Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
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    Issue #134 - Did Artemisia Carrow Murder Her Brother?
    Fashion is, as fashion does and with the season around the corner every lady should look her best! WW Brilliant Skin Restorative!
    Get the look of the season! Pale skin, fine blue veins, bright eyes and red lips! Remove pock marks and blemishes – all in one potion!
    .5mg tincture of arsenic
    2g lead
    .5g Cocaine
    1.5 mg Zinc oxide
    .5mg Antimone
    4ml of Lavender oil
    20ml of standard potion base (available from your local apothecary)

    Achieve the top look for the season!

    Add the standard potion base to your cauldron, and bring to a rolling boil over a low heat.
    Add the Antimone and stir counter clockwise with a silver, or silver plated spoon (the higher the purity of the silver, the more effective the results)
    Add the cocaine and lead to a mortar and combine with the lavender oil to form a paste.
    Leave the paste overnight beside an open fire, and add to the cauldron.
    Sprinkle the Tincture of Arsenic over the potion while stirring vigorously counter clockwise with the same silver spoon.
    Allow to cool, and transfer to a clean crystal container, and seal with a good lid, or appropriate sealing spell.

    Use Sparingly, no more than one drop on the tongue daily

    Frivolity won’t steal a man’s heart- but plainness never did either! Can a new wardrobe improve your prospects?
    No doubt many women have heard the rumours circulating of a particular lady of notable name refreshing her wardrobe all in the aid of a particular gentleman! But how effective is changing your wardrobe to attracting a man?

    New clothes seldom hurt- but they are not a cure all!

    New clothes no doubt create a talking point, and as a debutante matures it is only right that her wardrobe stays up to date and reflects herself. New dresses can also make a debutante feel more confident- a trait men may find attractive in the right spheres. And no man wants a plain, frumpy wife!

    On the other hand, a man paying excessive interest to what you wear when he is not your designer ought to raise some red flags. Gentlemen who seek to influence your wardrobe before even courtship would surely end up being the most controlling husband, and men who only notice what you wear and not you are far more likely to get bored easily. Besides, men seem to very rarely note what a woman they like is wearing provided it does not raise eyebrows, so it is for the best to keep your wardrobe up to date but suiting you, not what a you think a gentleman should like!
    Miss Carrow was seen slipping in and out of the party on more than on occasion before her brother's body was discovered! Did Artemisia Carrow Murder Her Brother?
    No doubt, everyone has already heard about the shocking murder of Mr. Sterling Carrow at the Ball for the Benefit of Wayward Women. The party, hosted by Mrs. Cosmina Selwyn, was already a rather questionable event, but took a turn for disaster when Mr. Carrow was discovered in an upstairs room, after having been bludgeoned to death.

    Mr. Sterling Carrow was the heir of Isidore and Drusilla Carrow.

    The Aurors have indicated that some of the less 'conventional' party guests are their primary victims, however, one of our corrospondents received a much more shocking theory from one of the other guests! It seems that Miss Artemisia Carrow, the sister of Sterling Carrow and only daughter of Isidor and Drusilla Carrow, was acting rather peculiarly the entire night. It was noted that she wore a lavender dress, which was quite an unusual choice for a girl who debuted only last month! Did she know more than she ought to have about what the course of the evening would hold? Was that, either subconsciously or deliberately, why she chose to wear half-mourning?

    Miss Artemisia Carrow is the sole daughter of the couple, and along with her brother, Garnet, one of their two remaining children.

    Other rather suspicious aspects of her behavior was that she was seen making trips to the powder room on more than one occasion, and was described as one guest as being 'dazed and confused,' in her demeanor, even before the murder was announced! Did she take too much of a calming draught at some point, or was she in horror of her own actions?

    "Even if it was a potion, she might still be responsible," a noted crime journalist commented. "There are cases from all over the world of women committing very serious crimes while seized with temporary fits of mania--and these sorts of fits can often be brought on by an over-indulgence in alcohol, laudanum, or other intoxicants. Even the mildest potion might drive a good woman mad if taken to excess!"

    Notably, Miss Carrow was unable to speak to the Aurors when they arrived, or the reporter from the Daily Prophet who covered the story. Was she really as distraught over her brother's death as she would like everyone to believe, or was there some other reason she wouldn't want to speak to the Aurors right away? Perhaps she needed some time to get her story straight?
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    What happens when a fashion designers sister dresses like she’s never seen the inside of a shop. Letters from the Readers!
    To the so called writers, of that so called Magazine Witch Weekly,

    Your hate is what makes my success possible. Such rampant disdain for the endeavours of others, speaks of low class, weak character and poor taste. Remember you encourigable hags, jealousy is a disease that's harder to cure than laughing plague. Your greatest achievement in life will be attempting to undermine my greatest achievements in life. Like Phaedra you will get your comeuppance

    Mrs. Antonia Greyback

    Dear Ms Greyback
    Please do not blame us because you can’t dress yourself! Our job is to report the society news and your terrible dress sense is news.

    Dear Witch Weekly
    I would love to see some coverage of dresses for the debut that do not cost the earth! While we all love the beautifully expensive garments worn by some ladies, it would be great to see some debut help for those of us on more limited budgets.

    Dear Budget Debutant
    While we do appreciate that not all debutants can afford a Lytton for their debute, we will endeavour to comply with all feedback from our readers. Of course, it wont be very interesting or pretty, since you can’t get proper style on a small budget. Good luck with your mediocre debut!

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