Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Spring Cleaning
    Takes place in the fifth year boys' dorm; others are welcome if they have a reason to join.

    Eli had been reading a series of books in his free time--free time most students didn't seem to have, but Eli generally reserved his homework for times that either Chace or Cash could join him, since they were in mostly the same classes and Eli was a rather social creatures. This meant, however, that he had to fill up all those hours that Cash was at Quidditch or that Chace was out doing prefect things with something else besides homework, and he could only practice his music for so many hours a day. Which left him with... free time.

    The most recent topic of interest was the Orient (far be it from Eli to study up on something practical). He was fascinated by the cultural studies he had found, and had recently decided to dig deeper into something he'd read about in one of the bigger survey books, something called feng shui. The library only had one book on it, but as far as Eli could tell it was some sort of weird exotic magic that revolved around one's furniture.

    It was easy for Eli to believe that rooms contained certain Qis from the people living in them; he knew how much he personally hated being in a room with anyone who had just had a fight, having the ugly words hang in the air like a toxin. So the magic of feng-shui didn't seem too far-fetched, and he was eager to see if there was any merit in them.

    Which was why, having come home and discovered the dorm room he shared with the other Ravenclaw fifth years empty, Eli promptly set about to re-arranging. It was difficult stuff, even with the help of magic, because just when Eli thought that he had found a more pleasing rearrangement of furniture, some unseen obstacle made itself known--someone's bed was facing a mirror, or someone else's had a sharp corner pointing towards it from the nightstand, and he'd have to start all over again. After a lot of shuffling, he found the room almost exactly as it was, with a few minor differences here and there--little things, mostly, but if this book of eastern magic was to be believed, things that might help.

    During the rearranging process he'd also come across quite a bit of clutter, which was definitely against the Qi they were looking for, he knew. For a while he'd just left it, piled in the center of the room while he rearranged, but at this point the pile of stuff was bothering him enough that he no longer just ignore it until his roommates came home. He didn't have anything in the pile--he barely had enough clothing to wear throughout the week, and what little he did have he tended to keep neat--so instead he settled in on Cash's stuff, since Cash had the bed next to him and, honestly, Eli was most comfortable dealing with his than anyone else's. Still, wary that some might think the spontaneous cleaning was a bit of an intrusion, he tried to use magic when he could instead of actually touching things, which meant that soon items were zipping across the room, laundry folding itself and miscellaneous objects placing themselves on the beds of those they belonged to.

    At some point during this, one of his roommates entered, and Eli smiled over at them, although this caused one of Cash's Quidditch gloves to smack into the wall instead of landing on the bed as he'd intended. "Hello!" he said jovially, then went back to the pile of clutter at the center. "Can you feel the good vibes yet?" he asked without looking up, eager to see if the rearrangements had worked.

    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time

    #2; background-position:center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color: #f7f6f6;">

    wanna spin 'round to a beautiful oblivion

    Chace had been out roaming the halls with Penny, though he still wasn't sure what to call their relationship. Were they a couple? No, they most certainly weren't a couple even though he desperately wanted them to be. They were friends, though he had certainly more feelings for Penny than those of just a friend. He had loved her for as long as he could remember, and it had hurt him deeply when, during their first year, she hadn't remembered who he was. They had played together often as tykes, before Chace's mother died. His father had no interest in keeping his children socialized, and therefore Chace's interaction with other children came to a screeching halt. Instead, he socialized with his sisters and any children that were allowed to play outside on the street they lived on, mostly muggle children (whom his mother never would have let him socialize with).

    When he got back to his room, Chace was shocked to see things magically flying about. Eli had gone on what seemed to be a cleaning spree and when Chace's blonde roommate looked up and jovially greeted him, Cash's quidditch gloves went flying into the wall. Chase winced at the sound and watched the gloves fall to the floor. He raised an eyebrow at his rather flamboyant roommate, who seemed to be eternally smiling, and dropped his bag with his schoolbooks on the floor next to his bed. "Afternoon, Eli," Chace said, returning the other boy's smile. Though Chace thought the boy a bit too happy all the time, he was a nice kid nonetheless and after four and a half years of living together, Chace counted the boy as one of his better friends.

    After dropping his school bag and stepping out of his shoes, Chace padded to the pile in the middle of the room. He doubted anything of his was in there, since he was one of the neater boys in the room, but he had to check anyway. "So, Elià" Chace started, dropping to his knees to paw through the pile of clutter. "What's with the random cleaning spree? I mean, I've heard of spring cleaning, but is it really that time already?" Chace smiled, though he wasn't sure if Eli could see the smile since he was facing the pile of mostly junk in the middle of the room. He hadn't even noticed that half the furniture in the room had been moved. Most of his stuff was where it had always been, and he didn't care much about anyone else's things. It wasn't like Chace to nose into other people's lives.

    The only thing in the pile of Chace's was a pair of socks that he thought he had lost months ago, and after pulling them out from the near bottom, Chace returned to his bed and sat on it, cross legged. He pulled out his Charms book from his bag and opened it to the chapter they had gone over in class that day. "Hey Eli? Have you looked at the Charms homework yet? I was thinking about getting a jump start on it today, even though it's not due for a week and a half, if you wanted to work on yours, too?" The boys generally did their homework together, as they were in a majority of the same classes. It made homework more fun, and it was interesting to get another person's perspective on the same thing.

    tagged|boys! - word count|579 - wearing| non-existent

    Eli's eyes lit up when Chace mentioned spring cleaning, though he waited for the other boy to finish before he started in on the divulsion of the magical feng shui. "Charms, right," he said with a nod; with it due so far in advance it would have been silly for him to start it, since doubtless one of his friends would bring it up again sometime before it was due. With a nod, he went to retrieve his Charms book from the trunk at the end of his bed and took a seat on the floor next to Chace's bed, propped up against the one next to it, opening his Charms book to the assigned chapter.

    Of course, he had no particular interest in doing Charms work at the moment. "I rearranged some of the furniture, did you notice?" he asked eagerly. "I read about this thing called feng shui. It's like a Oriental magic where you work out you Qi. It's all about having the furniture and stuff in a way that makes energy flow," he swooped his hands around the room in a circular motion, to demonstrate.

    Taking a look around, he admired his handiwork again. It did seem like a better arrangement, though he might have been imagining it. "There's color stuff, too. I hadn't even gotten to that yet!" he said, eagerly, and reached out to retrieve his wand from where he'd left it at the center of the room. With a simple color-changing spell, his bedspread changed from the typical blue-and-copper Ravenclaw sheets to a bright, sunny yellow. Another spell added green and brown trim; colors of spring, but also the colors he'd seen in the book.

    "Yellow is for happiness," he said, though this was, in part, a lie; the colors he'd chosen for his bed and the position it happened to occupy in the room were both geared, according to the book he'd read, for love and romantic happiness. But since he was pretty obviously not pursuing any girls at the moment, he hardly wanted to tell that to anyone--not even Chace, and certainly not Cash.

    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time

    just to know your name

    After a quidditch practice where Cassius spent the majority of his time trying to do some complicated maneuver and nearly fell off his broomstick. In the end he had mostly managed it and also caught the snitch a few times, which he considered fairly productive. He showered and changed into school robes in the locker room, cleaned his quidditch uniform (sans gloves, he couldn't find them at present) with a spell, and headed up to Ravenclaw tower.

    Cash slipped into the room just in time to hear Eli's comment about yellow. "You're already always happy," he said playfully, throwing his uniform onto his bed and flopping onto it. He sat up after a moment to look at the pile of things on his bed. He silently accioed the other glove over to him and blinked at Eli and Chace.

    "So this stuff will make us happier?" he guessed. It was either that or Eli was just moving things around for no reason, and he doubted that it was that simple. Personally Cash thought their dorm was already happy enough; he was certainly more pleasant there than he was in any house his father owned. (Of course, Cash had no problems with any of his roomates, and his family was a different story.) Whatever made Eli happy, though.

    Cash slid his trunk out from under the bed and put the uniform and gloves on top of it. The other things that were his - primarily notes and library books he still hadn't returned - were sent flying under his bed to be found whenever he next needed them. (Read: when he needed to get something from the library but couldn't because he was hoarding books.)

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    made by Emily exclusively for Charming
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    set by MJ!

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    wanna spin 'round to a beautiful oblivion

    Eli grabbed his charms book and moseyed on over to where Chace was sitting on his bed, and sat down on the floor next to him. Chace almost offered that Eli could sit on the bed with him if he wanted, but since they had been roommates for such a long period of time at that point, he figured that Eli knew he could sit on Chace's bed if he wanted. That was a compliment; there weren't many people Chace was friendly enough with to allow them to just pop on his bed whenever. Eli and Cash were exceptions. The boys were very similar in terms of personalities and they got along well. No one ever pried into something the other ones didn't want to talk about and that was just how Chase liked it.

    When Eli mentioned something about.. aboutà Chace wasn't even sure he could repeat the word, he quirked an eyebrow at the happy boy. Chace hadn't noticed that the furniture had been rearranged, but he didn't often take inventory of where other people's things were, unless they were directly in his way between going from the door to his area of the dorm room. He looked up from his Charms book just as Eli swooped his hand in a circular motion, and for the first time, Chace noticed the difference in the room. He didn't particularly feel any different, but it was a nice change of pace. "Well done, mate," Chace said, nodding in approval.

    Chace couldn't be startled when Eli exuberantly exclaimed something about colours, then reached for his wand and instantly changed the colour of his own bedspread to yellow, brown and green. Earthy tones, Chace thought. Chace laughed when Eli happily stated that yellow was for happiness, and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Cash joining the party. "Cash, nice to see you. Quidditch practice over already?" Chace raised an eyebrow as Cash flopped onto his bed, but then stuck his nose back in his book, trying to find the place where he had left off. Something went zooming by his head, and Chace snapped his eyes up, watching as Cash accio'd his stuff to his bed from the pile in the center of the room.

    "Happier, huh?" Chace closed his Charms book. It was apparent he wasn't going to be getting any homework done at that point in time, so he'd just wait until later to do it. There was a good amount of time left in the day anyway. "I mean, it might just be me but I think this is a pretty happy room already." Truth. Chace loved being in his dorm at Hogwarts. He missed Shae a lot, but she was in Ravenclaw with him, just two years ahead. He offered the boys a crooked smile, and decided to take a bit of interest in what Eli was doing. "I personally like my bed blue and bronze. What do those colors mean?" If yellows and greens and browns were happiness, he couldn't wait to hear what his bed had in store for him.

    tagged|boys! - word count|521 - wearing| non-existent

    Eli barely had time to nod in response to Chace's approval bfore Cash entered. At first this only made Eli smile more, but when he seemed not only oblivious to Eli's redocorating efforts, but also started to contradict them, Eli hopped to his feet, wand still clutched in one hand as he walked over to Cash's bed.

    "Stop, stop, stop, Cash!" he exclaimed, tugging the piles of books out from under his bed. "The book talks all about this. Clutter is bad for your Qi. You want good Qi, don't you?" He didn't bother explaining to Cash what Qi was; he probably didn't care and for his purposes it didn't matter. He knew that Cash needed good Qi, whether he wanted it or not.

    Starting to sort through the books, Eli held one up for Chace to see. "This is from the library and you haven't used it since September. You don't need this!" He said in a scolding tone.

    He looked back up at Chace as he asked his question, wrinkling his nose to try and remember. "Blues are water--career stuff. Bronze is small earth, and yellow is strong earth. I don't know why they're different. Bronze is for knowledge. And you're actually in the right spot in the room, which is good for that," he said, nodding approvingly.

    Trying to recall the chart he'd been looking at, he looked over at Cash's bed. "You're in the fire spot, Cash," he informed him, but didn't bother repainting his bed red--since they'd just lost to Gryffindor that might hit a sore spot. Besides, red was for fame, and Eli would much rather promote romance for Cash than fame...

    Feng Shui Chart
    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time

    just to know your name
    "Mmn," Cash made an agreement sound at Chace. He would have mentioned something about how it was certainly an improvement over his room at home, but he would much rather avoid that subject entirely.

    He was distracted by Eli coming over to talk to him about qi, or something. Cash blinked at him. "What?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow at him. "I like clutter!" he protested, giving Chace a quick glance before turning back to Eli.

    Cassius gaped at the book Eli scolded him for. "I still have that?" he asked, blinking at it. "Oops." That was bad even by his standards. Cash took the book and put it on his bed, hopping off the side and going fishing underneath it. He cralwed under the bed, coughed on the dust bunnies, and pushed some of the clutter out the other side.

    Cash lay there for a moment listening to Eli's explanation before crawling out so just his head was showing. "Suits you," he said to Chace, grinning slightly before retreating back under the bed to send the clutter out from under it in all directions. "How come there are different spots?" he asked, half intrigued. This wasn't really his sort of knowledge - Cash liked investigations and logic - but it was interesting. Besides, if he was going to return all these books to the library he wanted to know a reason.

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    wanna spin 'round to a beautiful oblivion

    Chace couldn't help but bark out a laugh when Eli freaked out over Cash's recluttering of the room. "Everyone has their own ideas of clutter, mate," Chace stated, scooting back on his bed in order to lean back against his pillows. Eli proceeded to dig through the pile of general stuff that he had accumulated in the room and pulled out a book. He turned to Chace and accused him of not needing it. Chace squinted his eyes to read the title, a Quidditch book, and shook his head. He pointed to Cash just as Cash took the blame for the book. Why would Chace ever have a Quidditch book? That had always been Shae's area of expertise, not his.

    He couldn't help when a huge grin spread across his face. He was in the spot for career, which, as Cash had suggested, suited him quite well. "Thanks for leaving me where I am, then. I'm rather grateful for that." If he chuckled, Chace would've at that point. However, in the life he had lived, Chace hardly ever chuckled and didn't even know what his sounded like. Perhaps he would have to figure that out sometime soon so he didn't seem like a stuffed up no fun party pooper.

    "What's fire mean," Chace inquired, quirking an eyebrow. "And really, how many spots are there? I mean, there's only five of us in this dorm." Chace popped off his bed and walked to the center of the room, surveying the new layout. "Where's this fen shi book, or whatever it's called? I'd like to read it. Maybe I can help with something." Chace stole a quick glance at Cash. He was hoping that Cash wouldn't throw something at his head for trying to help Eli in his crazy quest.

    tagged|boys! - word count|298 - wearing| non-existent

    Eli rolled his eyes as Cash grabbed for the book; so typical. He tried half-heartedly to keep it away from him for a minute, but it wasn't really worth the effort it would take to actually keep something out of reach of Cash, who was taller, bigger, stronger, and faster than Eli was. He let Cash take the book from him and sat back down on the ground, crossing his arms over his legs as he explained to Cash and Chace.

    "There are supposed to be different energies in the room already--so when you go with them they get stronger. Instead of going against them," he cringed as Cash pushed things out from his bed haphazardly, wanting to help, to organize, but Chace had just chastized him for being too hands-on with Cash, so he refrained. Barely. To give himself something to do that wasn't compulsively organizing Cash's stuff, he struck a position he had seen in the book--legs crossed, fingers pressed to thumbs. Lotus position, though he didn't remember the name.

    Eli took a deep breath, but didn't bother to explain to his housemates what he was doing. If they wanted to know, they'd ask. "There are eight spots," he explained coolly, "But some of them combine--you're in two of them. And one of them is for children and I don't care about children so I just didn't bother with that one," he said matter-of-factly. He was fairly certain that neither of them cared about children either--he knew Cash didn't, and Chace, even if he wanted them eventually, certainly had no use for them now.

    "The book's in my chest," he said, but made no effort to retrieve it and hoped that Chace wouldn't go after it; if he did, they might discover that yellow was actually for romance and that could lead to awkward questions. "And fire is... fame?" he said, trying to remember off the top of his head. He was pretty sure that was it. "It means you're going to be a famous Quidditch player if you let me clean up your stuff," he said, a little louder to ensure that Cash could hear him under the bed, in a carefree and obviously joking tone.

    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time

    just to know your name
    Chace seemed to be encouraging Eli's new behaviour. Cash stifled a groan and crawled out from under the bed, pushing everything but his trunk and the cat's nest out with him. He gave Chace a Look, and mimed whipping the paperback at his head behind Eli's back. (He only refrained because he wanted the book back, and wasn't sure whether or not they would grant him it.)

    He tuned out for a minute, rifling through the pile of Transfiguration papers. Notes he hadn't needed since October and some less-than-impressing grades; okay. Cash supposed that he should have been a bit more alarmed by the fact that his Transfiguration grade was surely dropping, but OWLs mattered more than general grades and Transfiguration was hard.

    "Fire is fame?" Cash said. He beamed at Eli. "Neat. And feel free to help. So long as the cat's bed is left the way it is. We don't want her getting manic again," he wiggled his eyebrows at Eli

    Cash dumped the transfiguration papers on his bed and plucked another old library book from the pile. "Uhm. This one's from fourth year," he looked at Chace and bit his lip. "Did I break a rule with my hoarding this time?" Not that he really cared. (There was a reason Cassius wasn't a prefect; the reason being that his patience for all things prefect-y was slim, not to mention that Chace was just more suitable.) It was always good to know, anyways. Would he have to go into stealth mode to return the book? (Actually, that sounded kind of fun.)

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    made by Emily exclusively for Charming
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]

    Eli rolled his eyes as Cash produced a book from under his bed and snatched it out of his hands. "Yes, Cash, that's bad," he said. He could have been frustrated, but it was Cash, so there really wasn't much to be done about it. Telling him off wouldn't help. Still, that was sort of an impressive length of time. "Did you take it home after the summer? I thought they had spells to stop that from happening?"

    Well, no matter; whether it had somehow gotten shoved into the boy's trunk or whether it had just stayed exactly where it was under the bed for that long, here it was. "I'm going to return this for you," he told Cash in an only slightly mothering tone. Really, what would his best friend do without him?

    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time