Cadwallader
    Duel with Mr. Hamish Darrow and Miss Annette Fontaine
    Musings with The Hon. Jack Humphrey-Mavis
    One Foot in Front of the Other with Mr. Frank Hooch
    A Game of Discourse with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson et al
    The Minish Cap with Miss Gemma Simpson
    To Miss Zelda Fisk with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson
    Charms 3-5
    Ancient Studies 3-5
    Twilight Princess with Miss September Lynch
    Honey Badger Don't Care with Mr. Percival Plum et al
    We're All Just Stories in the End with Mrs. Delia Fisk et al
    Living Conditions with Miss Gwyneth Cadwallader
    OWL Results
    To: Mrs Astrid Parkinson
    Are you dead? with the Hon. Jack Humphrey-Mavis
    Back to the Grind with Mr. Felix Parkinson

    Interim coming soon!

    those pesky pixies! with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson et al
    Playing With Fire with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    Out of Habit with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    Duel with Miss Suellen Hodges and Mr. Howell Merrick
    Duel with Miss Pauline Woodcroft and Mr. Roberto Devine
    Duel with Miss Billie Breckenridge and Mr. Alfred Clearwater
    Finding Zelda with Mr. Dorian Fisk
    twilight galaxy with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    We Met at a Party with the Honorable John Humphrey-Mavis
    Freakshow with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    How's this working thing working out? with Miss Dionisia Tweedy
    No More Distractions with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    Fallout with Mr. "Charlie Williams" and Mrs. Amity Humphrey-Mavis
    Family, Duty with Mrs. Astrid Parkinson
    Secret Admirer with Mr. "Charlie Williams"
    Words, Wars, & Symphonies with Mr. Lupus Jameshill
    Hello My Old Heart with Mr. Brannon Fisk
    Dead and Born and Grown
    I will choose her happiness over mine every time with Miss Xena Fisk
    Cold Hearts Brew Colder Songs with Mr. Lupus Jameshill
    It's OK This Time with Mr. Theodoric Jameshill
    [Image: uUQiz4B.jpg]
    "Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood."

    For Emma's pre-play history, please read her application.

    Emma was perfectly content to spend her time bickering with her husband and puttering around The Lady Morgana. A new election saw her attempting manipulation and meeting the new Minister. But then the Plague hit.

    Within a few weeks, Emma lost her father and her house. Ultimately, the Macmillans escaped with their lives.

    As well as some
    unexpected bonding with her family, the end of the year found Emma pregnant.

    Things We Said Today with Miss Joyce Gilmore
    The Wrong Stop with Miss Lucille Orpington
    Emma Dear with Mrs. Velia Hilldebrand
    Just Depends on How Far They Can Go with Mr. Charles Macmillan
    We've All Been Painted by Numbers with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    Just the Way You Like It with Miss Annette Greer
    The War at Home with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Hollow Crown with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Slipping Through My Fingers with Mrs. Demetria Longbottom
    No Escape with Mr. Killian Macmillan and Minister Balthazar Urquart
    The Broken Jaw of Our Lost Kingdoms with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Things We Lost to the Flames with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Are You Alive? with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    Get Us OUT Of Here! with Mr. Killian Macmillan and Mr. Anthony Grimstone
    (Be Cool, Charles. Be Cool.) with Mr. Charles Macmillam
    Alone Together with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast et al
    We'll Be the Same Tomorrow with Mr. Charles Macmillan
    Mad Slattern's Tea Party with Mrs. Ursula Black et al
    An Antiquated Armory with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    and I've got no excuse with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    you were already you and I already me with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    The Future Freaks Me Out with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Unfogging the Future with Mrs. Jupiter Lufkin
    how do you dog with Mrs. Demetria Longbottom


    1885 was kind of weird as soon as Emma accidentally contributed to the death of her cousin-in-law, causing her to face some light social ostracism. Later, she had an uncomfortable encounter with the boy who took her virginity.

    She successfully gave birth to a son and it was months before Emma would face his deafness.

    We Live This Close to Death
    Hanging Out With Medusa with Mrs. Demetria Longbottom
    Baby, Seasons Change But People Don't with Mr. Killian Macmillan and Mr. Levi Dagon
    But Don't Pretend You Ever Forgot About Me with Mr. Levi Dagon
    we know full well there's just time with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    as long as stars are above you with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    The Parting Glass with Mr. Walter Pendergast et al
    Don't Think Twice It's Alright with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    We Know with Mr. Edward Macmillan


    1886 saw Emma trying to deal with her son's disability in the best way possible. It also saw Beanie being garbage.
    Tessomancy Tactics with Miss Apollodora Vablatsky and Mrs. Demetria Longbottom
    If It's Over Let It Go with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    This is how they made me with Miss Indietta Titsey and Mr. Killian Macmillan
    The Flailing, Fainting Florist with Miss Senna Potts and Mr. Killian Macmillan
    When the Earth Decides to Swallow You Whole with Mr. Protego Lochrin


    Any Port in a Blizzard with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Nobody Changes We All Stay the Same with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    The Joy Formidable with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    No Good Deed with Mr. Edward Macmillan
    How to Save a Life with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Mixed Blessings with Miss Minnie Pendergast et al
    This Woman's Work with Mrs. Helena Macmillan
    [Image: IfshZm.jpg]
    [Image: IV2Zgm.jpg][Image: 2emeyw8.gif][Image: nqi.gif]
    "...I need to be more assertive."


    Everybody Wants to Look Before They Leap with Miss Fidelia Lochrin et al
    ARGH Morning with Miss Constance Sykes
    Snow Showers and Winter Flowers with Mr. Andrew Bingham and Miss Jamesina McIntyre

    Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things with Miss Jane Flack et al
    Cut-Up Technique with Miss Fidelia Lochrin et al
    Good Morning Sunshine with Mr. Asa Keene
    Whee Waltzing with Miss Jane Flack
    So Uh, That Happened with Mr. Harvey Beauregard
    Duel with Mr. Edric Slughorn
    Duel with Minister Balthazar Urquart and Mr. Ernest Mulciber
    The Last Crusade with Mr. Rishi Tandel
    Welcome to Hell
    Scheduling Conflict with Miss Fidelia Lochrin
    Open the Top Drawer with Miss Fidelia Lochrin and Peeves
    If He's Dead, I'll Kill Him with Mrs. Leonora Keene
    Taking Action with Mr. Tristan Michaud
    The Interview From Hell with Miss Fidelia Lochrin
    Whatever with Mr. Tristan Michaud
    Clone Wars with Mr. Darby Keene et al
    Cut Out Words From Paper with Miss Benilda Bellamy
    Don't Get Murderlized with Mrs. Leonora Keene
    It's That Banksy Prick with Miss Constance Sykes
    The Last Crusade with Mr. Rishi Tandel
    Holding Me Back
    Get Off Your Ass with Mr. Darby Keene
    Raiders of the Lost Ark with Miss Fidelia Lochrin et al
    Speak 'Friend' and Enter with Miss Fidelia Lochrin et al
    *preens some more* with Mr. Asa Keene
    Prepping for Departure with Mrs. Leonora Keene
    [Image: IiHeS2.png]
    SET BY MJ 
    "I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence."

    Contraband with Miss Petra Sleptova
    We Move Lightly with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Lonely Hearts with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    The Bottom Line with Mrs. Leisa Rosier
    Practice: Alessa vs. Zita
    Practice: Dorothea vs. Persephone
    Practice: Petra vs. Luiza
    Practice: Mbali vs. Felicidade
    Practice: Dorothea vs. Persephone
    Practice: Alessa vs. Noor
    Practice: Petra vs. Tilda
    Practice: Tilda vs. Mbali
    Practice: Noor vs. Tilda
    PMG: Parkinson vs. Darzi
    PMG: Potgieter vs. Vandenbrook
    PMG: Abrantes vs. Rutger
    PMG: Natarajan vs. Innocenti
    PMG: Parkinson vs. Avninder
    Cry Me an Ocean with Miss Topaz Urquart
    Plz No with Miss Georgiana Bainbridge
    Felix Parkinson vs. Carlisle Archer IV
    Mbali Vos vs. Enzo DelTurlco
    A Case of You with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Delight Urquart vs. Cecily Gallivan
    Heinrich Echelon vs. Tilda MacFusty

    Interim coming soon


    Be Cool with Mrs. Constance Sykes
    Everybody's Shadowboxing with Miss Petra Sleptova
    Duel with Mr. Sage Macnair and Miss Cecily Carmichael
    Duel with Miss Emerald Weasley and Miss Petra Sleptova
    Duel with Mr. Hudson Pine and Mr. Castor Allaway
    Whirring with Mrs. Elizaveta Antonova
    Here I Dreamt I was an Architect with Mrs. Elle Lassey
    Perfect Day with Miss Eva Sleptova
    Let's Talk About Sex Baby with Miss Eva Sleptova
    Calling For My Demons Now to Let Me Go with Miss Cecily Gallivan
    [Image: IfsUed.jpg]
    Life can only be understood backwards.
    Micajah was a bit of a twat,
    published a book, and was then inactive for a while.

    The Accordion Owl with Miss Amelia Evans
    Put the 'Try' in Poetry with Miss Victoria Hatchitt et al
    Did You See This Coming with Mr. Ezra Vablatsky et al
    It's What We Want to See with Miss Paloma Flores

    The Seer and the Scholar with Miss Cassandra Trelawney
    Help I'm Alive with Miss Trinity Estep
    The Man With the Freckles with Miss Severina Restell
    The Meanings in the Pictures with Miss Severina Restell
    Mad About the Boy with Miss Cassandra Trelawney
    [Image: MqGzaBi.png]
    set by STEF!!

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