Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    George Livesey
    Full Name: George Fitzwilliam Livesey
    Birthdate: August 03, 1852
    Current Age: Thirty Four Years
    Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Northampton, England
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus
    Wand: Rosewood, 11½ inches, Phoenix Feather, Unbending
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Veronica Livesey (née ------), Wife [1859-1881]
    Adam Livesey, Son [1881-1881]
    Pauline Parrish, Ward [1879-Present]

    James Livesey, Father [1819-Present]
    Lydia Livesey (née ------), Mother [1832-1870]
    Katherine "Kitty" Livesey, Sister [1870-Present]
    • Tall, imposing figure, standing at 6 ft. even.
    • Ash blond hair that darkened further in his youth
    • Symmetric face; strong brow bone and straight nose.
    • Hard, almond-shaped eyes.
    • Dressed in only the finest fabrics and latest fashions.
    • Right-handed.
    1852 — Just eleven months after their marriage, Lydia presents her husband with their firstborn child—and more importantly, a son. Not one to care much for children, James Livesey merely acknowledges the existence of his son and carries on with his daily activities. Though technically with a healthy and living father throughout his childhood, George rarely sees him and regards his household as a single-parent one.

    1857 — George suffers his first heartache after his mother fires the nanny he'd grown quite attached to due to jealousy. The boy hopes that this means his mother would play a more active role in his life; unfortunately, with one nanny gone came another.

    1859 — A first sign of magic finally appears, albeit much later than he would have hoped. This event—one that brings him a sense of great pride—is unacknowledged by either of his parents. He gives up hope of any semblance of closeness with either of his parents, allowing himself to be fully engrossed by books.

    1860 — An argument between his mother and father leave the two estranged. Lydia declares that she is to live separated from her husband and moves to the family's country home in Northampton. She fully intended to take her only child with her; however, James forbids this and declares that the boy is to stay with him. Bickering ensues, leaving George to lock himself in his bedroom with his books and toys. In the end, James wins the argument—George remains with his father in London.

    Summer, 1863 — On the evening of his eleventh birthday, George meets his mother for the first time in three years. His memory of her is foggy; though they'd lived under the same roof for his first eight years of life, he had no memorable moments that included her. Lydia and James reconcile their relationship and George's mother moves back to her husband's home, but the feud which separated them still remains a source of tension.

    Fall, 1863 — Freed from the confines of his home, George goes off to Hogwarts. He's not at all surprised by his placement in Ravenclaw, and finds himself with a small group of friends by the end of his second week. He's exceptionally skilled in the art of potion-making (at least for a first year!), but finds difficulty with Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration.

    1865 — George adds Ancient Runes, Arithmacy, and Divination to his course load. Though he finds the latter particularly amusing, he fails to find any seriousness in it. Ancient Runes proves rather interesting, and Arithmacy challenges his mind.

    Summer, 1866 — Mother and father begin to fight once more. He finds that his heart hurts more with every growing day, and the incoming fourth year finds himself locked away in his room for the majority of the summer. With a stressful home life, George finds himself focused entirely on school affairs.

    Summer, 1867 — Much to his excitement, George is appointed Ravenclaw Prefect! He feels that, for once in his life, he has something to celebrate. Neither of his parents—as he expected—care all too much for his accomplishment.

    Spring, 1868 — George takes his OWLs in May. He finds himself all too stressed over his grades, specifically in the exams that required a show of practical magic. While he firmly believes that he produced an acceptable display of magic, he still frets over the possibility of getting anything less than an "E".

    Summer, 1868 — He's not quite sure how it happened, but it is announced to him and their extended family that Lydia is with child. Nearing his seventeenth year, he wonders what compelled his parents to have another child; he ponders on the thought that his parents have grown bored with him. OWL results come in the mail, leaving George to release a sigh of relief.

    Fall, 1868 — George continues on into his sixth year with a total of five NEWT classes: Potions, Herbology, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, and Arithmacy. He continues to excel at the majority of his classwork, but there's no denying that NEWT-level Arithmacy proves rather difficult for the Ravenclaw.

    Spring, 1870 — As he busily prepares for his upcoming NEWTs, George is struck with news of a tragedy: his mother had passed away hours after giving birth to his younger sister. Utterly distraught by the news, he struggles to focus on his classwork; though he was never close with his mother, he still loved her. He takes his NEWTs in May after pulling himself together.

    Summer, 1870 — Without an immediate need for a career, George entertains himself with hours of volunteering at a magical library in London. The absence of his mother at home takes a rather harsh toll on him; as such, he aims to stay outside the house as much as possible. His father entertains the idea of finding an immediate replacement for his wife.

    1872 — After a loud and disrupting argument with his father one evening, George promptly does exactly what his mother had done in his youth: he moves out. He ventures to the family country home in Northampton, where he finds himself lonely for the rest of the year. His father does prove to have a heart, something contrary to what his son had previously thought; every month, George is sent a lump of galleons to live off of.

    1875 — George figures that it would be polite of him to reach out to his young sister, who had since reached the age of six. He sends her a letter accompanied by a pink carnation and a chocolate truffle, asking for forgiveness for being absent from her life. When he receives a letter back from her—one written with obvious assistance from a governess—he's stricken with the reality that she has little clue who he is. He pays his father's home a visit, but wishes only to speak with his young sister.

    1877 — When the muggle riots break out, George is forced to reconcile his relationship with his father when he and his young sister flee to Northampton. Their relationship is incredibly rocky at the start; however, after a few months of silence between the two, they begin to speak more regularly.

    1878 — George begins courting a young woman named Veronica ------. Though he doesn't care for her romantically, he finds her familial connections appealing and her beauty alluring.

    1879 — George and Veronica are married in the spring. Veronica takes up a friendship with the wife of a nearby landlord, and she grows quite attached to the woman's youngest daughter. She and George begin trying for a child; sadly, they have little luck in the first year.

    1881 — Veronica finally presents her husband with a child. The birth complications were vastly underestimated by the midwife who birthed the child; Veronica dies of hemorrhage three days after giving birth. The couple's newborn son, Adam, succumbs to an illness of the lungs a week after his birth.

    1884 — The death of his late wife's friend and her husband leaves their only daughter without parents. George and his father agree to take young Pauline Parrish into their home, though they do not treat her as their daughter. She is not expected to inherit any of her late father's estate, leaving little hope for a positive future; but George, finding the young girl charming and handsome, figures he may be able to secure Pauline a suitable husband when she reaches adulthood.

    1886 — James purchases a home in Hogsmeade with a intent to move there; however, his illness and rapidly declining condition leads him to stay in London. He recovers in late fall, but becomes rather sickly and weak permanently. Katherine, feeling no need to continue her education beyond her fifth year, drops out and attends finishing school in the fall.

    Spring, 1887 — Katherine leaves finishing school after one year and prepares to debut into society.
    Out of Character
    Name: Bree
    Age: 18
    Contact: PM Mathias Beaumont
    [Image: mNeUJG.png]
    MJ makes the prettiest things
    Application Approved!

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