Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Open Thread 
    Munny was already starting to get bored though the coming out ball was still better than studying. Besides, he had already finished packing and had little else to fill his time with. The Gryffindor supposed that he could dance but he hadn't seen any of his female friends and he wasn't about to ask some random girl to dance with him.

    Some of his family members were also in attendance but Munny hadn't had a chance to talk to them quite yet. At any rate, he'd be around them all the time soon enough if he had the yen to considering the summer holidays were coming up.

    Taking a seat at an empty table, Munny enjoyed a bit of the refreshments being provided. Someone took a seat at his table and seemed to be fanning themselves. "Need a drink?" He asked helpfully, already looking around to see if he could find a glass for them.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Glimmer had taken full advantage of the invitation to the Coming Out Ball as a fifth year, and had dressed nicely, though not too nice as if to appear she herself was debuting into society. Her brown hair had been pulled into a lovely, simple updo as to not not outshine any debutantes. Glimmer herself had stayed away from the dance floor to avoid any spare invitations to dance. A dance for Glimmer meant a dance taken away from a debutante that needed the dance. Nevertheless, it was hot, and in all her layers, Glimmer had become fatigued.

    So, she sat, as gracefully as her tired body could muster, at a mostly empty table and lightly fanned herself. Her back had been somewhat facing the other occupant, so she wasn't quite aware of his presence. Glimmer straightened and turned to the other seated person. "Oh yes, please!" she exclaimed. "It is quite warm in here."

    it was marked open but i can get rid of this if you wanted someone else~
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    Munny recognized the girl as being in his house and he was pretty sure she was part of that Whitledge family with all the eccentric names. He smiled at her as she straightened and turned to face him. She was quite pretty so it was quite easy to be all nice and gallant. Handing the glass over to her, he wondered if she had done much dancing yet. It would be a shame to be able to attend the ball and not even get to dance once. He had seen other people their age dancing together but she looked a little in need of relaxation at the moment though.

    "Have you been enjoying your time?" He asked, figuring he would ask her to dance later.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Glimmer took the glass with a gracious smile. "Thank you," she replied,  smile still present. She raised the glass to her lips and took a small sip. The drink felt cool and refreshing compared to the dancing bodies that were heating up the Great Hall. Soon Glimmer had finished half her glass and hadn't noticed. She really was thirsty, much to her own surprise and embarrassment.

    At his question, she absentmindedly nodded. It wasn't that she was not having a good time. Quite the opposite had been occurring. In fact, Glimmer started to think about certain detailing that she might want when she debuted as a seventh year for amusement. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "Are you? Or is this too much nonsense for your liking? I'm not judging either way. Different tastes for different people."
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    Munny took the moment while she was drinking her drink to look around the Great Hall. They were quite a few people dancing and when he looked back at her, she was still drinking. Woah, she really had been thirsty, he thought with amusement.

    "I'd rather be playing Quidditch, I admit but it's still pretty great," he said in answer to her question. "Fancy a dance?" He asked, gesturing to the dance floor.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Glimmer knew her reaction was that of pure shock, not having anticipated a dance out of her housemate. She quickly remedied her expression and smiled before nodding. "That would be delightful," Glimmer replied. She set her now half-empty glass down away from the edges of the table so that when she rose from her seated position she would not knock it over and create a mess over her and her housemate. 

    And suddenly Glimmer wished she had spilled her drink because now, as she stood ready to dance, she felt like dying. It wasn't her dance partner's fault but her mind was now going through every worst-case scenario and Glimmer just prayed that none of them happened. It would be too embarrassing in the fall when she saw the MacFusty again...
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    Munny couldn't help being amused at her shock. "A Coming Out Ball is meant for dancing, isn't it?" He asked teasingly though he blessedly actually knew very little about its full connotations nor would he have to know about them for some years yet.

    Offering her his arm, Mundungus was quite looking forward to this. Una had always made him be her practice dummy when she had been preparing for her own debut into society so he was more than adept at dancing at a ball.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    "Of coure," she replied, "I just didn't expect to have a dance partner." Glimmer took his arm as he led her to the dance floor. She had spent time practicing dancing in anticipation of the Coming Out Ball so hopefully she wouldn't make a fool of herself. Of course, the difference in height between Glimmer and her dance partner was enough to make anyone look twice as it were. She didn't need a second thing. "I don't have an overwhelming abundance of practice in this situation, however."
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    "Well, it is a ball. Dancing is sort of its purpose," Munny stated teasingly as he led the young brunette out to the dance floor. "I doubt either of us do so we'll muck through together, shall we?" He'd been to previous coming out balls as well as small parties that his family had or that he got invited to but that was still not as much dancing experience as a lot of the other people in attendance.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Her dancing partner was quite tall. Taller than anyone Glimmer had ever danced with. It made her five foot three frame seem so petite and fragile. She flushed as red as the Gryffindor banner at his tease. Glimmer didn't like being teased by anyone. It seemed worse when Mundungus MacFusty teased her. Glimmer hoped that her hands weren't becoming sweaty as he led her to the dance floor. Her cheeks were still flushed as the music began again. "I hope I don't tread on your toes," she said softly. "So mucking through will have to do."
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    Munny couldn't help a smile at his flush. He hadn't quite noticed when but somewhere along the line of his teenagehood, he had developed a natural way of flirtation. It wasn't something he ever really intended either. "I'm sure my toes could withstand you," he assured. After all, he was quite tall and athletically built compared to her smaller, feminine frame.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Glimmer smiled. "I am sure they can," she replied. He was taller and broader than she was and she would gamble that she would scarcely indent his shoe had she indeed stepped upon them. "Though I am sure that playing Quidditch can indeed familiarize a person with uncomfortable hits. I am absolutely dreadful at flying. I see no reason as to why a sane, upper class girl would ever want to play. Though knitting is hardly entertaining, I can see reason as to why she would not want to participate in that activity."
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]
    Mundungus agreed somewhat about upper class girls playing Quidditch. Not that he begrudged him it but he did think it a little weirder compared to their lower or middle class counterparts. "A love for the sport, perhaps? Many girls tend to play for the same reason I play - they love quidditch," he said with a chuckle.
    scottish accent
    [Image: mw03X5.png]
    Glimmer shrugged. "You can love the sport from the stands," she commented. "Like I do. I enjoy watching the players play, rather than playing myself."

    She flashed a smile. "It does take bravery to fly when you're afraid, though. I have much respect for those who try out with no experience of flying and play. It takes courage. I am not that brave."

    The music came to a stop. Glimmer curtsied to her partner. "We can always dance again, but I think I need another drink."
    [Image: o5xGm1.png]