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Diary of Darling Whitledge
December 19th, 1888
Dear Diary,

It is nearing Christmas and with it will come the new year of 1889. There isn't a lot I want for Christmas but I do hope that Sweetie and Handsome will actually get along in the New Year. It is quite stressful to have to deal with them both as they are. So hopefully they will bury the hatchet and start acting as proper siblings should.

I also hope that I will do well in my OWLs. At the very least, I would like to pass all of them! I do well in some classes but some classes I simply cannot wrap my head around. I like to think that I'm an intelligent witch but some courses are just doing my head in.

I know it might be a lot to hope for but I also hope that there will be a lot less prejudice against my half-breed peers. I see what they go through each day and it is quite horrible, really. Blood purism makes no sense in general, I personally find. I doubt everyone is truly a pureblood, who can even trace their blood status that far back? It's ridiculous.

January 4th, 1890
Dear Diary,

It is now the year of 1890, isn't that amazing? In ten years it will be a turn of a century which will be in my lifetime! I wonder what 1900 will bring? For now, I will focus on 1890. I do hope this year will go good for us but right now, it does not seem to be the case.

There has been several deaths and tragic incidents. A carriage accident and an explosion in Knockturn Alley for starters. Hopefully, things get better.

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