Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Rena Restell
    In Character
    Full Name: Severina Jasmene Restell
    Nicknames: Rena
    Birthdate: November 18th, 1861
    Current Age: 25 Years
    Occupation: Temporally Confused Seer.
    Reputation: 4.
    Residence: Park Lane, London
    Hogwarts House: Unknown.
    Wand: None.
    Blood Status: Muggleborn.
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Alcester Restell was the heir to a large shipping company, and himself the product of a union between his British father and a bride of questionable ethnic origin, when he became involved in the First Opium War owing to his experience in the waters around the South China Sea. He received a commission in the Royal Navy for the duration of the war, and a token knightship for his trouble upon his rather brief return to England. On behalf of the company he established an office in the newly opened port of Shanghai--which benefited the Crown, as well, as they were eager to establish British trade in every corner of the recently bested Chinese empire. It was there he met Rena’s mother, Meihin. They were married in 1847.

    Bishop Restell was born in 1851 (Sir Alcester did a lot of travelling so Meihin didn’t have a lot of *ahem* opportunities). They continued to live in Shanghai for the first few years of Bishop's life, when Alcester decided he would prefer the boy was raised in England with access to an English school system. The couple relocated in 1854.

    Emmaretta Restell joined the family in 1855, then was followed by Amberlene in 1859.

    Severina was born in 1861 and Ezra arrived in 1863-1867 (tbd when he gets picked up).

    Other notables: Alcester's sister, aunt Eloise, and her pet Yorkshire terrier.
    Appearance: Severina is nearly the spitting image of her mother, at her age, except a bit diminished, as though Meihin's image faded in time with the photographs. Her smooth tan skin is paler than any of her siblings', due to her seldom being out of doors. She has long, straight black hair which is often worn down. When she is out in public and her hair is up, she often forgets that it's meant to be that way and picks at it. Her dark eyes are soft, and have the potential to be very bright and lively, but are usually dulled by some degree of drugged stupor. She is a waif of a girl, standing only an inch above five feet, with very small hands and feet and a nearly nonexistent waist. She is right-handed.

    It’s difficult for Severina to talk about her own history. She gets confused about what order things happened in. Her earliest memory is of being twelve and slipping on the stairs and falling. The ‘memory’ itself is from when she was five and had her first vision (which at the time her parents thought was merely a nightmare), because when that actually happened later, she was too deep in laudanum to really know what was going on.

    Rena was a strong child until she started having her strange dreams and visions. Whether she became prone to frailty and frequent illness coincidentally, or whether this change of constitution was brought about by her mother’s desire to keep her inside the house away from prying eyes, or whether it started after her nurse started dosing her with laudanum, it is now impossible to say. From ages five to ten she was typically kept in her room, breathing the same stale air that was permeated with her latest cold, telling her siblings stories about things that hadn’t happened yet. She was usually unable to sleep or unable to stay asleep without a dose of laudanum.

    A strange letter arrived when she was eleven. Rena’s younger brother, Ezra, told her about it. Rena wasn’t surprised--she had dreamt that it would come--and neither were her parents, really. Things had already started to happen around Severina, and her mother was a bit too superstitious to believe nothing would come of it. Her parents never spoke of the letter to her, and she was not permitted to go to school. Dear, brave Ezra argued with her parents over it, but they told him that Severina’s health would not permit her being sent away to school, and he couldn’t really argue with that. When his Hogwarts letter followed hers, their parents made the same decision, though this time without the cover of a poor constitution. Ezra was rather put out by not being able to go to the school, but Rena told him not to mind; he’d just have to wait. They were still going to the magical world, just not yet.

    Rena was tutored at home, and debuted in society following her eighteenth birthday, just as her sisters had before her. She was too often ill to make a proper showing of her first season. Regardless, the promise of her parents’ money eventually lured one man in, whom Rena called The Scarred Man (though only to her siblings). They might have been courting, or they might have been engaged--Rena does not remember now--but at one point when The Scarred Man was calling on her in her family’s parlor, he chanced to touch her hand, and she was seized with a horrible vision of her husband forcing himself on her on their wedding night. In her most passionate magical outburst since her early childhood, Rena sent the entire tea set (and all of the scalding tea) flying in his direction before fainting. A doctor had to be hurriedly called for, and though the man was fully functional afterwards, he now lived up to his name--none of Rena’s siblings could understand why she called him that before, and even she was unaware that she was the cause of the scars, only that she had seen him in the future with them.

    He was not much interested in Severina after that. No one else was, either. Her mother took her to a few more things, but between her frequent absences, her strange way of speaking, and the rumors about what had happened to The Scarred Man, Rena wasn’t exactly the most popular kid on the block. Her parents are currently rather resolved to her remaining unmarried (and probably dying before too long, let’s be honest), which might be why they’re entertaining Ezra’s new ideas about the Queen’s Reconciliation.

    Rena had told her brother they’d be headed to the magical world eventually. It seems eventually finally means now.
    Personality: Rena's propensity for seeing visions (and her inability to put them into any sort of order) has led her to a contented sort of apathy where her worldview is concerned. Things usually work out, sooner or later. She is easily distracted and often says things in conversation that don't seem to make much sense, because she's gone off on some inner tangent that she didn't bother to verbalize. Because she was never provided a wand or given any formal magical education, she occasionally still has childish outbursts of magic, though far less frequently when she's taking her proper doses of laudanum. She catches colds very easily, and even when she is well she usually needs a bit of laudanum in order to fall asleep.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn
    Application Approved!

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