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if not winter (ian's networking)

Hi I'm Ian none of my characters are straight or cis and I'm here to get all of them into as many embarrassing situations as possible because that's just how I get my kicks. Tab code from Lynn, because she's the best, and character info code just a bastardization of the code provided in the Networking main thread. I can barely code and I am doing my best.

If you want to contact me just PM this account or reply to this thread. Thank you for your time uwu

Character: Jack Watson

Quick Facts: Frenchman living in London, charming and boyish, surprisingly unwilling to court. Born and raised as a girl in France but known to society as a young man. I use he/him pronouns unless threading with a character who knows who he really is.

Age: 23
House: Unknown
Grad Year: 1882
Class: UC
Reputation: 8
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Lawyer


Friends/Former Classmates: Any UCAB bachelors, especially lawyers, who would end up at the same balls as him. He's akways afraid a classmate from Beauxbatons will recognize him, and I think it would be just delicious if that happened.

Hurls: UCAB women, especially debutantes, who wouldn't mind the company of the fairer sex (although they won't know that's the case). WCAB women too, if he were likely to run across them, although it might take more to get him to court them, as he's terrified of losing reputation and being gossiped about, since that might lead to discoveries about his past. Also, I am here for any scenario where a UCAB spinster wlw realizes that he's not really a man and contrives to marry him cause that would be funny as hell. Really though I just want him to find love.

Character: Laverna Flint

Quick Facts: Reclusive widow with a charming daughter and a lost-and-found niece! Depressed and moody, prone to fits, will cause drama!

Age: 39
House: Slytherin
Grad Year: 1868
Class: UC
Reputation: 8 (just barely)
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Embittered, Sad Widow


Friends/Former Classmates: Any UCPB women who will gossip with her/about her. She'll gladly huddle up in a corner and act like the jaded woman she is if she winds up at a ball as a chaperone.

Hurls: She's well past hurling age, and a widow at that, but if your man wants to go after her, that would be funny and I can and will facilitate it. Also, I'm gonna put up an ad for a lady's maid for the house who I want Laverna to fall in love with and pine for desperately so if u have unemployed WC women hit! me! up!

Character: Myrtle Potts

Quick Facts: Gryffindor House Matron. Loud, brash, bold, take-no-prisoners. Has too many nieces and nephews to count.

Age: 50
House: Gryffindor
Grad Year: 1838
Class: WC
Reputation: 8
Blood/Race: Halfblood
Occupation: Gryffindor House Matron


Students/Cowerkers: Any students or coworkers, especially Gryffindors or fellow matrons, in need of advice or companionship.

Hurls: ACAB women, who are equally interested in women and esp more mature ones. Any coworker or anyone she could conceivably run across in the right age range. She's not much of a cougar so no one under 35 please altho anyone above that is fair game yeet

coming soon to a thread near you

Just some ladies who love ladies because I want to get Jack into as many awkward and compromising positions as possible, but I also want him to find his twu wuv ok fight me >:3c

speaks with a French accent. though jack might sometimes refer to themselves with she/her pronouns, they are always presenting as male and your character should refer to them as such

I can totally throw Avril at Jack. I'm an awkward cookie, though...

MJ is a goddess and made Avril's set!

Thirty Song Challenge!
Hey there, Ian! I have someone! :)

@Handsome Whitledge is an 18-year-old (but he’ll be 19 on the 29th!) UCHB Gryffindor alumnus who was formerly the head boy. He could best be described as a jock who’s prone to drunkenness, but he’s truly friendly!

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hi Ian!

I'm afraid I have very few options :( @Nemo Fisk is his age, but middle class and @Beckett Longbottom would possibly move in the same social circles, but is a few years older. Unfortunately I don't have any ladies in the right age range/class that are active! Sorry! Welcome to the board!

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
For Myrtle:
Acacia is quite respectful, and would not mind chatting with a member of the Hogwarts staff. Her grandfather (@Ellsworth Ruskin) is a professor.
@Camille Scrimgeour's sister is friends with the Slytherin matron, so it might be funny if Camille and the Gryffindor matron had a friendly relationship of their own.
@Claire Bénet is super sweet, though she had her twin are known to pull pranks. So that would be interesting. Her fam is also from France, and Mommy or Daddy might recognize Jack.
@Edgar Rey II is a pretty chill student, though some may think that he belongs in Ravenclaw more than Gryffindor.
@Hestia Fairchild could possibly have a bond with Myrtle due to all of the losses Miss Fairchild has experienced recently, including her brother who had died of illness while at school.
@Jeremiah Tatting is a coworker that would likely want to chat with fellow staff.

For Jack:
I'm pretty sure we chatted about @Ace Lukeson and him being buddies, so I'd love to establish that a bit if you want.
@Blossom Spinnakers is a London resident, so would be partially willing to chat if he doesn't freak out over vampires (she'll just ignore the haters #TooOldForThis).
@Earth Beck is also a London resident, and quite social. Though she might not go to many parties. She would, however, love to introduce him to the Church of Magical Jesus and chat about plants.
@"Luce Faucher-De Loncrey" is originally from France, and moved to London with her family in 1886. Hufflepuff student who goes home for the holidays to London.
@Margaret Rawlinson is a London debutante. Hello possible hurling opportunity. (Hide from her mother, the blood purist)
@Regina Lacey has recently spent a lot more time at parties and in London, and currently has a crush on someone. Want some angst? Just want a new friend?
@Victor North works at the London magical hospital. Need a healer? ;)

Magic by MJ!

Oh I can now connection better, @Sloane Bixby is my sassy, quidditch-playing, second year Gryffindor metamorph! She's staying at school for the break, so she's around.

I also have @Phineas Black and @Mason Skeeter headmaster and herbology professor, respectively!

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
Hi Ian!

Not sure how useful my people are to you, but I shall throw them anyway!

My UC ladies are both a bit older than him but might have met through general ~society things. @Calliope Riley is a petty widow who can sniff out social awkwardness and will terrorise people for it, and also likes to hear/spread nasty gossip whenever possible xD @Porphyria Dempsey is a... dramatic weirdo... who actively despises most of society and usually gets along with oddballs, although she's kind of an acquired taste herself.

@Jude Wright was formerly of the upper class and also formerly a lawyer so their paths might have crossed in the past ( and is less useful now, being mostly known for being angrily into social justice and hanging out with a bunch of MC/WC people in London, were Jack to ever wander into the Augurey Beak Cafe).

@Carmelina Cramming is my resident professor, new this school year.
@Kristoffer Lestrange and @Jemima Farley are currently my only students... the former is notorious and the latter is soon to be xD

I don't have anyone super useful, but I wish I did! But I do have some people who might be good for random, fun threads. :)

For Myrtle:

I have three students. Unfortunately none are Gryffindors.
@Archer Belby has an older sister who is a Gryffindor, and his mother is the Astronomy professor. He's a very painfully shy and lonely sort of boy. I could see him getting advice from Myrtle, but not actively seeking it out at first.
@Fleur Rey is a Hufflepuff, who probably would just feed her cookies.
@Thomas Montgomery is a Ravenclaw whose mother ran away with a pornographer rofl. So, if anyone in Gryffindor ever brought it up, he probably transfigured something they owned into something ridiculous.
@Ava Gedge is not a student, but she's a woman who likes women! I'm not sure how they would stumble upon each other, but she's there.

I wish I had someone for Jack, but I don't. I have Ava who is working class. She works for a lawyer as his housekeeper/personal assistant. I'm not sure how they'd cross paths, though. (Also, Billie would likely idolize Jack, but it is highly unlikely they'd meet. haha)

[Image: xxq4g6.png]
Awesome signature by MJ!  Thank yoooou!
Hi Ian, I've got @Angharad Warbeck who is probably a huge thorn in Myrtle's side. I'm sure as she's a Gryffindor girl who clearly isn't settling in, I'm sure she's been fobbed off on the Gryffindor matron more than once. So far, she's decided not to go to certain classes she considers useless, gutted rabbits in the castle, set out snares to catch rats in the castle, rowed with and threatened to kill a house elf on the stairs, and probably had a bunch of detentions. On top of that, she has the literacy level of the average six year old and is unfailingly obstinate with authority figures.
@Elsbeth Lupin would 100% be friends with Laverna and enjoy gossiping with her. She has a pretty terrible reputation though, so that could affect Laverna.

For Myrtle I have @Prudence Browne, a 6th year Gryffindor who has decided that she is very against getting married but isn't quite sure how to tell her family that yet. I've a feeling she'd look up to the 'spinster' ;) I also have @Eloise Belby who is the Astronomy professor. She's a bitter divorcée who also doesn't like nonsense and is blunt. Not sure if the pair would get on, but I wanted to toss that out there as well.

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