Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Sneaky Sneaky
    Open Thread 
    Claire had once again sneaked away from home so she could come to play in the park. She just didn't always want to be near her nanny or even her sisters. At times she needed some time away from them. So here she was in the park all alone and was sitting on the swings. She was just having fun her own. She even seemed to have smile on her face.

    She wasn't sure what she should even to do here in the park. She was hoping that some other kids will come here soon, so she could play with them. Also, make some new friends for herself. She was hoping that her nanny or sister won't realise very soon that she is missing once again. Claire seems to do it a lot, sneak out lately. She just finds it playing with toys at home boring. So she wants to come to the park and play here with other kids.
    [Image: uzPoEQ8.jpg]
    Thanks Kelly for this beautiful set.
    Alfie was trying his very best to enjoy his day off. After all, it was rare that he was let off from both work AND chores at home. Of course, that proved to be incredibly difficult with all of the scoffs and glares he was getting from the upper-class adults that happened to be roaming the park. Burning-hot anger built up inside of him; didn't they realize that all he wanted was a nice afternoon in the park like them?! He tried to ignore them all, but that was proving to be difficult; all he wanted to do was pull out his wand and give them all a piece of his mind in the form of a good hex.

    But he didn't. Instead, he tossed his grimy baseball up into the air and let it fall back down into his hands - over and over. It might not have been the most exciting activity, but he liked it. 

    He only stopped when he nearly tripped over a child. His eyes widened, and he looked down; she was young. Much too young to be at Hogwarts, even. Her clothes indicated a higher class, but a quick glance around told Alfie that there didn't seem to be a caretaker anywhere. He frowned, crouching down a bit. "Hey, are you lost?" the boy would ask, voice considerably more gentle than usual.
    Claire did keep pushing the swing there slowly higher and higher. She really was bit bored. She soon stopped and was just sitting there. She kept looking what was around her and sighed. he couldn't really notice anyone she could know. Everyone who she saw here was strangers. She was ready to give up and ready to leave this place until someone almost tripped over her.

    She looked at the boy and wanted to laugh at his question. It was a very stupid question for her for sure. She looked around and smiled then. She tried to figure it out. "Hey, I'm not lost. I know exactly where I am. If you are worried about me then. You don't have to be. I might be young but I know how to take care of myself," she said there with a smile. She knew people wondered what girl in her age did here alone. Well, it's not the first time when she has done this.
    [Image: uzPoEQ8.jpg]
    Thanks Kelly for this beautiful set.
    Alvis frowned. Well, of course she would answer like that. Considering how protective those upper-class parents seemed to be about their children, however, he seriously doubted that whoever took care of this girl had allowed her to go to the park all on her own. He settled down further so that he was completely crouched in front of Claire, his head tilting to the side a bit. "Is that so? I'd believe it." He chuckled.

    "Are your parents at home, then? Do they know you're here?" he would question. He didn't get too close to the girl, however; the last thing he wanted was some crazy, rich mother spotting some dirty lower-class boy with her lost daughter. Didn't want anyone to think he was kidnapping her or something. He genuinely wanted to help. "I'm Alfie, by the way."
    Claire was just someone who seemed never really cares much unless it came to her twin sister. She really seems to love her a lot. She looked at the boy, she could tell he was probably middle or even lower class one. To be honest this girl here didn't care much about it. If she keeps her doings up he might even lose her perfect reputation. "Yes, it's so. Good that you believe me," she said with a smile. She really wasn't sure if the boy told the truth or not.

    "Yes, they are probably at home. Well erm. That's a good question," she said and looked around her she really wasn't sure how she should say she did sneak away from home or if she even should tell him that she did it. "Well, they probably know now that I'm already here. Didn't exactly tell I went here but I'm pretty sure they know where to find me when they need me," she said there and looked so innocent as she could. She wasn't sure why she even told him that. "I'm Claire. And don't worry I don't bite or anything and my parents aren't crazy people. I might be upper class but I don't care that much about classes yet. Also, my parents seem to be relaxed about it," she told the boy. So he could relax there and stop keeping his distance. She didn't seem to like it that he kept the distance
    [Image: uzPoEQ8.jpg]
    Thanks Kelly for this beautiful set.
    So, she had snuck out without anyone knowing. Alfie seemed to relax when she mentioned that her parents probably knew where she was. It shocked him that a girl like herself would have the mindset to run off; if he were as wealthy as her family likely was, he would just stay in bed all day and have his servants feed him - with the occasional break for a ride on his pony, of course. That was how the upper class lived, no doubt.

    And yet, despite the fortune that this little girl Claire was surrounded with, she'd gotten bored and run off. Alf couldn't quite judge her - after all, she hadn't asked to be born as she was. It was the wealthy adults who chose to do nothing about those with less than them that were the true terrors. He could only hope that Claire would grow up with more compassion than most in her class - of course, that was seriously wishful thinking. He drew in a breath.

    "W-Well... mind if I swing with you, then?" Though she had yet to answer, Alfie seated himself on the swing next to her, allowing himself to rock back and forth gently. He could feel the disapproving glares of wealthy couples on his back, but he wouldn't budge; if Claire was left alone, something bad could happen to her. He stared out at the horizon. "Why'd you leave, Claire?"
    Claire was someone who loved to sneak out a lot. She just seemed to love troubles and everything that came with it. She also couldn't really spend time inside and be doing nothing basically. She wasn't really someone who would let servants give her things. She wanted to do things her own. She was always so active and wanted to do something. Riding ponies wasn't fun really for her most of the time.

    So yeah it wasn't really the first time she had come to park by herself. Well at times she has done it with her twin sister too but today she came alone. She looked at the boy and rolled her eyes. She knew that people thought all the time upper-class level kids are spoiled brats. Well, most of the time they are but not Claire herself for sure. She doesn't call herself that for sure.

    "No I don't mind," she answered after the boy had even taken a seat on the swing next to her. She even noticed those looks from people. She can talk with who she wants. It's not their business. She glared at them for a second. "Well, let's say here in the park can be more fun. And I'm always who finds trouble more fun than just sitting around and doing nothing," she so simply as she could.
    [Image: uzPoEQ8.jpg]
    Thanks Kelly for this beautiful set.

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