Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #133 - Halfbreeds: Should We Trust Our Children With Them?
    [Image: WWcover_zpsodevhoor.png]
    Surely the ministry must have some guidelines on how many curls there can be in one department! The Department of Magical… curls?
    This week has brought not one, but two promotions in the Department of Magical Transportation. Mr Orpheus Parkinson now stands as head, with Mr Jonathan Webster as his assistant head- but the secret behind their curls are proving to firmly be a Department secret. What isn’t so secret, however, is how eligible the two men are!

    Both heads of the Department of Magical Transportation are eminently eligible, and have quite envious curls!

    Mr Orpheus Parkinson is the son of the indomitable Mrs Astrid Parkinson, and it seems he shares his Mother’s ambition! No stranger to this publication’s pages, Mr Parkinson’s promotion is the latest feather to his hat of eligibility- sources mark Mr Parkinson as being very sensible with his budgeting, and owns his own Wellingtonshire home, which occupies a doubly large plot after buying out the former Marriot’s home following the fire of 1884. His notable family hardly hurts matters either! No doubt Mr Parkinson will be high up the list for any self respecting debutante this season!

    At 31, Mr Jonathan Webster is a year Mr Parkinson’s elder, but has only been in the department since 1883. A muggleborn, Mr Webster would no doubt be a great catch for a debutante of humbler means- with a steady job and good connections to boot, his handsome looks will hardly be objectionable even to the fussiest of debutantes! Mr Webster’s employment record is certainly varied, so any prospective wife will certainly have to be the more adventurous type, but will surely never want for entertainment!
    What happens when a fashion designers sister dresses like she’s never seen the inside of a shop. The Strange Case of Mrs Antonia Greyback !
    The notable socialite Mrs Antonia Greyback appeared this week at a ball in a rather curious garment, much to the consternation and confusion of us here at Witch Weekly. Mrs. Greyback, is the sister of noted designer Mister Marcus Lytton, yes that Marcus Lytton, the designer that every debutant is itching to wear, and that every gentlemen expects to see on a lady of good breeding. Mrs Greyback was NOT wearing one of Mister Lyttons designs, instead the garment we believe was of her own creation and was considered, almost universally, to be the single ugliest piece of fabric to grace the female form since Mrs Havisham beleaguered wedding gown.
    Where did she go wrong?

    The garment, in a most unfashionable shade of red, sat rather too high on the good lady's hips, making her look rather squat, and ensuring that her torso appeared rather stubby. The lining, in an unattractive shade of mustard yellow was rather clashing with the outskirts and, indeed, the lady’s complexion. The shoulders and sleeves gave the impression of arms belonging to a hud carrier. However, it is not the dress itself that is the most offensive part of Mrs. Greybacks ensemble, but rather the array of ornaments scattered about her person. Her hair contained at least 4 ornaments of ebony, which were impossible to see and thusly pointless, and to the gastly dressed was pinned a truly hideous broach, and a beaded waistlet that served as a belt (and indeed was in addition to a decorative belt strap). Around her throat Mrs. Greyback wore a beaded ebony choker and a long pewter chain ended with a stags head, the oddest portion of this ensemble was an Elizabethan style ruff which looked immensely uncomfortable and really only acceptable at the fancy dress affair.

    Since Mrs. Greyback herself, is a very pretty woman, we can only suppose that the dress was an attempt to improve her own beauty by wearing a contrastingly ugly gown.
    Halfbreeds: Should We Trust Our Children with Them?
    With the Hogwarts Board of Governors releasing the new law on the halfbreed currently at and planning to attend Hogwarts this next year and the years after, the debate has arise fresh on just what extent we should even allow the interaction between magical and halfbreeds.

    Mrs Mohr, a known veela who had children in Hogwarts the past few years.

    One of our Witch Weekly staff sat down for an interview with Mrs. Josephine Flint the other day and as she so widely but, the ban is, "Most definitely long overdue. It must have been some oversight that means it has not been enforced before- nobody can doubt the dangers posed by having halfbreeds amongst us, particularly when we are young and at our most vulnerable. What is even worse is when they are deceitful and attempt to hide their true natures- I dread to think how many students may have innocently gone to visit friends homes, only to be confronted with a veela seductress or a violent vampire!"

    'But they have magic!' is a common protest for the equal treatment of the halfbreed, but with their history, you have to consider, are they really that equal? And the more demanding questions, are they really safe around us and our defenseless children? And should we push to have the Board expand the rule of proof further back than simple their grandparents?

    I ask you to look at the events of last year in May when Mrs. Threnody Mohr viciously attacked a poor girl in the middle of a street! The veela attacked after demanding the debutant undress. In public! When she was rescued by the valiant Mr. Endymion Dempsey, Mrs. Mohr transformed into her true state - when no one even knew she wasn't a witch! Though quite frankly, such a discovery made sense, she did marry her stepson after all!

    If veelas are such easily provoked creatures - so quick to jump at a chance to attack rather than settle things with words like any rational being - what does that mean for their children? Her daughter's are too able to transform into such beast! Surely they have a veela' s temperament as well! One young girl at Hogwarts even told me that the eldest Miss Mohr had verbally attacked her cousin!

    If that is the case and all halfbreeds take after their non-magical parents, then it is reasonable right that we ban them from living and studying with our children!
    Mrs Flint, the owner of Flint Institute and author of several books.

    If Miss Mohr had such a reaction as to insult another child to tears with no provoking, then imagine what she or any other halfbreed would do given even the slightest reason. And accidently spilt hair-raising potion could turn into a situation that could leave the nonhalfbreed in the hospital wing or worse.

    The danger does not stop there, as Mrs. Josephina Flint was so kind to point out, but rather, "Any person with their loyalties in question poses a very real threat, not just to students. Veela in particular are a plague on society, both in terms of stability of blood, but also morally. The halfbreed children of any non-human will no doubt ally with their parents, and with their additional magic may do more untold damage. A vampire's child, for example, can more easily and innocently hunt down victims for their parent than their parent can themselves. It is surely in the interest of everyone, also, to discourage such unnatural couplings- the offspring of a donkey and a horse is sterile and deficient in most natural functions, so it must naturally follow that the offspring of beings and a human are equally abnormal and wanting."

    How far back, then should the ban extend? Mrs Flint offered yet another bit here, "Having four magical grandparents should be a minimum requirement. I think many people forget muggles can be as violent and dangerous as many other beings- if not even more so, for they do not understand our magic, or are envious and crave it for themselves. Any witch or wizard with any known non-human ancestry beyond this ought to be subject to temperamental tests to check if they are safe to be around as a minimum." While we are not seeking to discuss the value of muggleborns versus purebloods here, she has a valid point on the ban.

    Not only that but she further offered the idea that, "All halfbreeds should be subject to temperamental tests to ensure that they will not be a danger to the public. If they are benign and recognise the inferiority of their births, then basic magical training separate to the general public will make them productive menial workers. All halfbreeds should be registered, however, to prevent them breeding into the bloodlines and tainting it further. Descendants of veela, for example, might need to be confined if they cannot control their promiscuous ways."
    An unfortunate consumer review from a reader. Letters from Our Readers
    Dear Witch Weekly,

    I was so excited when I saw your ad for the Sticky Wicket Cleaning Club and I ordered one immediately. It works exactly as advertised--or at least it did for the first three days! Then my maid unfortunately used Accio Dog Hair when my lap dog was still in the room, and he became entirely stuck! Without enough of the destickifying solution left to disentangle him we were forced to take the poor thing in to the Ministry for accidental magical reversal, and now the wretched dear is bald on one side! The Club really should have come with a warning!

    Owner of a Very Distraught Dog

    Dear Witch Weekly,

    I read in the paper that there was to be a ball to invite the Queen into Hogsmeade for the Reconciliation, and was quite surprised indeed not to have received a ticket! If the crem-de-la-crem of society are not the types that we want rubbing elbows with the Queen, who on earth did we send to be our envoys to the Muggle world. Who was in charge of invitations, and what on earth were they thinking, inviting some of these Ministry workers and the girls not yet out from Mrs. Pendergast's, over well-established society types?

    Affronted and Uninvited
    [Image: DEGXMNn.png]

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