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    Private Thread 
    Other than being the fashion designer Ellory went to, Octavia Lytton was also a friend. Their 'friendship' had begun a year ago. Octavia had been the one responsible for her first season wardrobe. At first, their relationship had been hot and cold. There'd been a lot of bickering as to what Octavia thought she ought to wear and what Ellory wanted to wear. In the end, Octavia always won.

    Ellory needed Octavia. After her last interaction with Ben Crouch, she wasn't happy about her appearance. She was twenty years old and yet he viewed her as a younger sister. Well, he probably didn't view her as that anymore, either. But that was beside the point. Ellory wanted to mature.

    They were at Octavia's atelier, having tea. Her friend was busy, so having it there was more comfortable than going outside.

    "Do you think I look younger than my actual age?" Ellory asked at some point.

    @Octavia Lytton
    Miss Ellory Pendergast, was, in Octavia’s mind, comprehensive proof that a bad sense of fashion was not the end of a debutante’s prospects, provided it was coupled with enough insecurity and self-doubt that she could be reformed by someone more practiced. Mrs Lloyd had had enough confidence even Octavia telling her she looked like a poorly-dressed parrot hadn’t dissuaded her, and had actually resulted with the addition of several feathers from the aforementioned bird. Miss Pendergast, however, was more salvageable for simply wanting to be saved.

    She was having tea with the debutante in part of the atelier where Octavia could continue to supervise the seamstresses, occasionally stopping mid-wit to bark an order to raise a neckline or order a new bolt of fabric from their perch on the mezzanine. The chaises were surrounded by expensive tables covered with fabric samples, or mannequins with various experimental dresses, screens with designs pinned to them, or piles of inks and quills and parchment.

    Ava raised an eyebrow at Miss Pendergast’s question. It was hard to say what a twenty year old ought to look like. Some girls seemed to mature faster than others, who took more time to come into themselves. The debutante, however, definitely had a bit of a babyface about her.

    “You say that like that is a bad thing.” She replied evasively, sipping her tea.
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    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    "It is if people mistake me for a teenager," Ellory said. Ben had told her that she'd make a great younger sister and he wasn't the only one who perceived her that way. Most men seemed to enjoy her exuberance in a way they'd enjoy it from a young child. In the past, Ellory had enjoyed this side of her, when she'd felt more confident about herself. She no longer did. She'd realized how flawed her true self was.
    “You’ve only been twenty for a matter of days.” Octavia pointed out prudently. “Many women would love to be mistaken for a newly out debutante.” That she had always found odd. Men wanted the younger, fertile wives- but Merlin forbid the debutantes looked for younger men as well. At her age, all Octavia had been told she could hope for was a questionable bachelor in his forties or some widowed man with a brood of children to resent her. What a good job she had found liberation for herself.

    The witch rose suddenly to shout about using Brussels lace over the Scottish over the top of the balustrade, before returning to her seat. “But I suspect you are not quite so glad of the fact?”
    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    Ellory winced when Octavia admonished the seamstresses. Personally, she didn't know the difference between Scottish and Brussels lace - all lace seemed the same to her and that was pretty. This was why Octavia could so easily manipulate her.

    "I don't mind being mistaken for a newly out debutante..." Ellory started, staring at her cup. "But I'm afraid that I don't even look like a debutante... That I don't look like someone a man would want to marry. That I look more like the flower girl than the bride." The cute younger sister who would carry her older sister's train down the aisle.
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    Octavia raised her eyebrows over the top of her cup, setting it down lightly. “And let me guess- there is a particular gentleman for whom you would rather be the bride than the bridesmaid?” She asked in a tone which suggested she already knew the answer. Did anything change a woman so quickly as the desire to be loved by a certain man?
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    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    Ellory felt as though Octavia had creeped into her mind. She couldn't tell her about Ben! Octavia was a friend, but not in a way that Anne or Cash were. Their friendship had occured because they did business together, their relationship was, first and foremost, that of a customer and a designer. She couldn't tell her that she was interested in Ben Crouch, especially when he was the brother least likely to be getting married anytime soon!

    "I-er-" Ellory said. "My mother has taken a liking to Mr. Crouch and I've been interacting with him a lot." She didn't have to specify which Crouch, though Octavia's mind wouldn't likely go to Ben. "And... Well. I feel like he sees me more as a younger sister than, you know..."
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    “Your mother.” Octavia echoed. Surely Mrs Pendergast couldn’t be thinking of marrying a debutante as spirited and young as Ellory to an austere cripple like Mr Crouch? He needed a bookish and quiet young lady who wouldn’t mind the lack of dancing- but Miss Pendergast seemed quite invested in the match. Perhaps it was his younger brother? Octavia knew little of him, but that seemed more likely.

    She set down her teacup. “So you want him to see you as a woman, not as a girl?”
    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    Ellory remained silent once more. She was bothered that Ben didn't seem to view her as a woman - did she want to actively do something to change his opinion? She supposed that coming to Octavia gave away the answer.

    "I suppose it's time for me to mature, regardless," Ellory commented. She didn't want to admit it outwardly, going around the point would save some of her pride. As if she had any left when it came to dealing with the Crouch brothers. Ben did wonders for her self-esteem.
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    Octavia sat still for a few heartbeats before suddenly rising to her feet, grabbing Ellory’s hands to pull her with her, and shoving her towards a screen that created a makeshift changing room in the corner of her atelier. “I have just the thing.” She announced over her shoulder, already flitting around looking for the concept dress she had in mind, seized by a sudden bolt of energy.

    The woman sifted through piles of dresses in chests that she’d begun working on then gotten bored or stuck, spreading bodices and undergarments all over the floor. Chest empty and similarly empty handed, she moved on to the pieces thrown over tables and other screens and chairs that were so buried under fabric you couldn’t have guessed they were chairs. Eventually, her hands seized the garment in question.

    “Now, we’ll change up the colour, but it’s quite striking.” She explained, passing it over the top of the screen. “It’s meant to mimic classical pleating, and it’s quite a step away from every other debutante’s dress.”
    dress is something like this but prettier
    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    "Okay!" Ellory said, excitement overcoming her as Octavia pulled her behind the screen. That rush continued until she put on the dress and saw herself in the mirror. Her smile faded. It wasn't a bad dress per se, just way more simplistic than what she usually wore.

    "Isn't it a bit too simple?" Ellory tentatively asked. She wasn't used to wearing dresses that didn't have some frill, some lace, some embroidery...
    “Sophisticated.” Octavia corrected, dragging the debutante out from behind the screen so she could look at her. “No girlish ruffles to hide behind, no superfluous train.” She explained, tapping the middle of the girl’s waist with her wand to cinch in her corset and the dress too. “This isn’t a dress for a newly out girl, but a woman.” She added.

    With a flourish, she turned the mustard yellow material to a very deep sea green, tipping the folds off with a slightly lighter colour. “That’s a better colour, don’t you agree?”
    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    "Not really," Ellory said sheepishly. They both knew that she preferred warmer colours. Her words had been offered (mostly) jokingly, though. "No, I really like it." Blue was a nice enough colour, she had to admit. It was strange to see herself in such a dress. She really did look more mature.

    "I look as if someone has mildly annoyed me," Ellory commented with a sheepish grin as she moved a bit to get a better look of her reflection.
    ”Nothing wrong with some elegant disdain.” Octavia shrugged. She got up and lightly lifted Ellory’s chin with one finger. “Being a sophisticated woman is as much about the attitude as the clothes, Ellory.” She instructed. “You must be totally convinced of your own self-worth- it is their job to try and prove themselves worthy of you, not for you to go running around after any eligible man like a well-trained puppy.”
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    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]
    "I don't know, Miss Lytton!" Ellory said with a sheepish smile. "I've never felt particularly elegant or poised." Ellory had never been known as the beautiful Pendergast daughter. It wasn't that she was repulsive, it was just hard to compete with two graceful blonde sisters when you were a bubbly redhead.

    "I just don't feel like this dress is very... me. Not to say that I don't like it. It's very pretty! I'd just feel like a little girl playing dress up with her mother's clothes."
    Octavia shook her head despairingly. And this was what happened when mothers didn’t teach their daughters the womanly arts!

    “You’ll never feel like that if you don’t try to.” She said, walking round, correcting minor points of Ellory’s posture till she looked less like a girl who had been strapped to a backboard for most of her (recent) childhood, and more like someone vaguely self-assured. “You have to trust in the dress, and that it looks good, and that’s all there is to it. The rest shall simply fall into place.” The more confident a girl, the less she clung to every gentleman in her path, and then conversation would become easier, and before she knew it, she was a star of the social scene.
    [Image: AoJ3BGf.jpg]
    [Image: d0dA4CY.gif]