Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Lost Story
    It had been an incredibly hot Summers day and Natsuko had spent rather a lot of it lounging on her veranda, which overlooked the park. The place was lovely and shaded, and she enjoyed both the view and the shade, the white linen garment was doing a great job of keeping her comfortable. When she had moved in, only a few months ago, Natsuko had taken great pains to encourage roses and vines to wrap themselves around the trellis and provide shelter. It was her favourite feature of the house, the pretty balcony which led from the master bedroom.

    There was a small wrap at the door, ’Come’ she called, and her butler let himself in, ’My Lady, there is a young woman down the stairs, who says she must see you immediatly. Natsuko's brow furrowed, no one ever needed to see her with any urgency, but she nodded, and rose, dropping her book onto the chaise. ’Show her up please Barton’. Natsuko headed into the sitting room which was off her bedroom, in order to await for the girl there. She was rearranging some things on a side board when the door opened again.

    @Moriko Shimizu
    [Image: NatsukoSig_zpsymwkg18l.png]
    Amazing set by Nolan
    Moriko had spent the first week of her time in England trying to determine where she had to go, where her mother had told her to go. It wasn't exactly clear, per se, but it was at least something - she had a name. What made matters worse was the simple fact that she felt very strange asking others where the Mountbatton house might be. So, upon making one inquiry with a child wandering on High Street, Moriko learned that Natsuko lived here, in Wellingtonshire, not far from where she'd been staying.

    It had taken an hour to actually find the house the child had described, after nearly getting lost twice and also nearly falling flat on her face once, having stumbled on a rock and nearly toppled over. But she was here now, and she requested urgent entrance to the house, needing to speak with the lady within. "Please, sir," she had spoken to the butler in accented English, "it is most urgent." Yet she still had to wait. Standing still as a tree trunk, Moriko waited, feigning patience.

    When the butler returned, Moriko smiled brightly and made her way within, following him to the master bedroom and through to the veranda. Once there, she moved to face the woman before her. A woman she had indeed seen before, at school. They'd been in school together. At the same time. It wasn't a shock anymore - it had been when their mother had told her the truth. Still, she slowly leaned into a bow and smiled at Natsuko brightly.

    "Hello," she greeted, "I have important news, in two parts. Of your mother."
    [Image: GBEAMML.jpg]
    italicized dialogue is spoken in Japanese
    As the young woman was shown in Natsuko retired to a chaise on the veranda and motioned for the girl to follow her. It was only when she was seated that she got a good look at the other girl. There was no recognition in Natsuko’s eyes. She had had only a small group of friends in school, and had spent all of her holidays in England, and at her father’s insistence her friends from school had all been wealthy and of good reputations, and she would not have disobeyed her father’s commands. Yet she recognised the girl as Japanese, what one of her countrymen could be doing here she couldn’t think.

    Natsuko inclined her head in recognition and return of the bow with her own. As a woman of wealth she would have been required to return the bow to the same depth as the girl before her. Perhaps she was seeking employment, and Natsuko began to try and think about where the girl might fit in the household. That was soon stalled when the girl spoke.

    Her mother? She presumed the woman was dead, her aunt had always spoken about her in those terms and Natsuko had never questioned it, there were so many girls with dead mothers that it seemed reasonable that her own mother was dead in Japan. Why would this young woman be bringing up a woman who had been dead for 14 years?

    ’What is this?’ she asked, her tone suddenly a little defensive, she stood, her tone a little imperious and the opulent satins of her kimono shimmering around her as she stood ’speak!’ she commanded, panic turning to indignation and anger as she built herself up into a lather.
    [Image: NatsukoSig_zpsymwkg18l.png]
    Amazing set by Nolan
    Tilting her head to the side as she stood there, Moriko looked over Natsuko with curiosity. She was lovely, it was true, resplendant in her satin kimono - what Moriko wouldn't give to feel that soft fabric on her own skin, enrobing her! Composing herself, she held still a moment, formulating a thought. Once the words were organized in her mind, she began speaking again, in thickly-accented English.

    "Mother passed away in February - our mother," she said plainly, not beating around the bush. "As she lay dying, she gave me your name and enough money to make my way here. To meet you. My name is Moriko - and I am your younger sister." She didn't know how the other woman would take this answer, this explanation, but it was indeed all she had. The only words she could offer as consolation to the other's sudden angered tone.

    She hadn't expected this...
    [Image: GBEAMML.jpg]
    italicized dialogue is spoken in Japanese
    Natsuko’s eyes widened, it was utterly preposterous, her soft features, and usually pleasant demeanour meant people often assumed she was sweet, or overly simple, but the truth was she was shrewd and intelligent and wasn’t one to be taken advantage off. There were a multitude of reasons why someone would claim to be her sisters, aside from the monetary advantages that it would offer them. Natsuko eyed the other woman carefully trying to discern from her face if there was truth in it.

    When she next spoke it was in her native tongue. None of her staff spoke Japanese and she had little desire to set servants tongues wagging, regardless of the truth of this claim. ’you could be no more than…what 3 years younger than me’ she stated incredulously, ’Father left Japan long before you could have possibly been conceived! Unless you mean to claim that was by magic too?’ her tone was stern and demanding.

    She realised if the girls claim was correct then they had been at school at the same time, presuming this duplicitious urchin had been to school at all. Natsuko scanned her face again and could find no familiarity or recognition in her features. Although that in itself did not mean much.
    [Image: NatsukoSig_zpsymwkg18l.png]
    Amazing set by Nolan
    "We do not share a father," Moriko replied in their mother tongue, taking a slight step towards her and holding position. "We only share a mother. You are just my half sister - but we are blood. I met you once - at school. We attended at the same time. We just never walked the same sphere." After a pause, she added, "I do not come for money. I come for family. You are the last family I have in the world. My father's family...they want nothing to do with me. To them, I would be an added burden."

    She'd never admit it, but she wanted to impress the other woman - so she took a half step away now, casting her eyes down out of respect.
    [Image: GBEAMML.jpg]
    italicized dialogue is spoken in Japanese

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