Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Hecate Moody

    Full Name: Hecate Evelyn Moody, nee Ellesborough.

    Nicknames: None.

    Birthdate: 17th June, 1835.

    Current Age: 52.

    Occupation: Moody Matriarch.

    Reputation: Five.

    Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade. The best part.

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

    Wand: Mahogany and rosewood. 13 inches. Kelpie hair centre. Hecate is right handed.

    Blood Status: Pure.

    Social Class: Middle.

    Fitzwilliam Ellesborough | Father | 1805-
    Daphne Ellesborough | Mother | 1809-
    Helena Ellesborough and family | Sister | 1828-1877

    Horace Moody | Husband | 1825-1884
    Circe Podmore nee Moody | Daughter | 1857-
    -Hudson Podmore | Son-in-law | 1844-
    -_____ Podmore | Grandson | 1880-
    -______ Podmore | Granddaughter | 1883-
    Elfrida Lassey nee Moody | Daughter | 1859-
    -Edgar Lassey | Son-in-law | 1849-
    Josephina Moody | Disowned Daughter | 1860-
    Merwyn Moody | Son | 1862-
    Hortensia Moody | Daughter | 1867-
    Ottaline Moody | Daughter | 1869-

    Appearance: 5’6. Blue eyes. Dark, glossy hair like Hortensia which pleases her immensely. Slender and willowy, bearing little outward signs of the children she had born. Extremely vain. Hecate dresses exceptionally well, buying whatever she pleases now that her husband is dead and had officially passed the reins of the family finances to her. Not that it stopped her before. She has a dent in her right hand thumb from playing the violin throughout her life which is essentially her only physical defect other than the softening of skin that she refuses to address less her mind accept it as a sign of weakness.

    1835: Born the daughter of respectable pure-blooded, middle-class stock Hecate is named for a famed mythological witch when her mother has a slight flight of fancy. Her father allows it because it matches her older sister well enough and he finds it charming that they go together. Hecate will never, ever understand why.

    1840: Helena heads off to Hogwarts and fiercely jealous of her sister's newfound purpose and attention Hecate sets fire to the garden shed. Physically. Her parents take it for her first sign of magic and she is not inclined to correct them. Later she does display magic but only to her nanny and she airily tells her minder than it is not the first time so she should calm down. She spends most of her free time dedicated to the violin and piano, becoming extremely technically proficient with both but lacking much passion.

    1846-1853: Hecate heads off to Hogwarts for the first time and has a furious mental debate with the sorting hat when she arrives, insisting that she wants to be in any house but her sisters and preferring Ravenclaw over the other two. She finds the hat's dismissal of her preferences insulting but nevertheless it obliges her and sends her to Slytherin rather than Gryffindor. The hat chuckles afterwards.

    Hecate finds school curious. Being surrounded by other young people is a new experience but she is not especially well-liked at school, being considered odd and unapproachable, especially when compared to her sister. When Helena leaves she manages to become slightly more social but it takes her several years of watching one of the younger girls in her house to learn how to mimic the things young ladies say to get on in life. Helpfully said young lady has a brother that is a little more open to teaching Hecate things.

    In her fifth year Hecate notices that Tybalt Lestrange is physically appealing and though he is far from the first person she has noticed this about he is the first one that she pursues. She senses a similarity in the young man that she doesn't entirely understand but when he pulls her into a dark classroom and takes her virginity she is quite willing. Throughout the following year she is also quite willing on the occasions they have sex and the arrangement suits them both, largely because they rarely engage outside of their meetings. It is galling though when she learns that he is betrothed to Igraine Selwyn, two years below her. Rich girls get all the luck. If she had to marry she would much sooner be with a man who she can enjoy pleasure with but then promptly leaves her alone.

    In her final year she is made Head Girl and does everything in her power to subtly torture the girl.

    1855: After a dull few years out of school, during which time she tries to attend as many social gatherings as possible which proves slightly difficult as she has not been formally presented, Hecate grows bored and takes a female lover for a bit of variety. oops, Lauren made a bisexual Her father, thus far amused by what he perceives to be a childish sullenness, nearly has a heart attack when he catches his unrepentant daughter in the act.

    And thus she finds herself married to Horace Moody, whom Hecate considers to be beneath her in every way and she endeavours to keep him under her thumb and away from her as much as possible.

    1857: It doesn't work and Circe is born in May. She finds her first child unnerving. Her daughter makes her feel things she has never even contemplated before and it seems to have inadvertently made Horace even more devoted to her. He does listen at least and she names her daughter after a famed witch, just like herself, without even bothering to consult him.

    1859: Elfrida is born and she experiences the same thing again, the powerful feeling in her chest having abated somewhat in the years Circe was screaming the house down and wet nurses kept leaving without explanation.

    1860: Josephina is born. Later in life Hecate will have what can only be described as a nerdgasm when she meets this namesake. Or at least as close as Hecate ever comes to that.

    1862: Merwyn is born and Hecate expected a slightly different feeling with a son and is perplexed that it would be the same. Horace is still occasionally allowed in the bedroom but only when he had taken of the drink and because Hecate is amused by his tearful recriminations in the morning.

    1867: Hortensia is born and Hecate thinks this ought to be the last really. Especially as Circe goes away to school the following year.

    1869: And yet she still finds herself giving birth to a sixth and final child. She promptly boots Horace out and never lets him darken her doorstep again, which isn't too much of a trial as he is often away making their living. While he is away Hecate sifts through the attic of the family home they inherited from his father and sells anything that looks expensive, keeping anything that seems impressive.

    1875: Upon Circe's graduation Hecate immediately uses up her hoarded money, along with the actual allowance her husband allocates, to launch Circe onto the social scene as a near equal of the upper class girls. It works a treat and Circe marries Hudson Podmore, who is so rich she doesn't even care that he's halfblood. It really isn't bad for a first effort.

    Sadly her next task proves altogether too Herculean and despite her best efforts, and those of Josephina Flint, she is sorely let down in the next few years. Elle shows no interest in Aldous Crouch - which Hecate can't blame her for really but she doesn't think interest is really a prerequisite of marriage - and Josie is an utter catastrophe. Elle does at least manage to get engaged after Horace gives his permission, which is something.

    1884: Her husband dies of the Laughing Plague. She held his hand as he went through his last hours and Hecate even manage to laugh herself though she was not afflicted.

    1885: Elle marries Edgar Lassey. It's not great but it will do.

    1886-7: Frustrated and not averse to scare tactics Hecate gives Josie one last season to find a husband or else she is never to darken their doorstep again and despite Josie's attempts - which Hecate is pleased about until they prove useless - she remains unmarried and with no indication that she will find herself a husband. Hecate briefly considers finding her one herself but an arranged marriage in their social circle at Josie's age would be pathetic so she obliviates her instead on her twenty-sixth birthday and takes her to live in a muggle convent.

    She then calmly told her other daughters precisely what she had done over tea, feeling little remorse and hoping that it will be the last time she has to resort to such methods. It would not perturb her unduly to do so though.

    Personality: Despite having learnt all the right things one ought to say as a wife and mother Hecate has only very rarely felt the sort of emotion that the world would deem appropriate. She bore her children with little complaint but never saw her husband as anything other than a means to an end – that end being her own social betterment. Exceptionally bright, though not inclined towards outward admittances of academia, Hecate trusts nobody apart from her maid, over whom she has enough control that she deems her slight reliance an acceptable weakness.

    Circe she favours due to her marriage and the connections she can garner from her. The Podmores are excellent relations and Hecate would never be anything other than polite and charming to them. They probably like her though think her a little over-eager to please.

    Elle married a man Hecate, at best, tolerates and she is only in middling favour. Hecate doesn’t dislike her particularly but she accepts she cannot do anything to make Elle more useful and thus she mostly ignores her and, as she perceives, her tantrums about Josie.

    Hortensia is, physically at least, the most like her and she is, for now, Hecate’s favourite. Largely because for the moment she is the one that offers the most potential and Hecate is nothing if not a fan of that. She is quite convinced that any nervousness her daughter exhibits around her will pass in time when she forgets about Josie and, for better or worse, truly does wish to do the best she can for Hortensia.

    Ottaline is not yet quite as pressing an issue as Hortensia but nevertheless Hecate is keeping a keen eye on her progress this season. She doesn’t expect to be fortunate enough to have another Circe on her hands but she will be gravely disappointed if Ottaline doesn’t at least begin to make the right connections, whether it be gentlemen or other young ladies of the right station.

    There is essentially nothing within the law that Hecate wouldn’t do on the sly to advance her children, whether they especially want it or not, as she truly cannot understand why they wouldn’t want to rise to the highest places in society. She wasn’t able to do it herself, which she considers a fault of her husband rather than any of her own, but she is determined to make her way there through them if need be.

    Mrs Bennet she ain’t, basically.

    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_nyhrzaRHcf1rt9t65o3_500.gif]

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Age: 27 if she was my mother she would have obliviated me by now...
    Hecate needs her shady maid to love and hurt
    [Image: tumblr_osgrw3czH81qz68qko2_500.png]
    gorgeous set courtesy of Bee <3 <3
    Application Approved!

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    Please feel free to contact me or any member of our staff team if you have any questions.
    We hope your time here is magical!

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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