Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Selective Ignorance
    Open Thread 
    Well. Things were going well. Adasia expelled; the rest of Edward's children, no doubt, when the time came for it, refused entry to Hogwarts. (To think he had, a little guiltily, already been looking forward to the day Artemis would be in the school's hands instead of theirs all the time.)  

    They could be worse, of course. He had been spared Threnody's outrage (which was fortunate, as he was merely the messenger and he still might have feared death). She had seemed altogether unperturbed by the news, and while Edward was himself outraged by the whole affair, it had all been slightly forgotten after a delightful three dances with Threnody. They could all say what they liked about Veela; personally, he couldn't say he had a problem.

    Loath as he was to leave her side, she had requested champagne and he was equally happy to oblige her; he set off in search of some, being detained by an acquaintance or two on his way, and entirely oblivious to where his wife was off to in his absence. By the time he had reached the table of refreshments on the opposite side of the ballroom to them, he had - unfortunately - spotted Adasia with a pair of other girls. No doubt she was causing trouble; she was rather adept at it.

    He had precisely zero desire to make a detour to supervise her, as much as perhaps she should be kept on a closer leash. Still, she was already expelled, Edward reminded himself. What more harm could she do? So Edward swiftly pretended he hadn't caught sight of her at all, and reached out for a glass of champagne instead. Stepping backwards from the table without looking, he hadn't realised someone had been approaching at the same moment, and so he trod right onto their toe. He winced, half at that, and half because the champagne, too, in the surprise of it, had sloshed out of the flute and over his hand. "Merlin," he sighed, turning halfway to face them. "Terribly sorry," he began.
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    [Image: mKfZvD.png]
    Barrett enjoyed chaperoning the Coming Out Ball about as much as he enjoyed visiting Hogsmeade Hospital - that was to say, very little. He found balls to be awkward at the best of times, and the Coming Out brought out the worst in students by encouraging the pimply hormonal teenagers to interact with real adults. The newly out seventh year girls were trying to find a husband; the newly out seventh year boys were, invariably, trying to snatch a kiss. The fifth and sixth years were worse. Barrett had explained his theories to @Constance Sykes over breakfast, which he'd spent dreading the Coming Out Ball.

    Normally he mostly tolerated this sort of thing, but tonight it was worsened by the recent announcement. Anything to do with half-breeds stressed Barrett out, and with Gryffindor losing at least Adasia Mohr to the debacle he was worried that this was going to become his problem. (He was very worried that Miss Mohr would somehow make it his problem.)

    So. Champagne. Barrett was on his second flute of it - three being his cut-off number - and was committed to avoiding Adasia Mohr and anyone else with a remote interest in the half-breed problem. Having caught sight of Miss Mohr, Barrett was determined to walk in the opposite direction - (she was already expelled, what else could happen) - when he felt a sudden pain in his foot.

    Barrett looked first at the stranger's foot, then at his own, then at the champagne on the stranger's hand. Then, already frowning, he looked at their face. Oh, shit. Barrett's eyebrows twitched involuntarily. "Not a problem at all, Mr. Mohr," he said, "These things happen."

    At least this one wasn't a veela?
    [Image: IiHeS2.png]
    SET BY MJ 
    He had paused, poised to repeat his apology, when he noted that he had been recognised - caught the telling eyebrow twitch, too - and realised just who he had been acknowledged by.

    Edward had always been used to hearing about Rasmus and Adasia's schooldays through the occasional letter - which he would usually have to recite aloud to his wife, if she were to be relayed any of their news or sentiments - but, for the most part, he had never liked to delve too much into their Hogwarts lives, save for how the house quidditch teams were faring. (After the debacle it had been having to ship Mariah off to finishing school, he had always been pleased to avoid having to intervene in his half-siblings' futures, safe off at Hogwarts and in someone else's care.)

    One of those someones was here before him: Edward would not have recognised the face or remembered the name alone, but that Keene had started teaching at the school in his own school days. Edward hadn't taken Ghoul studies, ever, and Professor Keene had been too new for Head of House, but here he was, still at the school, someone who ought to be well familiar with Adasia.

    Edward wondered if Keene had had any sway in the announcement, if complaints about Adasia's character or conduct had ever been brought up to or by him.

    He inclined his head in wordless agreement that yes, these things happened, and took a moment to mop up the sticky champagne on his hand with a napkin. "Professor Keene," Edward said. Addressing him as Professor apparently still a kneejerk reaction; it was done so with a smile, though a cool one, unimpressed as he was to see him. "How do you do?" He added, downing the now-unsatisfactorily-filled flute of champagne so as to avoid having to stare at the professor, or cast a fatal glance elsewhere around the room.
    [Image: mKfZvD.png]
    Barrett considered. Edward Mohr had never been one of Barrett's students - nor had Barrett yet been head of house - and so he did not know enough of the man's character to know whether or not he was confrontational. Barrett wanted desperately to avoid confrontation, and perhaps Edward was the least dangerous Mohr at the moment, but he didn't know.

    He took a gulp of his champagne. "I'm well," Barrett said, "How's -" well he couldn't bloody well ask how Mr. Mohr was, or how his family was, given the circumstances "- the Quidditch season? Appleby, right?"

    [Image: IiHeS2.png]
    SET BY MJ 
    He was well. Well, jolly good for him. He was to be rid of Adasia next year, too, so what had he to complain about? Edward meanwhile... Even the usually thrilling subject of quidditch could not utterly distract him. “Off to a bit of a slow start on our front, I’ll admit,” he said, congenially enough; he wouldn’t be sour over if it the Arrows made some headway on the league tables sooner rather than later, so the cup did not inch out of their grasp before the season was even halfway through. “I’ll say I’m holding out hope for things to turn around.” Things could indeed look up, could be reversed - and Edward’s mind was still not entirely on quidditch.

    “But your teaching season’s just winding down,” he remarked next, with an easy smile to match his amiable, almost conspiratorial tone. “Is it a relief? Or do you always find yourself keen to come back?”
    @Barrett Keene
    [Image: mKfZvD.png]
    Barrett matched Mr. Mohr's grin, happy to move onto a subject he understood better - a slightly less awkward subject, as well. "Ah, well," he said, "I have to say I'm excited. The start of the summer is always the best part. Ask me in July and I'll be incredibly bored." That was how it went every year, after all!

    Of course, now Mr. Mohr was going to be stuck with Adasia and Rasmus forever, so Barrett was not entirely sure how his life was going to be.
    [Image: IiHeS2.png]
    SET BY MJ