Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Post-Adventure Replacement
    Godwine didn’t particularly like summer. It was just too hot for him, he preferred the cool nights of autumn. So he had taken to casting a simple charm in the morning that kept his shop at a more comfortable temperature. It had just passed twelve or so, and Godwine was working in the back of his beloved shop. In his hand he delicately held a piece of wood, beginning to take the form of a wand. He gently whittled away at the Oak, cutting here, snipping there. ‘’Ahhhh…I see,’ an image had just formed in his mind, a picture of the finished wand. He never planned ahead, something always told him what needed to be done. It seemed this particular wand would be just over ten inches long, and rather ornate. Ollivander was a hard worker, a true Hufflepuff, and sooner rather than later the wood was completed. Of course, at this early stage, it was no more than that. Wood. It would be a while before it was a true wand. That labour would be for another day.
    He began to hum a fast tune as he rose. He pushed the door between the front and back of the shop and smiled. Godwine was a truly happy man, and it took a lot to get him down. A few people had visited the store so far that day. The first was an eager incoming Hogwarts student, she had been waiting outside before he had opened for the day, and pushed past him (for which her parents apologised profusely). The second was an older student who’s brother had snapped his wand after a particularly large argument. But no one was waiting for him as he came through, he assumed as much, he hadn’t heard the bell after all. He saw himself in the reflection of his large polished till. He straightened his dark green robes wish his left hand. And looked down to check that his bright red shoes were in an acceptable condition. They were. He picked up his half read copy of the Daily Prophet, if anyone asked he was reading the sport or politics sections. Secretly he was much more interested in the gossip. He continued to hum his happy tune as he waiting for his next visitor.
    (Set 4th July)

    (Ginny was meant to be back on the 18th but was missing until the 30th of June – she was missing and there were concerns she was dead)

    Ginevra still felt exhausted, like she really needed to sleep for a week but aside from getting back to practice and a trying to cover off all of the relatives who had apparently been crawling out of the woodwork with concern – real or perhaps just those looking to get on the cover of the prophet as ‘concerned relatives’ of the missing flyer. It was a little aggravating all being told. She had been ‘missing’ for more than a week, although if she had been able to get in touch with everyone at home the whole panic might have been averted. That was partly why she had been here today, her original and beloved wand, Holly, 24inch, whippy, phoenix tail feather, was at the bottom of the Okhotsk sea. Getting a new wand could have waited but Ginny felt like she was missing part of herself, and having gone a week without using her magic was far too long as far, as the red head was concerned.

    She had been staying at her parents’ house in Hogsmeade, rather than her own home in London, so it was only a short walk from there to the Hogsmeade storefront of Ollivanders. Ginny entered the quiet shop front to find the owner alone. ’Good afternoon Mister Ollivander’ Ginny greeted with a smile

    Wearing this
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    Godwine was surprised to find Miss Blackwood in his store. Ollivander was a Cannons fan, something he had picked up in Hogwarts, he returned her smile. ''Good afternoon Miss Blackwood,'' he realised it was perhaps disconcerting when strangers knew her name, so he followed up quickly, ''I'm a Cannons fan you see!'' Godwine had never been a sporty man himself, but he was an avid fan. It was quite interesting to have one of the First string in his store, but he was a professional, so he collected himself.

    ''So, how can I help you? I am going to hazard a wild guess and say it is wand related?''
    Ginny smiled broadly as mister Ollivander greeted her by name it was always pleasant to meet other Quidditch fans, she sometimes thought that even if she had not been playing the game she would still have spent every free moment obsessed with the sport. She couldn’t help the light laugh that escaped her as Mister Ollivander jested at it being wand related. ’You might be a Quidditch fan sir but I am a fan of your wands’ she explained removing her hat and gloves, and offering him a bright smile. It had been a very long time since she had purchased her first wand from his fathers shop in Diagon alley.

    ’I rather foolishly lost my old one on my most recent….adventure’ she finished having searched for a word that didn’t sound as pretentious as ‘round the world flight’. She gestured to the stacks of wands and wand boxes that were arranged around the shop. ’and so I need your help to get my magic back’ she said in a tone of mock desperation. Despite the joviality in her voice she did feel like the loss of her magic in the absence of her wand, and was desperate to have back her capacity for wandwork.
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    ''Oh, you have my sympathy Miss Blackwood.'' Godwine had seen many people lose their wands over the years, and the vast majority of those were in a hurry to get it back. It was not just the ability to wield magic with greater control, but the loss of the wand itself. It became part of the wizard, and that hole was one people wanted to fill as quickly as possible, more often than not. ''Adventure! Ooh that does sound like fun. I can't say I've been on many adventures myself, after all who would run my little shop if I went trekking through forests and over mountains.'' Maybe a small part of him would have liked to have explored the world more, his family (while never super rich) were on the top end of middle class and could have afforded for him to travel Europe. But deep down Ollivander liked his quiet life.

    ''Well, it will be my pleasure to help. Firstly, could you tell me a little about your old wand?'''
    Ginny smiled as he discussed his lack of adventure, she supposed if there had been some expectation of her in life beyond simply ‘marry’ she might have been satisfied with not playing Quidditch, or throwing herself to all four corners of the world trying to do something of note. Since there was no expectation of her she found herself searching for ways to give her life meaning, other than to simply wait for a family. However, that morose line of thinking wasn’t the order of the day, nor could the happy and engaged face of Mister Ollivander allow her to dwell on dark thoughts for long. His passion for his art was rather infectious

    ’eh well, it was Holly, about 24 inches and a phoenix tail feather core’ she explained trying to remember as much detail as she could of the thin rod of pale white wood that she had had in her hand almost every day since she turned 11, and found, rather sadly that she couldn’t imagine the details of the surface or how it had been carved. She felt rather like she had betrayed it, like not being able to picture a friends face after they had died. ’I think it was whippy’ she struggled on ’There was some knotted carving near the end of the wand, where I held it…’ she trailed off running out of other descriptors for her faithful instrument.
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!

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