Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Wonders Untold
    Open Thread 
    Rena had never seen this building before, but it certainly wasn't new. Maybe she had just never payed proper attention to it. That would not have been a revolutionary idea. She spent such an awfully lot of her time at home, in her bedroom, and when she did go out, it was mostly in her parents' carriage. If her parents had never been here, she might never have chanced to look out at it. But the building wasn't new, by any stretch of the imagination, so it still perplexed her that in more than twenty years of life in London, she hadn't ever seen it before.

    "It's a library!" she said in a tone of hushed excitement, when she got close enough to read the sign. She gave her chaperone's arm a light squeeze and then started off to it, not waiting for the other woman. Of course, she had no idea that her chaperone couldn't even see the building that she was walking towards, and she was too distracted with the idea of a secret library in the midst of her city to notice the other woman's confusion. A few steps up and she was inside, and only then did she turn around to glance back at her chaperone.

    Where on earth had she gone? Well, nevermind that; Rena didn't think anything very serious could come of it. Assuming that the woman would catch up to her sooner or later, she walked cautiously into the strange building and approached the nearest shelf. When she saw the titles, her eyes grew wide. The Myriad Methods of Distilling Mooncalf Tears? A Brief Synopsis of the Life of Merlin?

    "This is a magical library!" she said in awe, to no one in particular.
    The Beings office was a controversial place to be these days. There had been a lot of support for the halfbreed ban, of course - save from the beings themselves. As such, when one of his employees had returned to him saying they had been turned away from the upper levels of the library for lacking clearance - or some sort of lazy excuse; they had licence to go look at the old records of Being bans if anyone did - Salazar had been relieved to go himself, and leave the rest of the office to dealing with disgruntled vampires, pain in his neck that they were.

    He had walked the short distance through the city to the library, and had entered not far behind a young, well-to-do looking lady. He had only glanced at her absently to begin with - pretty and awfully dainty, and presumably married, since she was alone - and hadn't been inclined to pay much further attention until he heard her, at the nearest shelf, exclaim something rather odd.  

    "No," he breathed in mock-wonder, pausing at her shoulder in surprise; the sarcasm itself was tinged with bemusement. "Are you quite certain?"

    She was being funny, wasn't she? If she were a muggle - well, muggles weren't supposed to be allowed to wander in off the street. Ought he to alert someone, if someone had made it past the wards? Or had they suddenly opened their library - with all the information on the wizarding world one could need - to muggles, with the weak excuse of recent reconciliation? Really?
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    "Look at the titles!" Rena said, glancing at the man who'd spoken to her with wide eyes. She was too caught up in the books to recognize sarcasm, at least at first. As she turned her attention back to the books, however, it did strike her as odd that he wasn't as amazed as she was. Had he been here before, then? Whether he had or not, he had to be magical, she imagined, if he wasn't excited by books like these.

    "Has this library always been here?" she asked, turning her attention back to him and quirking her lips towards one side of her face in an expression of puzzlement. "I've never seen it before. Do you come here often? Are you a wizard, then?" she asked, her mouth moving as quickly as she could think up the questions. Gracious! A whole library of magical things, so close to her home! How had Ezra never found this before, if it had really been here the whole time?
    He did glance at the bookshelf at her urging, only could not see anything unusual about them. That, he supposed, served to see her understand his sarcasm for what it was. Unfortunately, all it had led to was another barrage of questions. (Well, anything to avoid the work he was supposed to be doing.)

    As she spoke, he kept one eye on the door, watching everyone as they entered - all without incident, and without any similar exclamations. So - the wards were still in effect as usual? How could that be? This young lady was entirely clueless. Still, he let out a breath when she raised the issue of him being a wizard, because that meant she must know something about this world. Even if she weren't a witch herself, she must have relatives. Any unaware muggle who had just discovered all of magic's existence, he expected, would surely not be as accepting (or enthusiastic) as she was proving to be.
    Or perhaps she was just off in the head, somehow. Merlin's beard.

    "Mmm," he answered in a noncommittal non-answer, though technically it could apply as confirmation of any one of her questions. Instead, he offered her a patronising sort of smile, and began interviewing her in return, his tone smooth and cordial. "Are you new to London then, ma'am?" She must be! How could she have lived here and neither seen nor heard of the Crowdy library before?
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    awesome set by Nolan! <3
    "Oh, no!" Rena answered immediately, not at all bothered by having questions posed to her by a stranger. She had started it, after all, and she was too caught up in the moment of having made this incredible discovery to care much about propriety. "I've lived here my whole life. Only I don't get to go out alone very often."

    Not that she was supposed to be alone now. Where had her aunt gone? Rena glanced back at the door, but she didn't see anyone who looked even remotely like Aunt Eloise--or anyone who looked indignant enough to have just lost their niece in a strange building, either. It wasn't like her to have let Rena wander so far ahead, even if she had been rather enthusiastic about charging forward. It then occurred to her that maybe there was a reason her aunt wasn't following her inside--probably the same reason she'd never heard of this building before. It could hardly have just been here, proudly proclaiming itself as a magical library, and never have been noticed by anyone in her family before.

    "Can normal people see this place?" she said, turning to her new conversation partner and raising an eyebrow. "My family are all normal, except me and my brother."

    Rena still had difficulty remembering the word Muggle, but hopefully he'd know what she meant.
    Salazar’s eyebrows drew together at her answer that she had lived here all her life, particularly disconcerted about the fact that she didn’t often go out alone. Not that that was uncommon for young ladies, of course, but as he had already been deliberating on her state of mind, that might also be further fuel on the idea that she was some sort of asylum escapee who’d wandered off.

    He ought not to leave her alone until he was certain she was - well, no harm to herself nor to others. That said, her asking these questions made utterly no sense, but her logic and conversation itself did not seem to be lacking, and the state of her dress ruled out the escapee theory rather well. So, perhaps she was just extraordinarily dim-witted.

    “Ah,” Salazar said in emphatic relief. “You are a witch, then,” he echoed, already viewing her and her curiosity more indulgently. “No, indeed they can’t - can’t see it, can’t enter, don’t even realise it exists. Muggles are extraordinarily good at missing things right under their noses, you know.

    “Which is probably fortunate, especially in London,” he added, “where everyone tends to mingle. At least Hogwarts is a little more remote.” Having said that, he shot her another look, positive that she would not need to be asking such questions if she had actually attended the school.
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    awesome set by Nolan! <3
    Rena felt a surge of pride at the man's declaration, although he almost certainly had not intended it to inspire such. She was a witch. She didn't feel very much like one--witches were women who were poised and put together and very good at things that Rena didn't understand. Severina Restell was not poised or put together; she was just odd. Still, if complete strangers could mistake her for a witch in the middle of a magical library, that meant that she at least had potential. Someday, maybe, she'd be a real witch.

    He said Hogwarts and looked at her, and Rena felt sure that she was being tested. She perked up, though, because she knew the answer to this unspoken question. "The school!" she chirped, proud of herself for having remembered (it did have a very silly name, after all--even toad-warts might have made more sense, but who had ever heard of warts on a hog?)

    "Yes, I imagine it would be," she added brightly. "Teaching magic to children must be rather... loud for London."
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       Salazar Slughorn
    He still didn't quite understand this young lady and her life: if she were not an asylum escapee or a bumbling muggle, and since she did not look of poor enough means that Hogwarts would have been financially out of the question... well, suffice it to say that 'extraordinarily dim-witted' was holding, as a judgement.

    She didn't startle at his fancying her a witch, and she did know Hogwarts by its name, which Salazar was taking as a triumph, at this point. He nodded along to affirm this.

    "Did your parents tell you that?" Salazar said, raising an eyebrow at her next remark. One certainly had to be more discreet in muggle-dominated cities, but some people had always preferred to homeschool. But her parents were normal, she had said. So they would not have been able to teach her personally. Perhaps they had hired an exceedingly inept magical tutor. Perhaps they had not let her go. Strange circumstances! (And none that particularly made him warm to muggle kind.) "But you didn't attend Hogwarts yourself?"

    "If you don't mind me asking," Salazar amended, though he consoled himself by the fact that she had asked plenty in her turn. This was not, ah, his usual encounter. (But it was time less painfully spent than sorting through angry letters from half-vampires, to be sure.) "Salazar Slughorn, by the way - you'll forgive me, forgetting my introductions!" he added, in congenial apology. Not that his name would mean anything to her. But maybe she would offer hers.
    [Image: ItRAnf.jpg]
    awesome set by Nolan! <3
    "Oh!" Rena exclaimed cheerfully as he introduced himself. "What an interesting name you have!" She meant it genuinely, for all that it might have been a strange thing to say in a typical conversation. She'd never met anyone with a name like his before. Salazar sounded vaguely Eastern--not her mother's kind of eastern, but perhaps Arabic, she thought. It sounded like the sort of name for an emir with a flying carpet and a magical genie and a harem of beautiful, half-dressed desert roses (oh, magical lamps and genies real? She'd have to remember to ask Ezra!) His last name was almost silly by comparison, and made her wonder whether it was a magical custom to name things by just smushing unrelated nouns together. Hog-warts, Slug-horn. Following on Salazar, though, it was less silly; the alliteration made it sound, at the very least, very intentional, and perhaps at a stretch almost regal.

    "I'm Miss Severina Restell," she said brightly. "My father is Sir Alcester Restell, of Park Lane," she continued--this was necessary information, in normal introductions, and it had never occurred to her that magical introductions might be any different. How would someone send a calling-card if they didn't know where she lived and who the head of the household was, after all? No introduction was complete unless it was followed by calling-cards.

    "And my parents didn't like the idea of sending me away to school," she continued, speaking freely. If these were subjects she ought to avoid, no one had yet told her so. "They didn't really like the idea of magic until the Queen said it was alright. Well, I think they still don't really like it, but they can't very well say so when the Queen had that big magical ball recently."
    Here he had thought he must have met the one grown witch who wouldn't make anything of his unconventional - and mildly embarrassing - name, and yet here she was, remarking on it! This was just his luck. And that Slughorn would not strike her as a remotely pureblood family name. He doubted she knew what the word pureblood meant.

    Not being from London, himself, and certainly not having ever had the inclination to go out of his way to familiarise himself with the muggle areas of the city, Park Lane meant very little to him, as did the name of her father. He assumed they were a well-to-do family; not that it had done her any favours, if they hadn't even allowed her to be sent to school! What a waste of magical talent.

    "Mmm," Salazar hummed in agreement, as though the Queen's opinion mattered a whit to him on anything. "How fortunate that they've changed their tune. And thank you, I suppose -" he added, referring back to her comment on his name, because it felt rude not to acknowledge it beyond raised eyebrows and a surprised look; however much it hurt him to do it, Salazar even found himself explaining - "I expect you don't know, but I was actually named for one of the founders of the school, Salazar Slytherin. A bizarre impulse on the part of my parents - I think my mother liked to think it fated - but each of my siblings are named for the Hogwarts founders, one for each house, four of us." There was a twinge of a grimace in his smile, but this young lady - Miss Restell - seemed the sort to find it interesting. (Seemed the sort to find everything in the world abnormally interesting.)

    "We come from Godric's Hollow originally, but I've lived in Hogsmeade for the past decade or so. Where the Reconciliation Ball was held, you know."  
    [Image: ItRAnf.jpg]
    awesome set by Nolan! <3
    "Oh, yes!" she agreed with a bright smile, almost proud of herself for being able to agree. "I know!" She may not have been able to dash off to Hogsmeade at every opportunity, like some people in the magical world apparently did, but she had been and that in and of itself seemed something to be proud of. It was more than she could have said about her familiarity with the magical world two months ago, after all!

    The concept of 'houses' was a little more unfamiliar to her, but she thought she knew what he meant. Bishop and Ezra had both gone off to normal boarding schools when they were children, after all, and she had heard stories from both of them. Both of them had been assigned a 'house' upon arrival at school, though she hadn't known, up until this moment, that the magical school worked the same way. How did they manage that, when there were girls who went to the school as well? Perhaps there were a set of houses for girls and a set for boys?

    "Did she write the school and make them put you in that house?" Rena asked curiously. She rather thought that the houses at her brothers' boarding school had been assigned at random, but if this man's mother had gone through all the trouble of naming them to fit their houses, she'd likely want to ensure they ended up in the 'right' one!