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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Topaz Has A Surprisingly Large Amount To Say
    Private Thread 
    If this outing had been for any other purpose, or with anyone else as company, Topaz might have actually enjoyed it. She wasn't particularly good at art, at least not during her Hogwarts class, but she did appreciate it quite a bit. This was a traveling exhibit, too, which meant that there was only a small window of time when she would have been able to see it, and it made her feel very adult to be able to go to an exhibit that not many people would see. She liked the idea of walking around and looking at art and having Important Opinions about it all.

    That being said, she wasn't thrilled about the idea of spending time alone with Miss Lovegood. She'd tried to get Papa to agree to let her take Ruby with her, but he was adamant about each of them needing to bond alone. Coupled with how he'd separated them for the Announcement, Topaz was beginning to think that Papa was trying to turn her and Ruby against each other--though if that was his purpose, it would have been difficult, given that they shared a bedroom and talked about everything. The first thing she'd done after getting back, after the Announcement, was apologize to Ruby for not being there when she heard the news.

    As Ruby had pointed out, though, this outing did offer her a chance to talk to Miss Lovegood candidly--without fear that Papa would think her rude and send her to the etiquette classes with Ruby. Miss Lovegood might try and report back to him, Topaz supposed, but she didn't think so, particularly when she was so obviously eager to get on all of their good sides. She probably imagined it would be easier to get rid of them all, later, if they liked her and trusted her.

    When Miss Lovegood had come to pick her up, she'd said nothing at all, just given her sullen, sulky looks while she got her things ready and headed for the Floo. As soon as they were on the other side of the magical fire, however, it was the conversational equivalent of the Wild West: there were no more rules.

    "In Witch Weekly they said you used to have a sister," she started. "Is that true?"
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    Ada had barely slept the night before having tossed, turned, and fretted from dusk 'til dawn over the plans for the next day. It was a good idea, Ada thought, to get to know the young Urquart's properly one on one where they were less likely to try and hide behind one another. That said, she was to take them out individually by herself and it felt like an incredible responsibility she wasn't ready for. They might be at self-sufficient ages, but the twins were promising to be particularly challenging as they seemed very reluctant to accept her. Separately they might be fine, but what would she do if they didn't enjoy themselves? What if something bad happened to them?

    Hoping to minimize opportunity for injury or mishap while also trying to bond with the children in some activity they would like, she had decided upon an art gallery trip for Topaz. What she knew of Topaz from her father was that she was the more meek of the twins and she was a Ravenclaw. Not wanting to look like she was trying to buy her affection, she had decided against shopping for books and had instead settled upon a visit to an art exhibition. She wasn't sure if the young Ravenclaw liked art particularly, but if she seemed bored, they could always go elsewhere instead.

    It didn't seem to be starting off particularly well, thus far Topaz hadn't said a word to her. Once they had flooed to their destination, however, that quickly changed. Ada immediately regretted the optimism she had allowed to sink in that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be as much of a disaster outing as she feared. "Yes," she answered slowly, fearing where the young girl was going to take it next. "She was a few years younger than me."
    JUNE 18, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Topaz Urquart
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       Acacia Ruskin
    "Did you love her?" Topaz asked, immediately. Of course, she'd already known that Miss Lovegood had a sister. Witch Weekly wouldn't lie about something so easily verifiable, and no one had made any attempt to deny it. Topaz had a lot of questions for Miss Lovegood, but she'd picked this one to start with for two reasons. First, it had been one of the most scandalous things that had stuck out to her about the Witch Weekly article, and the most incongruous, given that Papa had claimed that he wanted Miss Lovegood to serve as a role model for them, and that he hoped they would all come to respect her. Having broken engagements was one thing, but having a sibling involved in pornography was really just over the top. She couldn't imagine why Miss Lovegood was even considered marriage-material by anyone after that, much less by Papa!

    The second reason she'd wanted to start with questions about Miss Lovegood's sister was that she thought she already knew the answer to the question she'd just asked. If how close she and Ruby were was any indication, this was a line of inquiry that would probably be most difficult for Miss Lovegood to deal with. Topaz was hoping that it would be enough of an emotional shock to knock her off balance, as far as propriety and poise were concerned. Then, when she asked her other questions, she was more likely to get honest, un-rehearsed answers.

    "I heard you all disowned her," Topaz said, before she'd given Miss Lovegood a chance to answer the question.

    Ada got the distinct impression that the young girl wasn't even trying to be delicate. Fortunately, Ada wasn't so easily moved to tears or hurt feelings. She had endured far worse slights and embarrassments than a little girl could deal to her with blunt curiosity. She had decided that to win over the Urquart girls, she needed to hide all signs of weakness and arm herself with a great deal of patience.

    All the same, Topaz had asked and she was going to have herself an answer. "My sister had the purest spirit of anyone I've ever known. She was kind, compassionate, gentle, without prejudice towards anyone, and she was only a few years older than you when she died. Her trusting nature was taken advantage of and society left my brother with little alternative." She cleared her throat and endeavored to now sound less somber. "I loved her as dearly then as I do now. Have you any other questions about my sister?" Ada was hoping that Topaz wouldn't have more, but she was preparing herself, just in case.
    JUNE 18, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Topaz Urquart
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       Acacia Ruskin
    "What do you mean, 'little alternative'?" Topaz challenged. Miss Lovegood had remained quite poised in the face of her question, and she didn't quite like that. She'd expected her to show some trace of actual emotion, not just say she loved her sister and keep her face that... mask of blandness. Topaz decided then and there that she hated Miss Lovegood's face. It was plain and boring and never had any actual expressions on it.

    Miss Lovegood's apparent lack of reaction was annoying, but it was also a bit unsettling. Was she just saying she loved her sister because she knew Topaz would expect her to? Was she actually so entirely unaffected by her sister having been disowned and then later having died as a result of that?

    "You don't think there was any other way you could have dealt with her?" she asked, a strain of agitation showing in her voice now as she considered what this might mean, in the context of Miss Lovegood joining their family, and being married to her Papa... her Papa, who had run for the Minister of Magic on a platform of tolerance and inclusion, and who had--prior to meeting Miss Lovegood, anyway--always been the most loving man Topaz had ever known. Could Miss Lovegood's twisted ideas about what it meant to 'love' her sister infect their Papa? Would disowning people seem like a reasonable thing to him, soon?

    "You just said it wasn't her fault, right?" Topaz said, tone rising slightly in pitch as her distress grew. "That she was innocent and someone took advantage of her, right? And the only way you could deal with that was by disowning her and leaving her out on her own to die? When she was my age?" she asked. Her eyes were wide by this point and she shook her head in disbelief. Her Papa couldn't be in love with someone like Miss Lovegood, could he?

    "Do you think Papa ought to disown Ruby?" she asked, nearing hysterics. "And if I don't turn out the way that you and Papa want, are you going to tell him to disown me, too?"
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       Adelia Lovegood, Ellory Pendergast

    Ada was expecting at most some further questions about Olive, maybe who took advantage of her, or other specifics she definitely wouldn't delve into either out of ignorance or considering it not the most appropriate thing to discuss with the Minister's impressionable young daughter. She was not, however, expecting to hear arguments in support of her infamous sister, so accustomed was she to Witch Weekly and society in general assuming she was a born harlot who deserved what she got. In the brief moments before she realized she'd have to respond to it, she was pleasantly surprised at what she thought was a very telling albeit brief glimpse at Topaz Urquart's true personality, the one that lay beneath the grudge she was holding.

    Perhaps she had made a mistake in her approach, assuming that the young Ravenclaw wasn't just a very skilled actress and potential sociopath. Regardless, she was clearly going to have to do something before the next Witch Weekly issue featured an article on how she had publicly mistreated the Minister's daughter. "You don't really believe that do you? That your father would even consider for a second of disowning any of his children?" As difficult as the situation was rapidly becoming, Ada was hoping that this was maybe the crux of the girl's dislike for her. If it was, she could surely remedy it with ease. Right?

    "I never wanted my sister to be disowned," she stated adamantly. "I would have given up reputation and social standing in a heartbeat to protect her, but in the end it wasn't my decision to make." Maybe it wouldn't be all that easy to talk her round, after all. Ada was struggling to think of what to say without delving into far too much detail. "Even if I did want to see you and your sister disowned, do you really think so little of your father to believe that he would cast you aside at my behest?" She couldn't claim to know her fiancé as well as she might like to, but he had never given her reason to think that he wasn't an entirely honorable man and devoted father.
    JUNE 18, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Topaz Urquart
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       Acacia Ruskin, Ellory Pendergast, Topaz Urquart
    "Papa doesn't care about us," Topaz replied, bottom lip quivering as she contemplated what her future held. A father who cared more about his new wife than he did about any of his six children, and a new step-mother who was either lying about her involvement in her sister's demise and thought that disowning people who misbehaved was a perfectly acceptable course of action, or, if she was telling the truth, at least was too much of a coward and a pushover to intervene when people she cared about were being disowned. Papa had forsaken them, and nothing Topaz or Ruby or anyone could do would get them back on his side. Even if Topaz had done everything her Papa wanted and gotten in good with Miss Lovegood, that still wouldn't have prevented the blond woman from standing silently by and doing nothing if Topaz or Ruby or anyone was cast out to the wolves, apparently!

    "He just wants to make you happy," she said, her tone accusatory. "Papa treats us like babies and he doesn't care what we think. He only cares what we do when it makes him angry," she said hotly, thinking of poor Ruby and her frequent trips to Mrs. Swift's. "He'll get angry at us and disown us and then we'll die like your sister did. And you won't stop him because you'll say it's not your decision. But you won't care about that, because you and Papa will have a bunch of blond babies that he'll love more than he loves us, won't you?"
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       Adelia Lovegood, Ellory Pendergast

    Things seemed to be escalating even further outside the realms of what she considered herself qualified to deal with. Now she was anything but composed. Couldn't the girl have expressed her feelings in a more private setting? Ada debated frantically for a moment over what to do and then placed an arm around the girl's shoulder's to try and usher her to a nearby bench. It still wasn't private, but Topaz appeared to be working herself up and sitting couldn't hurt. "That's simply not true at all," she admonished firmly but not unkindly. She sat down and hoped Topaz would follow suit.

    Where the young Ravenclaw had gotten her ideas from, she didn't know, but she suspected it might have something to do with how she had found out about the courtship in the first place. Unless something had transpired within the family that Ada was unaware of. "Your father is devoted to each and every one of you. If he really didn't care, he would have married me first and introduced us after, not caring at all if you despised me or otherwise, but he does care and the evidence of it is in the fact we're sat here at all." How else could she convince the hysterical girl that her father wasn't a heartless, neglectful man? If he was, he'd successfully fooled Ada.

    "And don't you think if your father wanted a brand new family, he would have chosen someone younger?" She hoped Topaz was taking in what she was saying now, for she was about to be far more candid than she cared to be but if it put the girl's mind at ease and won her over then it would surely be worth it. "The reality of it is that your father has already established the family he wanted with the love of his life. I have nothing to offer him that he doesn't already have in the six of you." She forced a smile onto her face that she hoped was reassuring. If Topaz wasn't convinced now, Ada surely was. Not for the first time, she wondered whether he'd even want one child with her. He still had yet to broach the subject of having children with her which Ada had to think was because he didn't feel the need for any more, and even if they did have a child would it be because he actually wanted one or would it just be to appease her?
    JUNE 18, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Topaz Urquart
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