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The Dairy of Lucille Flint
September 18, 1889

Dearest Journal,

The only thing that can dampen this morning is the letters I received from my cousins. I have not yet had one from mother, but all three of my cousins implored me to reverse this. Even Bella, who I had thought would understand better than any one. How can I go back when I now know my heart? When I now know true happiness? I can not. Even with the news that Ace gave me before our wedding, I can not see him as anything but the kind man I have fallen in love with. We will prove them all wrong, we will be happy with our lot in life for I do not believe either of us could live with the alternative.


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Thank you MJ for an amazingly Lucy set!
September 21, 1889

Dearest Journal,

I wrote to all my cousins to inform them that I shall not be changing my mind. I gently rebuked their notions and wished them the best. It appears, at least with Julius, that I have been able to sway him to my views. His letter came as a double edged sword, kindly accepting my actions as I was bared from seeing him. Of course, I understand and expected this, but it still keenly stings.

On the bright side Ace’s family’s letters have been much more accepting of our union. I had not expected such kindness from them, but as they raised my Ace I suppose I should have expected this. Ace’s kindness is one of the things I love most about him.

Just yesterday we went to a small lake near here and he and I spent the afternoon on the shore with a picnic lunch. He was the most gentle and attentive that I can not see how I might have survived this life without him in it before now.


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Thank you MJ for an amazingly Lucy set!

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