Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    she's beauty, she's grace, she'll hit you in the face!

    Word Count: 127 | Tag: @Richard Gladstone | Date: May 31, 1887

    His words were entirely promising, she decided, but she doubted her terrible luck would fail to prevail. She'd been cursed since the day she was returned to the Scrimgeours; nothing since then had gone right for her apart from the things she directly controlled such as her grades.

    "It is possible," she agreed, the corner of her mouth turning up into a smile. "Though knowing myself, it's unlikely. Before I can even starting thinking about healing, I must avoid falling flat on my face as debutante. It's a harder feat to accomplish than you might think," she giggled with a sheepish smile. It was a surprise that she hadn't yet quite literally fallen flat on her face while dancing — and this was the first ball she'd attended!

    "Well, you're doing fine so far by my estimation," Richard assured with a chuckle as they danced. Richard had grown up in the upper class world and had watched his sisters go through the motions of being a debutante, finding their husbands and then socialiting alongside their mother. He knew quite well that being a debutante was more tiring and busy than most people would believe.
    [Image: mVHD3X.png]

    Word Count: 168 | Tag: @Richard Gladstone | Date: May 31, 1887

    Annabelle blushed. She certainly didn't think she was doing well, but she was the one stuck in her own head! She momentarily thought that perhaps she wasn't doing as bad as she thought, but she then decided it was him who hadn't seen her at her worst. If she was ever lucky enough to get to interact with him in the future, he'd certainly grow to dislike her — she was positive.

    "You wouldn't say that if you met my twin; she's the epitome of a perfect young lady compared to me. You'd probably like her more — most people do," she breathed. Annabelle had always been thoroughly convinced that her sister was better than herself. Araminta was far more graceful — both physically and socially — than Annabelle, and she had eleven years of preparation for her debut than Annabelle did. The Gryffindor had no problem living in the shadow of the prim and proper Araminta, as she hated being in the spotlight; however, it did nothing to ease her insecurities.

    Miss Scrimgeours blush was really quite fetching and he was glad to have caused it. "Well, I haven't met her, I'm meeting you," Richard said with a smile. "And I'm not in the habit of comparing people to one another unless it is to diagnose similar illnesses and the like." Not to mention that there was no such thing as perfect but he figured actually saying to might be taken as an insult to her sister which was not his intention. "All people are different and that's what makes the world so interesting."
    [Image: mVHD3X.png]

    Word Count: 150 | Tag: @Richard Gladstone | Date: May 31, 1887

    Annabelle decided in that moment that she very much liked Mr. Gladstone. He seemed genuinely warm and kind — not at all like the stuffy gentleman who'd join the Scrimgeours for dinner on more than one occasion. She wanted to consider the possibility that he might actually like her if he got to know her, but her pessimism still persisted. The things that brought Annabelle happiness in life were usually stolen right from her grasp, and she doubted a gentleman who gained her affection would be any different.

    "Most people don't think like that," she said softly, a shy smile on her face. "Society wants everyone to be and act the same. Being different isn't celebrated — it's shunned. If you're not like everyone else, you become a social misfit," she pondered aloud. Anyone simply listening to her could tell that she was different; even her accent failed to match her outfit.

    "That is just what they say," Richard said in mild amusement. In his experience, people wanted to stand out from one another and in that, they wanted to be different. Especially the most mercenary debutantes that his sisters sometimes invited around in the hopes that he would take a liking to them. Vapid women did not suit his tastes nor the ones who obviously made it a point to make it seem like they held all the same interests that he had.

    "Society makes it a point to ensure no one really says what they mean even if they want to. I suppose my familys different in that regard. We aren't shunned but we do follow our own paths." Richard shrugged. He had never really considered himself lucky to have the family that he had. He had grown up in a loving, open environment so most of the time the more stringent families baffled him.
    [Image: mVHD3X.png]

    Word Count: 265 | Tag: Richard Gladstone | Date: May 31, 1887

    She listened to him, wondering what it would've felt like to live in an upper class family that didn't pressure her to live her life a certain way. She wanted to follow the path they set for her, but not with the same circumstances they were attempting to force upon her. She wanted to get married to a respectable gentleman, but not one who made her miserable.

    She could be a pretty socialite and be a good wife, but she thought she could do that while also pursuing her own dreams. Her parents saw everything in black and white — either she gave into their pressure and was a good daughter or she disagreed with them and was a disappointment. There was no way they could meet her halfway if they refused to listen.

    "My family is not," she said quietly. "There is only one way that's the right way — no alternate paths. My desire to follow one slightly different from the one they laid out makes me the family disappointment, I suppose," she joked, rolling her eyes dramatically while shaking her head. "I've never understood them, but then again I never really got to know them."

    Her family was honestly the last thing she wished to be thinking about right now. She imagined Araminta was having fun without a worry, but she had no problem doing as their parents asked. She felt guilty for being so pessimistic, as she hadn't yet had any mishaps and she was spending time with a pleasant person. She should be happy, yet she felt herself tensing up with anxiety.

    OOC: This post was lost in the postlogpocalypse of 2017. Annabelle wasn't cooperating when Bree attempted to rewrite this, and as such it's a little different.

    Richard wasn't really accustomed to young ladies baring so much of their family dynamics at a first meeting. He was a little uncomfortable, to be quite honest, but he could roll with it and he was able to keep any discomfort out of his features. A plus when it came to being a healer was that he knew how to look completely neutral.

    "You never got to know them?" Richard asked, mildly confused but curious. "Living to please others is not a good way to live life, I think," he mused though he supposed women didn't really have the luxury to fully live that way unless their luck saw them marrying a man that let them live freely.

    He definitely would be allowing whichever wife he ended up with to do what would make her happy so long as she was loving and faithful to him. He would be terribly upset if he ended up with a harlot for a wife!
    [Image: mVHD3X.png]

    Word Count: 132 | Tag: @Richard Gladstone | Date: May 31, 1887

    Annabelle shook her head. She would much rather move on with something other than her family, for they were her least favorite topic — and not to mention that they were likely to make her all doom and gloom!

    "I'm probably just looking too deep into things," she said somewhat dismissively. "Comparing myself to my sister is too easy to do for all that I shouldn't. I am not her — I should know that," she finished with a smile. She remained silent for a few moments, hoping that another topic for them to speak about would find its way to the conversation.

    "And you? Did you wish to be a healer from the time you were a child, or did you decide later in life?" she asked, hoping to put them spotlight on him.

    Richard was more than willing to go along with a topic change. Their conversation had already been rather too heavy for a first time meeting. It was hardly like he could be called an expert when it came to woman and their insecurities when it came to their sisters despite the fact he had some of his own.

    "Not since I was a child, I don't think. I don't need to work so I never really thought about it until I was in Hogwarts. I did know that I always wanted to help people, though." Which was why he had become a healer, of course.
    [Image: mVHD3X.png]
    Bella's childhood was much unlike most who grew up in the wealthy class. Instead of daydreaming about what she could possibly become, she worried that she would end up on the streets with prostitutes. Her parents, however — the Drapers, not the Scrimgeours — had assured her that they would never let any harm come to her. Healers in the muggle world were doctors, and that was a profession that was, for the most part, limited to men. She wouldn't of even thought such a thing possible as a child!

    "When I came to Hogwarts, I didn't know anything about the magical community or the jobs within it. I wanted to be an alchemist at first," she admitted with a giggle. "But after taking a year of alchemy, I decided it was most certainly not my calling." How did anyone manage to succeed in such a career? So many complicated formulas and guesswork! Her NEWT scores had not yet been released, but she was certain she'd flunked that class.

    Part of the reason that she, unlike her sister, considered a career from day one was because she'd grown up assuming she would need to get one! The idea of being idle all today was a foreign one to her, for days of inaction in her childhood was a day of shame!

    She realized she probably sounded odd to Mr. Gladstone. Most women dressed like her — in expensive debutante gowns — had never once considered a career. Even she thought it was odd when other girls who were raised in the upper class considered a career following graduation. She wasn't, however, raised wealthy!

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