Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Kelly's Nerworking 3.0
    Open Thread 

    Contact: Skype- foveramultishipper | PM- @Acacia Ruskin | Or comment here

    Kelly's Most Wanted:

    Hover on images for information on the characters!!

    Acacia Queen Ruskin
    16* MCHB* Half-Vampire * Ravenclaw * App * Plottables * Adoptables

    Acacia is a miserable half-breed who hates her mother. Hogwarts kicking out all of the half-breeds does not help things one bit. She needs some friends that will support her through these tough times. She probably has some haters, being brats do to what she is. She might actually need a job as well, poor darling, mainly to avoid her vampire mother.

    Acacia was in the Tigerpocalypse, and was missing. She is currently mourning the death of her brother. Her sister has been kidnapped, and this Ravenclaw is starting to grow more courage to speak out towards those who treat her like a monster.

    20 * Centaur * Advisor to Sorcha * App * Plottables * Adoptables

    Bláthnat is an advisor to Sorcha, and was recently widowed while pregnant with her son. She has since had her son, but is sad that her husband never got to see him. Lately, it's been all about raising her two children, dealing with the herd, and having fun to distract herself from her loss. She needs friends that can help her through this difficult times. She'll need annoying humans that bug her about her clothing. And she'll probably need some beings to talk to, either friendly or not.

    Claire Elisa Bennet
    9 * UCPB * Mischief-Maker * App

    This little girl loves pranks and mischief. Her and her identical twin are very close, though she is the more outgoing one. She is an adventurous girl that loves having fun. She needs friends and victims for her and her twin to play pranks on.

    Conrí Ailill Power
    25 * UCPB * Slytherin* Owner of Power Charms and Spells Supplies * Minister of Magic * App * Plottables

    Conrí was born and raised in Ireland. He still has his family there, and is currently head of his household, and has inherited his fathers fortune. He came to Hogsmeade and opened up a business, and has pretty much fallen for a girl that currently lives in Hogsmeade as well. Currently he needs friends. He was a Slytherin, so possible enemies are also a possibility.

    Conrí was in the Tigerpocalypse, and was in a coma. He is now married and running for Minister of Magic.

    Edgar Charles Rey II
    13 * UCHB * Gryffindor * Student * App * Adoptables

    Edgar is an exasperated Third Year boy who, though caring for her, is getting more and more annoyed by her with each encounter at school, as it is her first year in said school. He is a relatively relaxed on a normal basis. He needs plenty of friends.

    Guinevere Jenessa Lukeson née Rey
    38 * UCPB * Hufflepuff * Wife and Mother * App * Adoptables * Lonely Plot

    Guinevere is a mother who deeply adores her children and husband. She is completely excited that her eldest son has recently graduated, meaning that she has a chance to see him more. She is very protective of her family and friends, and is in no way a purist and is kind to all classes. She needs friends, as she is very social and loves finding new friends. She probably has a few more enemies, mostly as blood purists. She doesn't like them one bit, and is hesitant around her father, who is one. She and Ursula Black do not get along, but it seems that Thom Pettigrew and her husband do. (That would be interesting if they all ended up in the same room with their spouses, yikes.)

    Guinevere just lost her son, Leroy, and brother, Charles, to the Tigerpocalypse. She is currently in mourning and pregnant.

    Hestia Aphrodite Fairchild
    12 * MCHB * Gryffinfail * Student * App

    Hestia is the most accident prone person in the world. That said. She is extremely bubbly in personality and loves making as many friends as she can. She needs her friends. About to start her second year after this summer, Hestia is dearly hoping that this year will be accident free. She has a pure fear of Slytherins in general, and tends to avoid them, which can lead to either certain characters helping her past that fear, or several Slytherin students can make that worse. She is a very sweet girl and was temporarily in Hufflepuff when the hat was missing, so she could have friends from that time.

    Hestia was in the Tigerpocalypse, and is now an orphan as well as having just lost her brother. But she did get a scar as well, so at least something good came out of it.

    Juniper Middlemiss
    Upper Class * Veela *Some Private Tutor * App * Plottables

    Juniper loves shiny things and being pampered. Currently being engaged, she is excited for her marriage to her wizard husband. She hates her older adoptive sister, Begonia, but strangely adores her adoptive younger sister, Willow, who is also a veela. She is the mean veela as Willow is the strangely nice one. Juniper, however, will be kind to anyone who gives her shiny jewelry, though her 'kindness' might actually be less mean to those who are female. She needs many men fighting over her, as well as many jealous women. One thing, be even rude to her sister, Willow, and her bird side wouldn't mind saying hello.

    Kerensa Calla Bonney
    19 * LCMB * Slytherin * Reforming Prostitute * App * Lonely Plot

    Kerensa is currently trying to find some other way to get money to keep herself off of the streets and continue paying rent on her room in the slums. If anyone is willing to give her an actual job, she'd be grateful. She needs some friends, and haters. Recently having been to the 'murder ball', she is very worried for her child's safety, and her own.

    Kerensa has taken an interest in a certain man, and said man has taken an interest in her. This should be interesting. She and said man have disappeared, and she is secretly being taught how to act Upper Class.

    Lisa Cara Fairbairn
    202 * Lower Class * Vampire * Muggle School * App * Adoptables

    Lisa is currently living with her ex-husband and children. There is a lot of tension in the house, and most of her children hate her, Acacia being one of those children. Lisa is currently trying to convince them to like her again, which has proven to be very difficult. She needs some friends to talk to. She also needs vampire haters to, well, hate her.

    Lisa just lost her son to the Tigerpocalypse, and is in mourning.

    Luce Adaline Facuher-De Loncrey
    11 * UCHB * Hufflepuff * Student * App* Adoptables

    Luce is the niece and ward of Francois Faucher -De Loncrey. She was raised by him and his sister, her aunt. She adores the both of them and looks up to them. She is a smart young girl who tries to live up to her aunt's image, as she is accomplished and intelligent. She would love to make friends.

    Margaret Jewel Rawlinson
    17 * UCPB * Hufflepuff * Student * App * Plottables

    Margaret is heading into her last year of Hogwarts, as her older brother just finished. She is eager to join him, but not to leave the school she loves. She is betrothed, and still doesn't know fully how to feel about that. She is excited for her last year, except NEWTs, because who really wants to take tests? She needs a lot of friends. She's not one to make enemies, so it would be surprising for her to have some.

    Nectar Peach Shinnick
    17 * LCHB * Gryffindor * Reserve Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies * App

    Nectar is very close with her sister. She is a feisty girl who loves her job. She is currently being courted by Esteban Zavala, and is very happy about that (though is hoping that he proposes because she's a hopeless romantic and impatient). She is kind to lots of people, and loves to meet fans. She needs friends. She also needs people who really hate women who play quidditch.

    Regina Mary Lacey
    17 * UCHB * Gryffindor * Heiress * Debutant * App * Plottables

    Regina has just started her first season as a debutant, and is not sure how to feel. While this happens, she is living with an... eccentric uncle. She doesn't know what to do with her life, but hopes to find a nice guy, and move out of her uncles home. Being an orphan and only child, she is heiress to her family fortune. She needs friends who aren't after her fortune, as well as friends who might be.

    Regina was in the Tigerpocalypse, and was hurt. She now is staying at the houses of her friends, the husband hunt is on.

    Sweetie Rachel Whitledge
    15 * UCHB * Slytherin * Student * App* Adoptables

    Sweetie's life has hit rough bumps in the rode. Her sister was thrown into the wrong house by a hat after being placed in her house by the staff. Her brother seems to show more and more that he doesn't care about her or her feelings in any way, on top of the fact that he yelled at her when she truly felt that she was trying to protect the family fortune left by their father.
    She has recently come home, mainly due to the fact that her sister had convinced her to.
    She needs friends to support her. She needs enemies because up until recently she has been very mean. Now she is actually starting to become nice, for the most part, and will continue to change if her siblings don't mess that up first.

    Sweetie just became an orphan.

    Updated September 25, 2017
    I know, I know. I need to update my networking. But right now, my main focus is the Site Move now. So I had been thinking, and I do want change. I just don't know what. So that's what I wish to ask you lovely souls. Since not all of my characters are up here, and the rest need their stuff updated, I will be tagging all of them in case you want to take a look at what they have been up to.

    I want opinions. I know retcon shall come, but I do have connections, and I want to work anything out, change things up if wanted, add more connections if needed/wanted.

    My characters
    @Acacia Ruskin
    @Bihotz Whitney
    @Claire Bennet
    @Conrí Power
    @Edgar Rey II
    @Guinevere Lukeson
    @Hestia Fairchild
    @Juniper Middlemiss
    @Kerensa Bonney
    @Lisa Fairbairn
    @Luce Faucher-De Loncrey
    @Margaret Rawlinson
    @Nectar Shinnick
    @Odette Lécuyer
    @Regina Lacey
    @Sweetie Whitledge
    @Warwick Nott

    @Ryder Lukeson @Demelza McGonagall @Crystal Ruskin
    I want to chat with each of y'all

    Other then that, ideas can be commented on here, or PMed/Skyped if super secret.

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