Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Nerve!
    Private Thread 
    "She asked me what I thought about Lucretia? Can you believe it?" Seneca had been ranting to Gretchen ever since she'd arrived. That had to be a solid twenty minutes ago.

    Seneca used to really like Belphoebe. She'd found it weird to have a stepmother, but it hadn't been the end of the world. Belle wasn't some fresh debutante, Seneca had figured that Papa married her to have someone to talk to at home, not because he was planning on having a proper family with her. After Belle's pregnancy was announced, however, their relationship had been strained. Seneca didn't like the idea of a younger brother or sister. With every passing day of Belle not miscarrying, Seneca's dislike about the situation grew.

    Adding salt to injury, Belle had asked her opinion on baby names that morning. Who did she think she was fooling? Seneca felt it like a slap. 'What shall we name the little brother or sister who is going to replace you?' As if she and Papa hadn't picked a name already!

    "Lucretia," Seneca continued. "Why not just go for Lucia instead. Or why not go for Lucius Lestrange Jr., regardless of the baby's gender? It's not unheard of to give masculine names to girls!" Seneca was technically a boy's name.

    @Gretchen Lestrange
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    Getting out of Uncle Priam’s house for the day had been a bit of a relief, even if it meant listening to Seneca’s bemoaning about having a new half-sibling. Uncle Priam had recently decided their furniture was in the wrong position for something or other, and it had taken a lot of persuading on her part to convince him not to put her bed out in the hallway, even if that meant interrupting her ‘cosmic magical flow’.

    “I suppose she’s at least trying to involve you.” She pointed out fairly, though she wasn’t particularly invested in the point. Gretchen was flopped down on Seneca’s bed, idly braiding three pieces of trim. “Though Lucretia?” She said, sounding more incredulous than anything else. “Wasn’t she a whore? Next she’ll suggest Lilith or something.”
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    "I don't want to be involved," Seneca grumbled. Honestly, Gretchen could be more supportive at this hour of need! Seneca had been there for her whenever Meta was a dick to her. Having your hair cut short by your bratty little sister was nothing compared to having a pregnant step-mother!

    Letting a heavy sigh, Seneca dropped on the chaise lounge. "I just never thought that I'd experience this. It's one of those things that you don't think that will ever happen to you, you know?" Her father remarrying had been awkward to get used to enough. With three (and a half, if you counted Tullia) grown children and a personality that didn't suggest he needed companionship, Sen hadn't expected for him to remarry. Then, when he did remarry Sen didn't think that the marriage would be fruitful. If he wanted it to be, he would have married a young debutante, not a working woman in her thirties, right?
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    Maybe Seneca was just struggling with this all because she was used to being the youngest. As a middle child, Gretchen didn’t find the notion so very strange at all- if her Mama had lived, she would probably still be having children, and had her Papa but not her Mother, then he probably would have remarried by now and be having children with their step mother. She supposed Auntie Nephele was the closest she had to such a figure, but Uncle Priam was not their father and she didn’t particularly care if he had more children save for the bedroom situation becoming more cramped.

    “She is rather old to be having a baby. Especially for the first time.” She said. She didn’t mind Auntie Belphoebe, but neither had she particularly spent any time with her. It was odd for a career woman to suddenly marry, and marry so well, but maybe her Aunt was just looking to cement her position in the family. “Its not like you’ll have to see the baby at all, really. You’ll probably be married before it’s even left the nursery, and your Papa isn’t going to choose to spend time with a baby over you.” Gretchen could barely even remember what Aric had looked like before he died. Like a toddler, she assumed.
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    Gretchen had a point, which annoyed Seneca because it enabled her to see how unreasonable she was being. She knew that Gretchen was right. A baby wouldn't threaten her position in the family, not really. It wouldn't be a threat until it was of Hogwarts age, which would be in twelve years. By then, she'd be an adult and able to be useful to her family.


    "What if it's a boy, though?" Seneca commented. "Claude is hardly a disappointment, but his and Papa's relationship is indifferent and Cash is well... I love Cash, but he's hardly the son Papa wishes for!" He was far too soft and he played Quidditch, besides. At least Uncle Priam (a man of a similarly soft personality) had been smart enough to make a career in the Ministry.

    "I guess I'm afraid that the baby will grow up to be the perfect mix between me and Tiberius..." And then take their place as the favourites!
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    Gretchen continued braiding the trim, swinging her ankles over the end of the bed. It felt weird to be wearing stockings and shoes indoors. “If they end up like you, then your Papa will surely love you all the more for having helped bring it up so well.” She replied diplomatically. “But perhaps they shall end up as ridiculous as Cousin Noelle and you needn’t worry.”

    Seized by a sudden thought, Gretchen rolled over to face Seneca. “Your brothers aren’t ill, are they?” She asked. “Your Papa didn’t suddenly need to start trying for a new heir?”
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    Seneca snorted. She'd prefer the child grew up to become like Noelle, or at the very least, like Cash. A non-threat she could still like. Cousin Noelle had been insufferable.

    Sen put her weight into her elbow and perked up at Gretchen's question. The thought had honestly not occured to her. It was an outrageous one, but now that Gretchen was mentioning it... "I don't know!" Seneca replied. Her eyebrows furrowed. "Claude does seem very distant lately, but then, that's Claude for you. But Cash... Cash seems so... Aloof! And-" Her voice became more hushed: "I've seen him go to Belle's office on numerous occasions."

    They couldn't have possibly gotten some incredibly rare magical illness that only Unbreakables seemed to know about, could they?
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    Gretchen propped herself up too. “Maybe they’re all ill.” She suggested in a conspiracy-ish tone. “Maybe he keeps going to her office for- I don’t know, medicine. And that’s why your Papa wanted another baby- in case he has no sons, or in case she dies and he has nothing left of her.” Uncle Lucius obviously liked the woman in some degree, after all- what other reason was there for a spinster to become his wife? “They can’t have had it before the wedding.”
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    "Do you think she gave it to them?" Seneca said, moving on her seat a bit. Her Papa would never marry someone who had a contagious decease, though. Unless she had kept it hidden from him? Speaking of her father...

    "Oh Merlin, what if my Papa is sick, too?" Seneca suddenly felt very panicked. Her Papa couldn't die! How would she live without him? "He was joking about me marrying Tiberius during the Easter dinner... What if he knows and he's planning on leaving me to Tib's care if... if the worst is to happen, so he wants to ensure I like him enough for it not to be so painful?!"
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    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

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    ”He wouldn’t leave you with Antigone as a female role model, surely?” Gretchen replied. Surely it was more likely Seneca would join Uncle Priam’s unofficial Lestrange orphanage, or to Auntie Olivia, or even Auntie Mariana- cousin Tatiana wasn’t objectionable, but neither was she married, so couldn’t carry out all the duties a female guardian would need to undertake. At least Auntie Nephele was lovely as ever.

    “And surely he’d arrange your marriage before that happened.” She reasoned. Admittedly, her sisters had been left unbetrothed, but her Papa had hardly had a long illness to contend with. “Maybe they’re all under the imperius curse instead. That's why Claude is distant and Cash is behaving oddly and Uncle Lucius might've forgotten Tiberius was already married.”
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    "That can't be it!" Sen protested. She didn't have faith in Cash's abilities not to get Imperio'd and she supposed that Claude could fall victim of it, but Papa? Never. He'd never allow for someone to get him under his thumb, much less some woman who had been a spinster from an unimportant family until recently!

    "She's found a way to make him fond of her, there's no denying that," the fourteen-year-old concluded with a sigh. Lucius Lestrange wasn't so weak as to get himself trapped by a love potion, which meant that Belle had truly impressed him. It was possible to do that - take a look at Sen and Tib. It was an uncomfortable knowledge, but Sen was a realist about it.

    She leant back on the chaise lounge and said with a pout: "I hope their kids are more like Cash, at least."
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    sen's mesmerizing set was created by stefanie <3

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    Gretchen flopped back down, elbow aching. “He didn’t have much other reason to marry her.” She agreed. Miss Trimble had been wealthy- compared to most women like her- but the Lestranges had a far greater fortune and no need for more, and she hadn’t been a young debutante if her Uncle had wanted more children. What other motivation could there be for marrying a spinster?

    “They’re bound to be, I suppose.” None of her cousins had really taken after Aunt Alexandria, she supposed, but they weren’t exactly like their Papa either.
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