Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Breaking Bread
    Private Thread 
    Maddie wasn’t normally the person who did the deliveries for the store but the delivery boy was out sick today and with no one else to do it Maddie had volunteered to deliver them as she headed to work in the ministry.  She dropped off the bread at Mrs. Crooks, the pastries at Miss Babbits and the pie tops at Mrs Spencers.  The last stop – was the Whitledges- she was sure the only reason the bread was ordered from Backus was because of her friendship with handsome, and perhaps the free advertising from the macaroons she sent Handsome last year- that perhaps another family member had liked. Their fine house in Irvingly was rather pretty to look at, and Maddie noted the beauty of the garden as she slipped around the back to the servants entrance.  Even thought she was a school fellow of Handsomes, she didn’t think it was appropriate to go in the front door while on official bakery business.  

    She dropped the bread off with the kitchen maid, and had been about to leave when the Butler, un beknownst to Maddie had entered, and recognised her as a friend of Handsomes and announced her to the only family member still at home.  Mister Handsome is not here Miss, but his sister expects you in the drawing room.  Maddie was taken aback to say the least but followed the man anyway – half expecting to see her housemate, fellow hufflepuff Darling in the drawing room – she was the only other Whitledge, that might have reason to want to speak to Maddie.  

    She  was more surprised still to see Sweetie Whitledge, a girl with whom she had had no interaction sitting in the drawing room, and Maddie waited wondering why exactly she’d been summoned from the kitchens.  

    @Sweetie Whitledge
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    Sweetie had noticed a one, 'Maddie' seem to take a liking to her brother. At least, this was how Sweetie saw it. And Sweetie was a girl, so she assumed that that meant that she knew what other girls felt towards boys. It didn't matter to her if she was wrong, because she disapproved, and didn't want any of this, especially since it would hurt the reputation of her brother, as well as give some money hound their father's fortune. That's how Sweetie saw it anyway. She didn't know Miss Backus's true thoughts, but she thought she did.
    So the moment it was announced that the Hufflepuff was in their home, she had sent the Butler to fetch her. Placing herself properly on one of the chairs, her cat following her and jumping onto her lap. She pet the cat quietly as she waited.
    She watched the girl sit down and waited till she was fully at attention. "Hello Miss Backus. I was surprised to hear that you were at my home. Was it, perhaps, to see my brother." She said. She hadn't requested a delivery, but she assumed that her mother must of. Or, perhaps, Handsome had done so as an excuse to see her, and hadn't realized when the delivery would be at their home. She wasn't sure, and didn't really care. What she cared about was who was the one who was making the delivery, and that girl's interest in her brother.
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    Maddie’s brow furrowed in confusion as the young lady spoke – she hadn’t expected to see Handsome this morning, at least not at his house, there was a strong chance that she would be see him later at the ministry since they were both interning there. However, it was not the words that the young Miss Whitledge said that put Maddie on edge and made her uneasy. It was the tone.

    The other girl seemed hostile, like she read something into Maddie’s face or manners that was offensive to her, or that Maddie had done wrong and couldn’t quiet put her finger on it. It didn’t help that she had slumberous and catlike eyes that gave Maddie the uncomfortable sensation of being a mouse about to be eaten. Despite being a little older than the other, and a prefect in school there was nothing to prevent the wealthier girl saying, or doing whatever she pleased.

    ’No Miss Whitledge,’ Maddie replied honestly, ’the delivery boy was sick so I’m delivering the bread orders before I head into the ministry. ’ she explained, trying to hide her obvious confusion at the hostile interaction. She had had almost no prior interactions with Sweetie, but had obviously spent time with Handsome and Darlings they were fellow prefects and hufflepuffs respectively. She had had no reason to think that Miss Sweetie Whitledge would be any less pleasant than her siblings. ’Is everything all right Miss Whitledge, the cook seemed happy with the order, unless there is something else the matter?’

    @Sweetie Whitledge
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    Sweetie watched the girl before her. She waited for the girl to speak, looking closely at the girl's expressions. For a moment, she glanced at her pet, rubbing the cat's cheek. It purred, pleased at her actions. She looked back to the girl as she continued pampering her pet.
    She noticed that the girl looked nervous. Either that, or she was just faking it. Or maybe she was nervous because Sweetie was right about the crush and the older girl was hoping the younger hadn't realized it. But she did realize it, and she did not like it one bit.
    She raised an eyebrow at the girl's comment, glaring slightly. The delivery boy was sick? That was a pathetic excuse. And the fact that she was going to the ministry? Handsome was interning at the ministry, if Sweetie wasn't mistaken. That last realization only made Sweetie more mad, and it showed in her eyes. "There is something else that is the matter. I couldn't help but notice one day that you and my brother were talking, and it seemed to me by the look in your eyes that you have feelings for him. And I do not approve." She finally said.
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    Maddie’s jaw literally dropped open, at the Sweeties –frankly ridiculous notion. She liked Handsome, he was a kind young man with whom she shared many interests, and he lacked the arrogance and dismissiveness that marked so many upper class, first sons, but Maddie had never allowed herself to think that way of him. She knew her station would see herself and Handsome take very different paths in life as soon as they left school – that upper class gentlemen didn’t show interest in the daughters of bakers – at least not in any way in which Maddie would like interest to be shown, and after Penny there was no infatuation that would induce her to gamble with her honour. She and Handsome would be school friends, and short of discovering she was the secret daughter of the Czar of Russia that was all the two would ever be.

    ’Miss Whitledge,’ Maddie started and rose to her feet, the vaguest sense of indignation in her voice. ’If you believe your brother to be an honourable young man you cannot think that any interaction between the two of us has ever been improper. she stressed the word, trying to make herself abundantly clear. She took a slightly shaky breath and continued, Regardless of what you might think of me, you should at least think better of Mister Whitledge’ she said. Her large blue eyes stern, a look which was not one people would expect from the normally cheery Hufflepuff prefect. Maddie had never sought anyone’s approval of her friendships and it cut her to the quick that her rank in life would prevent her from having even simple conversations without seeming a gold digger. The most she had ever received from Handsome had been a help in potions class, for which he had been compensated with some rather fine macarons. She had occasionally sent other baked goods to him over the summers but that had simply seemed like a friendly thing to do!

    @Sweetie Whitledge
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    Sweetie didn't know how their friendship normally was, she only knew what she saw, and she wasn't liking what she was seeing. And the hesitance in this girls actions seemed as though there was something to hide. Sweetie felt that this was further confirmation of what she felt was going on.
    She watched the girl rise to her feet and raised an eyebrow. Who was this girl to say how Sweetie should see her brother? That was none of her business. That was between family. The stern look in the Lower Class girl's eyes only made things worse.
    Sweetie glared completely at the girl before her. She held onto her cat and stood up as well. "You have no right to speak to me this way in my own home, Miss Backus. You may be a prefect at school, but here you are a Lower Class girl in a rich family's home, and have no right to speak to me in that tone, older or not." She said, a sternness in her own voice.
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    ’Miss Whitledge you are entirely mistaken, if you believe your brother to have no inclination towards me, then you can have no fear as to his ending up courting me’ Maddie said with more vim and vigour than she truly felt. ’You submit that his family will be shamed if he were to show interest in a girl of my station and these are heavy misfortunes indeed, and make your situation more pitiable but will have no effect on me. Indeed the lady in whom Mister Whitledge shows interest shall have such sources of happiness upon the whole, that she shall have no cause to repine.’ Maddie continued her little speech, her breath shaking as her breathing was shallow with anger and upset. She could feel the tears coming to her eyes and she fought them back, not tears of sadness of self pity, but of anger. Anger at Miss Whitledge, at Marcus Lytton, at the world that would see her thought of as less than deserving simply because her mother had seen fit to marry a man who was beneath her station. Her father was a good and kind man, he worked hard, he loved his wife, he supported his family. Maddie had wanted for nothing – she did not have fine dresses or jewels but she had more than she needed, but as she was learning that meant little to people like Miss Whitledge.

    It would only be later that Maddie would realise that she did not deny affection for Handsome, but had instead been evasive on the subject and given a speech in double tongue that did not actually address Miss Whitledges concerns. However, Maddie gathered the cloak and bag she had had with her when she arrived downstairs. ’Miss Whitledge,’ Maddie said, in a tone that was as imperious as any high borne lady could muster, ’You may have the right to speak on behalf of your brothers affairs, but you do not have the right to involve yourself in mine!’ Her blue eyes shone with anger as she fastened the cloak at her throat.

    ’You may be a lady of this house, and I might be the daughter of a baker but if was you who summoned me, and I must beg you therefore, to be importuned no further on this subject. Good day Miss Whitledge, ’ Maddie said and made for the door of the room, her entire body quivering with shame, rage, and something she had yet to identify.

    (I borrowed SUPER liberally from the end Chapter XIV of Pride and Prejudice - #sorrynotsorry
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