Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    The Room Where It Happens [Lynn Plots 2.0]
    Open Thread 

    Ophelia Dippet
    23 * UCHB * Gryffindor * Debutante
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Ophelia is always available for threads with other UC women (particularly catty ones). Ophelia is very well established on the social scene; you probably know her, particularly if you read Witch Weekly. She is the sort to shoot conversational barbs at ladies in a honey-sweet voice, an outrageous flirt with the men, and witty enough to keep everyone on their toes. She has plenty of close friends so mostly open to new threads with frenemies.

    Ophelia has picked a fight with Rose & Thistle and will be starting a new ladies' club when she gets back from her WW-sponsored holiday in December!

    I am really looking for wrenches to throw at Robelia in the upcoming months. Pa Devine would be an excellent choice if you're shopping for new characters! this plot is open to any number of jealous pureblood girls! I would also really love to have Ophelia interact with girls who play/are more into Quidditch than she is so she can feel self-conscious/anxious about them possibly stealing her man away xD

    None of that doing it for you? I'd love to discuss the idea of Ophelia getting a slanderer to offset some of her recent good fortune. She was born middle class, she has a long lost sister, most of her family died in interesting ways, she just recently had a secret engagement that she broke off, and she ran away from home. If you have a character who would like to know/learn/discover/use for evil purposes any of the above things, hit me up on Skype and we'll talk!

    Reuben Crouch
    28 * UCPB * Gryffinfail * Expat
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Ben is probably known in conservative UCPB circles as 'the less successful Crouch brother.' He is charming and sometimes arrogant, and a total adrenaline junkie, so is most likely to befriend other young, rash men. He lived at Excalibur until getting exiled to Canada and will be there again upon his return. He is a flirt, but most women probably already know he's not a viable candidate for marriage because of his lifestyle.

    Ben is only marginally available for new things until he returns from Canada sometime in 1888.

    Thom Pettigrew
    31 * UCPB * Slytherin * Businessman
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Thom is a well-established member of UCPB society and would be known to most of your socially-minded folks. He is charismatic and is probably well liked by most people involved in the Quidditch industry. He is a member of Black's gentlemen's club. Thom also falls in love quickly and easily, so is continuously open for hurling with any woman who might be interested in either a physical or emotional affair.

    Mistress Hurling: Thom is the sort of person who falls in love quickly, easily, and hard, and his marriage has been more or less constantly on the rocks. I'm looking for hurling threads for potential mistresses. Appearance is largely open as long as they aren't unnaturally tall (no taller than 5'5") and probably no redheads. Middle or upper class with some degree of autonomy (e.g. either a woman with a career or a married woman, someone who isn't stuck with a chaperone 24/7) would be ideal. Age 18-30, any blood status. Depending on how it goes, this doesn't need to be a physical relationship; it could be an emotional affair/"let me buy you pretty things" sort of affair.

    BE MY SPIDER-MAN: Thom is looking for a potential apprentice; see this lonely plot for details.

    I am also interested in establishing new business relationships for him; would be with played characters (no NPC dads/husbands/brothers, thanks) in Quidditch-related or Quidditch-adjacent industries (broommakers, potioneers, raw goods suppliers, etc). Bonus if they're interested in ladies' Quidditch, his latest project.

    Hurling for August: do it.

    Tiberius Lestrange
    25 * UCPB * Slytherin * Unspeakable
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Tiberius is haughty and does not forge friendships with people he doesn't see as useful. He would be familiar with other Ministry workers and most other UCPBs. He is the guardian of his sister Tatiana Lestrange and in charge of seeing her married sometime soon. He is a practitioner of dark magic and can serve as a villain in your plots if there's some motive for him to be involved.

    M. Lockhart
    25 * MCHB * Hufflepuff * Chudley Cannons Beater
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Lock is a professional Quidditch player, and will primarily interact with either other pro-players or fans. He is also a doting father and loving husband who lies with his wife and two children in Irvingly, so other residents there may be aware of him. If you don't have reason to know him well, you might probably will find him very intimidating, since he's a figurative giant and seldom smiles.

    J. Alfred Darrow
    32 * MCHB * Gryffindor * Explorer
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Alfred is planning an expedition, which you can either fund or join! He also really needs his foil in the future Commodore, if you're looking for new folks!

    Moving from business to pleasure, Paul put an ad for him up in "Lonely Hearts" so if you're that type of girl you can hit him up there and Paul will probably force him to write to you xD Paul is also never sure if Alfred is straight so we've a plot opening for a gay man of any age and a mildly academic background. He's also available for general hurling if that's your wont but he's a bit hung up on his ex so that will be slow going if it develops.

    Walt Brownhill
    45 * MCHB * Ravenclaw * Muggle Liaison Head
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Walt is generally amiable but unobtrusive. Ministry folks would know him simply because he's been around forever, not because he's done anything particularly memorable to/for you. His a member of Merlin's and Magical Equity Club and his friends are most likely to be fellow members of approximately his age (35+)

    Walt's father, Clement Brownhill, was a potioneer and author of some renown. His wife, Eleanora Brownhill, is a charity worker and author of some renown. He would love for you to bring up all the books other Brownhills have written. Really. He'd love that. He could also reasonably be conflated with either his dad or his wife if they don't remember the actual name of the author for the book they read, so people can try and talk to him about advanced potioneering or political issues and GUESS WHAT HE DOESN'T HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT EITHER. It'll be awkward but wonderful.

    Muggles & Irate Wizards: It's his job, yo. Walt can frequently be found in either Irvingly, London, or Elsewhere placating local Muggles and I imagine that sometimes his office gets complaints from wizards who live in the country/around Muggles about disputes and things and I'm so into threading those. I'd also love for his office to have to get into an argument with the obliviators or something over how much of the Muggles' memories they're tampering with, or something along those lines. If you play a likely type and have ideas, hit me up!

    Topaz Urquart
    14 * MCHB * Ravenclaw * Angsty Teen Wolf
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Topaz could meet just about anyone in Irvingly, and can occasionally manage threads in London if she's on her way to/from the library. I'm interested in threads where she interacts with people who treat her negatively since too much support is boring.

    Topaz also has a voracious burgeoning interest in healing, politics, and lycanthropy. I would like her to meet anyone who is also interested in those things and could encourage her along in those areas/recommend study topics to her. It might be kind of fun to have a mix of "good" and "bad" influences in those areas, as well--for instance, she just wrote to the DP anonymously to try and inspire political dialogue, and that seemed fairly radical for my normally shy middle class girl. Maybe she could meet someone who wants to push her into more "radical" involvement on the one hand, and another person who plays the angel on the shoulder to remind her to keep her family and their reputation in mind? I'm really open but I'd like to explore this plot. ^^

    Brannon Fisk
    62 * MCHB * Ravenclaw * Committee Member
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Brannon dislikes change (and a great many other things) and can get grumpy when faced with new things/new people. He dotes on his children except when they're disappointing. He is most likely to be friendly with other Ministry workers of roughly his age (40+) and perhaps a few people he knew from school. He'd eventually warm to just about anyone because he's not actually prejudiced, you'll just have to bore your way through a lot of grumpy old man frowns first.

    I really want him to interact with a professional Ministry woman, probably but not necessarily a widow, preferably over the age of forty. Bran feels very strongly that women really shouldn't work when they have the option to be at home mothering, so I'd like him to meet and then gradually warm up to someone who challenges that point of view. This would be a very slow-burning thing, and she'd have to endure a lot of grumpy conversations over coffee breaks / in the lunch room / whatever before he eventually decided she was tolerable, so someone who's either patient or tenacious would be required. Not a romantic plot.

    Brannon's son-in-law is running for Minister and he supports him wholeheartedly, but is probably a little more conservative than Ross is on certain issues. I'd love for someone to talk him around to accidentally putting his foot in his mouth or otherwise hurting Ross' campaign (most likely at a campaign event but maybe at a gentleman's club/the Ministry break room). He's probably most likely to say something he regrets in relation to werewolves/the halfbreed issue but could also feasibly do some other topics, so hit me up if you have ideas (and, more importantly, the type of character who would care xD)

    I'd also really enjoy doing career-related things with him! I've always pictured the Committee on Experimental Charms to be sort of a review board for any new spells, so someone would have to come and "present" a new spell and they'd decide whether it was safe and useful and debate whether it was original and then issue a license or some shit for it to be used generally/commercially/sold to textbook manufacturers or whatever. If you're the type who might invent new spells on occasion we should talk! I'd also love for some beauty-related charm to go horribly wrong and for the committee members to get stuck with like... green hair for a week or something xD

    Lou Jameshill
    33 * LCHB * Gryffindor * Despondent Werewolf
    App * Post Log * Rep Log

    Lou was an auror up until his presumed death at the hands of a werewolf in February 1881. Prior to that he was engaged to Xena Fisk and was considered 'new money.'

    In early 1887, Lou began interacting with the world again under the assumed name Charlie Williams. He worked as a carpenter in Irvingly for a bit and told people he was raised abroad and did not attend Hogwarts. He has entirely dropped off the face of the earth since September, because he's been doing nothing but sitting at home sulking for days on end.

    I am very interested in getting him out of the house to interact with people but am strapped for ideas. Please give me you ideas. >.>

    Rush Khatri
    27 * LCHB * Uneducated * Shopkeeper
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Don't you worry about Rush. He's set.

    Lyra Potter
    23 * LCPB * Slytherin * Vampire Activist
    App * Post Log * Adoptables

    Lyra is the youngest sister of the late Bennet Potter and the late Minister of Magic Darcy Potter. She dropped out of school during his sixth year to "take care of a sick aunt." While the exact reason she dropped out wasn't common knowledge, anyone who went to school with her could probably have deduced that it had something to do with misbehavior since she was a bit of a wild child.

    Lyra mellowed out following her departure from school and took an avid interest in politics. She was engaged to August Echelon-Arnost thrice (roller coaster relationship right there) but I think only once was public knowledge? IDK, ask Beanie. She disappeared in February 1883 and has been presumed dead ever since. She'll be returning to England in 1888.

    Lynn's Top Wanted Characters:
    Nicky | Pa Devine | The Commodore

    You should check out my retcon ads and get involved with my current characters! I particularly want Lock's "Annie."

    I am desperately in need of some plot thing to jumpstart Lou's life again because right now he's just being a useless and depressed mess. If you have ideas, please let me know, because I'm out.

    I am only anticipating having ten character active at a time on the new board. I have twelve on my roster, so that means having two on "vacation" at any given point. At this exact moment, candidates for vacation are Tiberius, Lock, Brannon, Lou, Ben, and Topaz (in no particular order). If you have plot requirements/thread needs for any of those characters during the early months of 1888, let me know now so that I can make sure they're around!

    I needed this schedule for my own sanity, and am posting it here in case you need it for yours. :P

    DepartEngland4 Nov
    Touristy ShitBeijing5 - 10 Nov
    TransitDRAGON SKY TRAM10 - 11 Nov
    Spa WeekHimalayas12 - 17 Nov
    TransitFloo/Magic Carpet17 - 19 Nov
    History ToursJerusalem19 - 21 Nov
    Beach BullshitAkra21 - 25 Nov
    TransitBoat25 - 26 Nov
    Italian Touristy ShitVenice26 Nov - 2 Dec
    Yacht Trip BackThe Sea~2 - 7 Dec

    Back in England on December 7th!

    @Aldous Crouch @Gertrude Baker @Aeror (@Clarissa Cosgrove for your FYI as Rhea Maddox)
    [-] The following 2 users Like Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Aeror, Aldous Crouch

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