Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    July 1st, World Market

    Even though with their introduction to floo powder, the Restell siblings were only ever a brief walk and a quick trip through a fireplace away from everything in magical Britain, she and her younger brother had both been positively delighted by the news that there would be a wizarding market place opening up here, in London. Rena didn't understand why it was only going to last a week--the Soho marketplace and the Pantheon Bazaar both lasted year-round, after all. If this was going to be their only chance to experience it, though, they were certainly going to make the best of it.

    They'd had to go to Diagon Alley first, and exchange their usual assortment of normal money for strange looking coins that Rena wasn't sure she understood. Ezra seemed to know how to handle them, though, and would probably be handling any of their transactions if they were to buy something--Rena's own small coin purse was really just a precaution, in case something happened to his.

    She liked going places with Ezra. He was much more fun than her usual chaperones--all of whom were locked out of this strange new world they were discovering. He was also, apparently, just as easily distracted as she was--or at the very least, not quite as adept at keeping track of her as she wandered about as the usual battery of older women were. No more than twenty minutes after their arrival in the market, she'd lost him entirely. That was certainly not ideal... but since it had happened, maybe she could make the best of his disappearance? She had a little money--she didn't even know how much, because it was all so strange--so maybe she could find something to buy Ezra that he would like? She'd never be able to get him any surprise present, otherwise--he was the only person who could chaperone her into these strange magical places, and now that they knew about the magical world, she could hardly buy him a boring, normal present.

    Rena knew that he wanted a wand. He'd talked about it so often, and said it was the key to unlocking all sorts of magic he wanted to learn. She knew, essentially, nothing about wands, including how expensive they were... but maybe she could look, and sort of price one out, if she didn't have enough? Besides, if this marketplace did sell wands, that might very well be where Ezra had gotten off to!

    She didn't know how to go about finding a wand-seller, or even what one might look like if she did, but just at that moment a man who looked startlingly familiar happened by. She didn't remember his name, but then, she seldom did. She had definitely met him, though--she just couldn't remember when. Or where. Well... hopefully they were good enough acquaintances that he wouldn't object to answering her questions!

    Approaching boldly--much more so than she might have, had he not looked so familiar--Rena greeted him with a brief, "Good morning," then launched immediately in to her questions: "Do you know if they sell wands here? I've gotten separated from my brother, somehow, and I think perhaps he might have ended up looking for wands. If they do sell them, anyway."

    @Ezra Vablatsky / @Odira Potter
    FYI @Ezra Restell
    It seemed foolish, really, not to stop off to check out the Marketplace—especially when he worked in the city, and doing so would save him a trip from Birmingham later. The wizard was decidedly impressed, as there seemed to be no end to the variety of products available and the variety of merchants on-site from countries so exotic that Ezra Vablatsky had not even heard of some of them.

    In spite of this, at the woman’s question, Ezra hesitated.

    “I confess, I’m not wholly certain,” the healer admitted. He felt for her, for she did not look to be local to the area, for all that her English was good, and even at the best of times, it was uncomfortable to become separated from one’s companions. “Though if your brother is in the market for a wand, he would be best off venturing to Diagon Alley, for Ollivander’s wands are far superior to anything you might find here, I imagine.”
    [Image: wb2sWK8.png]
    behold, the glory of mj!
    "Oh!" Rena said, trying to wrap her head around the strange word. Ollivander's. She'd have to remember to tell Ezra that, when she found him, because she knew he was looking for a wand. At least they already knew where Diagon Alley was, so that was a step in the right direction! "I'll let him know, thank you," she said with a bubbly smile. While she appreciated the advice, however, it did not at all solve the problem of what she was going to do to find her brother now.

    Ezra might still have been looking for a wand, since he would have no reason to know that whatever he found here wouldn't be the best wands, but if this very-familiar-stranger didn't know where the wands were, that wasn't going to help her much. What else would have caught his eye? Just about anything could have, and Rena didn't know half of what was even here, so she wouldn't be able to speculate on that front.

    "What did you come here to buy?" she asked the man abruptly. Maybe that would be able to shed some light on what might have caught Ezra's eye? Or maybe he had even been with Ezra somewhere, if they knew each other--she still didn't really recall how well she knew this man, just that she did, somehow.
    Her English was flawless, but if she did not know Ollivander’s, Ezra was now quite certain that the woman was not from here. That, and her…abruptness. That was certainly not the English way!

    “I came to take it in, rather than shop properly,” the wizard replied with a small, if slightly awkward, smile. It was rather more a direct question than he had been expecting, and the healer’s answer was hardly a thrilling one. “London is a large place, but it is rare that we have something quite so exotic as this. I may have wound up kicking myself, had I missed it.”

    What would he do, if this brother of hers did not reappear? Plainly, she was adrift in the crowd, and as a lady could find herself in a great deal of trouble if left unescorted.
    [Image: wb2sWK8.png]
    behold, the glory of mj!
    "Oh, it is?" she asked in response to his comment that an event of this type was rare. Rena frowned slightly at that. She'd had so little experience the magical world so far that she had presumed events like this were rather common place. She supposed it was something like the exhibition fairs they'd occasionally had in the normal parts of London, so it made sense that there wouldn't be one just every day. But it had been so exciting, to imagine that the magical world was just constantly bringing in exotic and wonderful things! Not that the rest of the magical world wasn't just as exotic and wonderful, from her outside perspective, but if this was a rarity, there would soon be significantly less to explore.

    "I confess I'm a little disappointed," she admitted with a slight shrug as she eyed one of the nearby stalls. "I was hoping you magical folk were always this interesting."