Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Fire, Rain, and Time
    The only way she could describe the past well month was as quiet. The only persons she had spoken to in the time from her family had been her parents, her own siblings, and towards the end, Delight. It didn't suprise her that her eldest cousin had been the first the build a bridge for peace, that was just far more her nature than the rest - herself included. She hasn't spoken to her parents much though. The realization she had little friends outside her family had been stark. She had also not spent that much time with her own twin until recently, so it had been nice to do so. On advantage to fighting with her best friend.

    She was home now - this was probably the longest she had gone without speaking to Ruby in well ask the time they could talk. This was made easier by the fact they no longer lived in the same room. Her pride was to great for her to yet approach her. At this point, she no longer cares about the context. She knew that well enough. After all Uncle had written her parents earlier this week to announce he has gotten engaged and she had read the Witch Weekly article - yes, she was still against Miss Love good, how dare she use a love potion on her uncle! but she had gotten used to the idea. Though she had yet heard the twin's English Rose argument - that she might have an issue with because might they forget, it described her too.

    At this point, she was more upset about not being included in the twins' well anything. She had to find out about it from outside sources. Her own flesh and blood couldn't even bother to tell her. And her own best friend couldn't even bother to speak with her on the manor or frankly speak to her at all. She had been up and replaced by Topaz in a blink of an eye. And she did not sit well with being replaced. Frankly, Dezzie didn't do well with anything in which she was not in the spotlight.

    This would be the first day after school had ended in which she would even see her cousin and the idea made her feel iffy. This could easily turn into something ugly if the child was allowed to freely speak her mind, though that was unlikely as they were to be in public. Honestly she had forgotten that there had even been this planned outing - to look for last minute dresses for the Jubilee tomorrow, and her mother had refused to let her cancel and go alone. Meaning the two were waiting in their assigned meeting place, the daughter pouting - not the most attractive thing with her thin face build.

    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    Ruby and Topaz had never been so close before. That wasn't to say that they weren't before. They were twins, after all. In spite of their differences, they'd always have a special bond. Having a common threat had made them work together. Topaz was the only person Ruby felt that she could trust. Delight, a sister she once used to look up to, was a traitor. Bash was an arse kisser. The babies were, well, babies. As for Dezzie... With all of the recent events, Ruby had forgotten about her cousin. She was busy crusading against Miss Lovegood with her twin and Dezzie had distanced herself from her.

    She wasn't supposed to be meeting Dezzie that day. She had a class with Mrs. Swift, so only Topaz would have been able to come. The twins had the same build, so only one of them was enough to try out dresses. Topaz, being a dear, had offered to pose as her that day, so Ruby would get to go shopping.

    "I'm supposed to be Topaz," Ruby whispered to her cousin as soon as she arrived and their chaperones were not listening. Ruby had even worn one of Topaz's dresses, which wasn't too different from her own, really.
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       Demelza McGonagall
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    It was a good thing that 'Topaz' had thought ahead and found it nessisary to warn her that she was supposed to be her sister, as Demelza had seen straight through the swap instantly - and was quite confused as why Ruby was wearing on of Topaz's dresses. It would have taken far more effort in their part to confuse her; not only had she grown up with the two, Ruby was her best friend (if she couldn't tell her best friend and her sister apart when she had known them all but three months of her life then she was a horrible best friend) but she had her own twin as well. She knew how important it was a twin had their own identity - even if her twin was male. And the ease at which she could tell the two apartmade her confused as to how it would work with anyone else.

    The swap, however, did annoy her greatly, because now she not only had to deal with Ruby, she had to call her Topaz while doing it, an idea that set a frown upon her jaw. She was already mad at them both. Even if the adults weren't well versed at what went down at Hogwarts, she had to be careful now not give it away. (Though, she had, for a split second, considered doing just that.)

    "Oh, so you are talking to me now, Miss Topaz?" the girl spit out before her cousin pulled away from her ear. Her tone was harsh, aimed to be a slap in the face.
    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    Had she really been so distant towards Dezzie lately? Ruby supposed she was, in retrospection. This was the first time, since returning home for the summer, that the two had got together. It wasn't fully Ruby's fault. She was busy meeting Miss Lovegood, sulking with Topaz and taking etiquette lessons. They hadn't talked much at Hogwarts either, though. Since that day she and Topaz found out about Miss Lovegood, she and Dezzie had grown distant.

    "Don't be dramatic, Dezzie," Ruby ironically said. Couldn't Dezzie see that she and Topaz had had greater things to worry about that period? It wasn't like they had been intentionally distant! It was selfish of Dezzie not to be understanding. She had it well. Both of her parents were alive and well.
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       Demelza McGonagall, Topaz Urquart
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    "Don't be dramatic, Dezzie?" She flung back at rapid pace, her well placed mask barely hiding the anger - and hurt, beneath it. She was being dramatic?! How dare the girl accuse her of being dramatic! She was responding in perfect accord of what had been done. Her voice was short and low, intended to cut like there we no tomorrow. "You can tell me not to be dramatic when your whole family refuses to tell you what is going on!  When you have been cast aside by what family you have left saying you aren't good enough. That you aren't close enough to be even told even when you are a past of the only flesh and blood that hasn't disowned you for something that isn't your fault! You can call me dramatic when you cousin cast you aside for someone else. When the girl you thought was your best friend doesn't speak to you for over a month!"  

    "Your 'sister' sleep in the same room as me for half that time and couldn't find the spare second to even more I'm still alive. The other time, well she could have written me a letter if she couldn't dragged the time to see me." Her voice sunk lower now,  traces of hurt and betrayal leaking through. "Tell her I'm grateful to know I'm so easily replaced. A discarded quill that no longer suits her fancy not even thinking for one second it still had some use.  That I'm glad to know how little she see in me that she won't even talk to me, let alone ask me for help! "
    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    Ruby was not prepared for Dezzie's outburst. Was that what her father went through whenever she put up her dramatics? At some point, during Dezzie's rant, Ruby got confused, too. Things were getting heated and she'd forgotten that she was supposed to be Topaz.

    "Wait, what?" Ruby said, annoyance clear in her voice. "What little family? Casting you aside? Disowning you? Dezzie, it's not like you're an orphan and we kicked you to fend for your own in the wilderness! I'm sorry if you felt neglected this past month but me and T-Ruby had greater issues to trouble us than your oh-so-fragile feelings!"

    Dezzie wasn't the one who was getting a stepmother to replace her mother and stir her father's love away from her! Why did she have to make their problem about herself?
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       Demelza McGonagall, Topaz Urquart
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    She stood there, frozen long enough for her governess to cast a worried glance before she started to walk again, small fingers curling into fist, well manicured nails digging into her skin. "That is the thing, Ru-Topaz," she sputtered, barely catching her mistake before calling out Ruby, "That is how a friendship works - you care about each other's so called oh-so-fragile feelings. It isn't just friends when covenant. I thought you knew that."

    Before, her anger had held tints of her narcissistic personality, but that last comment had hurt. She knew she said some pretty blunt things but that was in moderation when it came to family. "Ruby was my best friend. She should have known she could have talked to me and counted me by her side had she told me, instead of dealing with this now. You act like I'm self-absorbed, step back and hear yourself. I didn't think your insecurity went so deep you would tear your life apart at the thought of someone like me joining your family. Your father is fulfilling a societal expectation - are you so shallow as to think that most marriages are personal let alone this one being an attack on you? It is all a buisness deal to better yourself," she hissed lividly. Sure Ruby hasn't spoken to her about it, but she knew enough about the two to know why this would bother her, and we'll if that wasn't it - she was perfectly fine deal in low blows.
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       Ellory Pendergast
    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    Ruby's blood rushed to her head when Dezzie accused her of being a bad friend. Dezzie was being a bad friend for not understand where she was coming from! "You know what else a good friend does, Demelza?" Ruby hissed back. "They accept and support their friends even when they are at ther worst. That's what good friends do, Demelza."

    Dezzie - Demelza - couldn't understand where she and Topaz were coming from. She didn't know what it was like to look different from everyone else, from what was considered normal and proper. She thought that Ruby was being shallow for being displeased about Adelia Lovegood's skin colour, but the fourteen-year-old didn't view it that way. For her, it wasn't just a matter of appearance. It was a matter of... social symbolism.

    "If you were like me and looked so different from what is considered... normal, then you would understand my shallow reasons for being displesed about Miss Lovegood! But you don't, because you're the embodiment of the English Rose! And you're also a brat, Demelza! You talk about how I'm self absorbed and how my reasons for being displeased about this match are shallow but look at yourself! You get mad at me for not worshiping the very ground you stand upon and for having a problem that doesn't involve you! You know what? You can go hang yourself by the thumbs! Don't you dare talking to me or Topaz again! And I hope that one day your Papa will replace your Mama so you'll know how it feels!" By the time she was done yelling, the Hufflepuff had teared up. She was also being reprimanded by Demelza's governess, though she only registered that once she was done yelling.
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    The dark haired girl's rant left her fumming, her fist clinching and relaxing as a way to attempt to blow off steam. Hearing her full name was like a slap to the face and while she had been hurt and mad before, now she felt a chill settle over her. Ohhh she wished she could have extended Ruby's name further than Ruby but that was all her name was. She supposed she could simply use a last name. That was likely as cold and as distant she could get, though she would make sure to keep her voice down as to not repeat her cousin's mistake and get scolded. 

    "A brat? Would you like to know the difference between you and me, Miss Urquart? I have no illusions about myself. I know exactly what I am and where my place is. And if doing what it takes to get what I want labels me as a brat, well so be it, I'm a brat. But that means, unlike you, I get what and I'm not threatened by some random person. So if being a brat is what it takes, so be it."

    "If your Papa cared about that, he wouldn't have taken your mother as a wife. At best she would have been no better than an unmentionable,"
    Dezzie snorted bluntly. If her appearance comments weren't enough, if she hasn't drilled in her point, this would. "I don't need to be worried about my mother being replaced. She isn't dead." Last time someone has brought up the twins' mother, she had almost torn into them, it was a total one eighty to be attacking her - and she did feel bad, she had liked her.
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    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette
    Dezzie was, once again, being self-absorbed. What did her little speech about knowing who she was and doing whatever it took to get want she wanted have to do with their fight? Or with Miss Lovegood, or with the fact that Ruby and Topaz hadn't been speaking to her as much? And also, how was Ruby having illusions about herself? She knew very well who she was. What she was. She was a biracial girl in a society where the beauty standards required of you to be pale, blonde and blue-eyed. Maybe it was shallow of her to be so upset about what she considered to be unfortunate genetics, but Ruby couldn't help it. She was a fourteen-year-old - an age where even someone who fit the beauty standards of their time was often buried in insecurities. Her appearance mattered to her. She wasn't smart and talented like her sisters - at least not in the way they were. She'd never become a famous scientist like Topaz, or a Quidditch player like Delight. Her strenghts lay in her usually social charisma and it was twice as hard to be a socialite when you didn't look like what society considered appropriate.

    "Good for you, Demelza!" Ruby hissed out sarcastically. "They should give you an award for that! You're an inspiration to us all!" Sassing out her cousin - and anyone who hurt her - was her coping mechanism lately. Even sass couldn't respond to what her cousin told her next.

    Ruby felt as though a ghost had floated through her when Dezzie metaphorically slapped her with the mention of her dead mother. Touché much? Ruby felt rage bubble up inside her until she couldn't contain it any longer. With a scream, she shoved her cousin back. "I hate you!"

    The governess then interfered by grabbing Ruby's shoulder. "Miss Urquart, we're not going anywhere if you behave like that! Both of you!" To that Ruby responded by shaking the woman's hand away. "Fine! I'm not going anywhere with her!" With that, the fourteen-year-old turned around and sprinted back to her house.
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       Demelza McGonagall
    [Image: 6KPo4lT.png]
    Why Ruby's looks had never bothered her was the life, well, honestly, the past three years spent yearning after the simple fact that Ruby's father was the Minister. What better connections could you have than that? Even if there wasn't a fancy name tacked on after the title, it was one everyone wanted to be associated. The Minister had influence in the political field that could affect the tide of what families and individuals could do. He was in papers and so were those close to him. If you were close to him, you were known. You had an influence that everyone craved. And what better connection than to marry one of the Minister's daughters? People would come after her attention and want to be in her social circle. But no, she was just the niece who clearly got left out whenever anything happened. Maybe before her father had been elected minister, she wouldn't have swapped places with the girl, but now she would do it in a heartbeat. Maybe Ruby's appearance would have made a difference but that connection all but canceled it out. Who would care what she looked like when marrying her would gain the minister's ear?

    She stood silently, a smirk rising over her face. She had won now that Ruby had reported to blindly lashing out but it slipped from her face when she was shoved backward, she stumbled over her feet, barely managing not to fall, grateful for once that at their age they did not yet wear full length dresses. Sure they had fought before - but she didn't remember a time that Ruby had ever done anything so harshly physical, nothing beyond possibly a changed potion, but then again, Dezzie had never pulled the dead mother card, she normally tried to shield her from those who did.

    She recovered quickly though, refusing to let the shock show longer than it had already had. As Ruby's governess pulled her back and the two left she had already settled into a steely smirk, a display that remained unaffected by what she had said while in reality, 'I hate you's echoed in her mind as she too left.
    [Image: 7UbG8v9.jpg]
    thanks mj for the awsome set!!
    classes: earth magic, divination, music, transfiguration, charms, potions, history of magic, defense against the dark arts, astronomy, herbology, etiquette

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