Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Jorpheus have a cute city mini-break
    Private Thread 
    “Told you that bar wasn’t a good idea.” Orpheus grumbled.
    He didn’t particularly enjoy being tied up even when it was a pretty whore suggesting it, but when it was happening against his will, on a dodgy boat, by a remarkably ugly man in his fifties, it was a whole new level of discomfort. “How the fuck were we to know that Japan still had a piracy problem?”
    What had started as a weekend staying in a new luxury resort on the coast of Japan to celebrate his promotion had quickly turned sour. He had used his new powers to arrange them a portkey especially, Orpheus bringing Javert along for his ability to find the seediest and best bars blindfolded. They had finished their first evening at a remarkably dodgy one, even by their standards, by a dock. Orpheus had vague recollections of them leaving and being paranoid someone was following them, and now he was here, hands bound behind his back and around a railing on the deck of some boat, hungover as Dionysius after a stag do and seasick to boot.
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    'Mr. Parkinson, a former Hufflepuff, is twenty-seven years old and we think that his curls are frankly impressive.'
    ~Witch Weekly
    A trip to Japan was a good reconciliation gift for the fact that he hadn't attended the reconciliation ball. He hadn't even picked him as one of the aurors serving at the event! What, were they afraid that his dashing looks would charm the Queen and she'd elope with him, causing a huge, pan-European scandal? Orpheus' reassurings that the ball had been rather dull didn't make him feel any better. He'd missed what had to be one of the hottest events that month and Javert hated missing out on popular events.

    At least Japan had proved a great holiday destination, at least until they were kidnapped by pirates. It was all Javert's fault, really. He'd insisted that they gambled on this Japanese board game. He'd started small and then he began flaunting his wealth. Surprisingly, given how intoxicated they both were, they managed to defeat one of the other card players, who was now on the boat with them.

    "I don't know, Orpheus, you read much more than I do!" Orpheus had always been the brain in their pair - probably why he had a boring office job. Javert had been a good student, too, but that was thanks to his practical ability with magic. He'd never get on the auror program if it was for brains alone. He also hated reading about history and the like. He didn't even like politics when they weren't the bare necessities for his life. Probably why Astrid Parkinson had deemed him an unsuitable husband for her daughter and had then made him write why he'd make a good husband.

    Whatever happened had happened. He'd been captured by worse people than (probably muggle) pirates. "Hey!" Javert called to get the Head Pirate's attention. "Dude. That's a misunderstanding."
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    Orpheus rolled his eyes, content on just concentrating on not emptying last night’s wine all over the deck until Javert began shouting. That was A) painful given his headache, and B) Probably quite ill-advised.

    “Oh yes, because calling him a dandy is going to help.” He muttered under his breath. Merlin knew they were about as far from the world of Evander Berry Wall, King of the Dudes, as it was possible to get at the moment. “God forbid we get kidnapped not just by pirates, but ones with bad fashion sense to boot. I’m surprised you haven’t called on Mr Lytton to save us, and also them from the crime of a black overcoat with navy breeches.”

    He braced his legs against a plank of wood to try and stop himself swaying with the motion of the ship, which was making him even more disorientated and nauseous. “There’s been some kind of mistake.” Orpheus tried to explain loudly. “A mist- do you even speak English?”
    [Image: kXdPgeL.jpg]
    [Image: 55k0o8.png]
    'Mr. Parkinson, a former Hufflepuff, is twenty-seven years old and we think that his curls are frankly impressive.'
    ~Witch Weekly
    Javert rolled his eyes when Orpheus gave one of his usual smart-ass speeches. You know, he was probably the reason they'd been kidnapped! He must have analysed to the pirates how they were wrong about something and they got pissed off at him and now Javert was paying for it, too!

    'You won't need English where we're going,' said the pirate. Javert would never admit it, but he felt a chill down his spine - he wasn't sure if the accent had made it sound ominous, or if it had really been said ominously.

    "French?" Javert rather sheepishly said. "We can do French if that's more comfortable for you... Captain."
    “Definitely not going to be able to convince him we’re penniless valets not worth ransoming now.” He mumbled, trying to shift his foot around enough to check if his wand was still in his sock, where he always stashed it when drinking in muggle bars. “Maybe multilingual slaves are worth more where we’re going.” He added grimly. He wished his French hadn’t been so rusty now- what if they were sold and separated? If he was going to be sold to some sodomite brothel or workhouse he at least wanted Javert there to blame for it all in person.

    The pirate laughed and spat on the deck before shuffling away. “Did you see if he had a wand?” Orpheus hissed. “If they’re muggles, I think I still have my wand on me.” Even if they weren’t, he wasn’t a bad dueller, and presumably neither was Javert, for all the posturing and preening Orpheus usually associated aurors with.
    [Image: kXdPgeL.jpg]
    [Image: 55k0o8.png]
    'Mr. Parkinson, a former Hufflepuff, is twenty-seven years old and we think that his curls are frankly impressive.'
    ~Witch Weekly
    "At least I'm trying to do something instead of mutter witty one-liners!" Javert hushed back. God, Orpheus! This was why they'd never be able to be auror partners, in spite of being best friends. Orpheus could be insufferable in situations such as these. Imagine having to track down and face off a dark wizard with Orpheus being a smart-ass all the time!

    To Orpheus' question about wands, Javert childishly said: "I don't know, Orpheus, since you're so smart you can figure it out for yourself!" Javert would never be so immature on the field, but this was Orpheus and, even faced with the danger of being killed by pirates, Javert would 'fight' with him like they were Hogwarts students still.

    That being said, he did give the Captain a better look. He seemed to be right handed, so any wand would be in the pockets of his left side, as that would be the quickest way to get it out if need be. Javert didn't see any wand in that pocket. He did see a lot of pistols in the other pirates' pockets, which they wouldn't have if they were wizards.
    “At least I’m not trying to use those one-liners to bargain for our lives.” Orpheus replied before catching himself. Merlin, he felt sick.

    “Can you untie your hands?” He said, struggling in his. He couldn’t get even the tiniest bit of slack in his cords, and certainly not enough to begin to work out one of his hands. “I have my wand on me still, but it’s no use if I can’t reach it.”

    Perhaps Javert could grab it- but then that would mean Orpheus having to channel his inner contortionist, and Javert dealing with an unfamiliar wand behind his back, They’d more than likely end up dead, if Javert even agreed to touch his sock* to begin with.

    *there was a very amusing typo here for a little bit.
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       Ellory Pendergast
    [Image: kXdPgeL.jpg]
    [Image: 55k0o8.png]
    'Mr. Parkinson, a former Hufflepuff, is twenty-seven years old and we think that his curls are frankly impressive.'
    ~Witch Weekly
    "I certainly can't that way!" Javert commented quietly, commenting on the way his friend had been fidgeting. That being said, their hands had been tied tightly, which was actually a good thing. If it was a wizard, they wouldn't pay attention to how tight the ropes were, as they would have charmed them to be impossible to get out of them. As it stood, Javert could cast some wandless magic to release their hands.

    He pointed a finger at Orpheus' ropes and concentrated on the incantation. Nothing happened. Damn. He could do minor wandless magic (such as this one), but wandless and wordless was too much even for a magical guru.


    All things pointed to the pirates being muggles, which would mean that casting magic in front of them would break some law or another. They really didn't have another choice, though.

    He glanced at the head pirate to make sure he was distracted and then cast the spell again, this time whispering the incantation. Orpheus' hands were freed.
    Orpheus coughed to cover up Javert’s hushed incantation, and almost immediately felt the pressure round his wrists dissipate. It all of his hungover self control not to immediately move his arms about, but until Javert was fre and they had some semblance of a plan, he didn’t want the pirate noticing his hands were free.

    Instead, keeping an eye on them, he moved the hand furthest from the pirates to quickly retrieve his wand from his sock and back behind the post he was tied to. That done, he pointed it at Javert and murmured the words.
    [Image: kXdPgeL.jpg]
    [Image: 55k0o8.png]
    'Mr. Parkinson, a former Hufflepuff, is twenty-seven years old and we think that his curls are frankly impressive.'
    ~Witch Weekly

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