Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    06.24 AC incoming!
    06.15 Prefect season has begun!
    06.13 Abilities, adoptables, and notes on the CML
    06.11 Prepare yourselves - June 15th is coming!
    06.03 Networking has been cleaned up.
    06.01 New skins! Not kidding!
    06.01 June reminders!
    05.31 New skins...
    05.28 Students, get to work!
    05.27 A brief activity check reminder!
    05.21 Networking spring clean imminent!
    05.15 Important info for all students and professors!
    05.06 Activity Check underway; end of year approaching.
    04.29 It's gonna be May.
    June 1887
    06.01 - 06.30 Posting Wizard
    June Writing Challenge
    06.09 Reconciliation Day
    06.17 Broom Jousting
    06.20 Irvingly Jubilee Picnic
    And More!
    Prefect Season 1887!
    Prefect Selection 1887

    Prefect Season is my FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR, and as such I hope everyone applies who is remotely qualified applies!

    Hogwarts' student staff serve as role models for their fellow students.  Additionally, they reinforce/penalize good and bad behaviour by issuing and taking away house points. In addition to prestige, prefects receive half of their tuition and heads all of their tuition in exchange for their efforts. They also get to use the prefects’ toilets because that is clearly a selling point.

    Optionalish. If your application does not include a written personality, please list at least four traits. At least two must be negative. If your application does have a written personality, you may omit this field. This is scored IC and OOC.

    This year, faculty recommendations will be handled privately, NOT via the prefect apps.

    Optional. Reassure the staff team that your character’s been active! You can link to any of the following:
    • All active threads set at Hogwarts.
    • All completed threads set at Hogwarts.
    • All dead threads set at Hogwarts if you were the last person to post in them.
    • Any completed homework assignments.
    • Any class threads you’ve posted in, even if they’ve died.
    • Any quidditch matches you’ve posted in.
    • Any club meetings you’ve posted in, even if they’ve died.
    Someone with a terrible personality won’t get cleared just because they’ve been more active, but activity is still a factor for us! You should only link threads from the 1886-1887 school year. Scored OOC only.

    Your activity log is in addition to any evidence of behaviours/involvement found in the “why should you be prefect” section.

    To apply, make sure your character meets the demographic in question (IE sixth year ravenclaw female should be a female student in Ravenclaw house who will be in sixth year in September) and has at least 25 posts on their account. Charaters approved from March 1st to May 14th only need 15 posts on their account, and characters approved on or after May 15th only need five posts on their account—so you’re welcome to make a character to fit the bill ;) You must post the form below as a reply to this thread from the account in question.

    [b]Character Name:[/b] Please include application link.
    [b]Applying For:[/b] What position do you want?
    [b]Class & Blood Status:[/b] Public perception, please. Don’t tell me half-veela if your character is perceived as a muggleborn or something xD
    [b]Traits:[/b] Optionalish. See above for details.
    [b]Why Should You Be Prefect:[/b]<blockquote>An IC-meets-OOC explanation. We know that not all characters would try to talk themselves up, but if they were trying to, what would they say? Linking to posted evidence can give you a much-needed boost! Threads from previous school years may be included here as evidence!</blockquote>
    [b]Activity Log:[/b]
    [*]Optional. See above for details.

    Currently, we are accepting applications for:
    Fifth Year Gryffindor Male
    Fifth Year Gryffindor Female
    Fifth Year Hufflepuff Male
    Fifth Year Hufflepuff Female
    Fifth Year Ravenclaw Male
    Fifth Year Ravenclaw Female
    Fifth Year Slytherin Male
    Fifth Year Slytherin Female
    Sixth Year Hufflepuff Male
    Sixth Year Ravenclaw Female
    Sixth Year Slytherin Female
    Seventh Year Gryffindor Female
    Seventh Year Hufflepuff Male
    Seventh Year Slytherin Female
    Seventh Year Slytherin Male
    Head Boy
    Head Girl
    All listed years are incoming—if your character just finished their fifth year, they can apply for sixth year posts. All positions for upper-year prefects will be retconned to your character having held the spot since their fifth year, and in applying, you consent to this.

    Don’t have a qualifying student? There’s an app for that!

    Applications for the sixth and seventh year prefects officially close on July 5th at noon EST. Applications for fifth year prefects, Head Boy, and Head Girl close on July 15th at noon EST. You may continue to edit your application as long as it remains visible on this page!

    Confused? Please post below with any questions you might have, or fire a PM to this account. You can also check out some of last year’s applications! Only a small sampling is available for view.

    — Kayte isn't awesome at networking. Get in touch if you'd like a thread! —

    set by the unparalleled lady
    Character Name: Handsome Whitledge
    Applying For: Head Boy
    Class & Blood Status: UCHB
    • Daring
    • Sociable
    • Sweet
    • Unprejudiced
    • Proper
    • Charismatic
    Reputation: 5
    Why Should You Be Prefect:
    I believe that I am the suitable choice for Head Boy not only because I exemplify the traits of a Gryffindor, but also because I've demonstrated the qualities of a leader. I care about my fellow students and frequently encourage them to participate in activities beyond the walls of the classroom. I also make an effort to assist them when they show signs of struggle inside and outside the classroom.

    While my grades may only be decent compared to some of the more academically-inclined students, I make a great effort to participate in class (1, 2) and take initiative regarding my future by attending career counseling and securing a summer internship.

    I also serve as the male president of both the Dueling Club and the Leisure Sports Club, and I also earned the position of keeper on Gryffindor's quidditch team.

    Apart from my academic and extracurricular achievements, I also show leadership qualities at home. With the absence of a father in the household, I take on primary responsibility for my five younger siblings while my mother works during the summer. I have always been unprejudiced and judge individuals based on their character rather than their socioeconomic class or blood status.
    Activity Log:
    • Basically everything above.
    NEWT CLASSES: Charms + Transfiguration + DADA + CoMC + Ghoul Studies
    Please make references to his name—I will love you forever! | MJ is a total goddess!
    [Image: 7iIuXzh.png]
    [Image: Club-Quidditch.png] [Image: Club-Dueling.png] [Image: Club-Leisure.png]
    Character Name: Maddie Backus
    Applying For: Head Girl
    Class & Blood Status:LCHB
    Traits: See Application
    Reputation:   5
    Why Should You Be Prefect:
    As hufflepuff prefect for the last 2 years I have taken my role very seriously, and have been deeply honoured by the trust and responsibility placed on me. I have done all that I can to prove myself worthy of the head girl badge and believe that I set a good example for all of the girls in the school. I try to conduct myself in a way that lets all girls know that class background is no excuse for poor behaviour, poor morals, or poor results. I have good test results, good relationships with staff and students, and I have never served a detention in my life, nor have I lost house points, in fact contributing positively through my academic and non-academic endeavours. I work daily to exemplify the best attributes of my house hard work, patience, of loyalty. To that end I am taking a full course load of 7 NEWTs, and should do well in them, as my OWL scores were good enough to secure a partial scholarship to study my NEWTs.

    I believe that I am an approachable and generally a nice person with those less fortunate than myself, and I will undertake distasteful tasks for my housemates, and to prevent their embarrassment, but I still find time to hang out with my dorm mates and socialise so they know they can come to me with anything. I also rescued the Minister of Magics daughter from a Boggart, and faced my own worst fears in doing so.

    I try to give attention and notice to all of my dorm mates, from helping first years and assisting on the Hogwarts Express and checking girls from every class for lice.

    As President of the Charms club I have helped students from multiple houses with their wandwork, and tutored students from other houses on a one to one basis. I have also been active in the student duelling club taking part tournaments throughout the year (1,2,3,4,5,6), and doing reasonably well in all of them, I was defeated in the semi final by a current 7th year in the last round.

    I have been diligent in my class attendance in particular Gobbledegook class and DADA . I have also attended extra DADA tuition, and submitted Homework for my classes.

    Outside of class I have engaged in independent study in Potions , charms, transfiguration and DADA

    Even while enjoying myself I still found time to set an example and attend my perfectly duties. I have attempted to an active, and visible prefect on campus, in the hopes that students from any house might feel comfortable talking to me. I am currently interning at the Wizengemot.
    Activity Log:
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Madeleine Backus's post:
       Tristan Michaud
    [Image: MadeleineSig_zpse7ow7jv3.png]
    <3 Nolan sets are crack!

    I'm Doing a Challenge! HELP
    Character Name: Katherine Midford
    Applying For: Head Girl
    Class & Blood Status: Upper Class & Halfblood
    Traits: See her app
    Reputation:  5
    Why Should You Be Prefect:
    I am the most suitable candidate for head girl because in my two years of being prefect I have shown that I am responsible to carry out  my duties ( 1 ) and I can assure you that I have the qualities of a leader since I am also the president of the astronomy club.

    I am approachable and always ready to give a helping hand to other students ( 1, 2 )especially when it comes to their studies ( 1 , 2 ) as well as boosting their confidence ( 1). I have never cared much about blood and class, what matters to me is the what they are on the inside ( 1 , 2 , 3).

    I am also frequently participate in all of the school events like the yearly dueling tournament ( 1 , 2 , 3  ) and even if I have not passed the first round, I turn my defeat into determination which I used in enhancing my wandwork. Other than that, I am active in all of my clubs ( 1 , 2 ) especially the astronomy club.

    I show the traits of a perfect role model for young girls, ladylike, graceful, studious ( 1, 2, 3) and smart (1 ). Not only that, I have the ambition to serve my fellow wizards and witches by working for the ministry as I have always admired working women such as Josephina Flint, Astrid Parkinson and Belphoebe Lestrange. As proof of my passion, I regrettably have served internship under Barnabas Skeeter last year ( 1 ).
    Activity Log:
    -Katherine got stuck in the broom closet with Daffodil and Lycoris
    -Katherine becomes Topaz's tutor and attempts to make her confident
    -Katherine Vs Ex Head Boy
    -Katherine offers tutoring to younger students (Does this count?)
    -Katherine prefecting during the COB
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Katherine Midford's post:
       Elsie Beauregard
    Exquisite Set Made by Lady[Image: PyEXvHA_zpsmdypllih.jpg]

    Clubs: Book-Transfiguration-Art-Astronomy
    Classes: Ancient Runes - Ancient Studies - Astronomy - Charms - DADA - History - Transfiguration
    Character Name: Alvis Castor
    Applying For: Fifth year Slytherin male (prefect)
    Class & Blood Status: LCHB
    Traits: Quick-witted, snarky, grumpy, temperamental, ambitious (see app for more!)
    Reputation:  3
    Why Should You Be Prefect:
    I'm going to be totally honest here: I'm not exactly the type of person you would consider for prefect. I don't pay much attention to my studies, I have a tendency to be rude, I often disturb class and pull pranks, I'm known to get into fights, I rarely follow the rules, and- er... sorry, I forgot where I was going with this. But I did have a point, trust me on that one. A-Anyway, I think I should be made prefect because... well, why not give the underdog a chance, eh?
    Activity Log:
    • //
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       Elsie Beauregard, Gwendolyn Vane-Tempest, Katherine Midford, Odira Potter

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