Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
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    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
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    June of 1887
    This month, the full moon will be on Sunday, June 5th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

    Broom Jousting

    What: Broom Jousting
    Who: Spectators and participants of all sorts are invited to take part in this unusual event!
    Where: The Hogsmeade Howlers’ pitch in Hawthorne Hollow
    Why: Part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations
    When: June 17th, 1887. Afternoon.
    Forum: Oui!

    Watch brave men and women compete on broomstick, hurtling through the air at one another with lances and only light magical padding. Will be organized in tournament style, with lots of stalls for shopping and snacking and less violent entertainment for the children.

    Interested jousters should sign up here on or before June 15th

    Irvingly Jubilee Picnic

    What: Jubilee Picnic
    Who: All are invited!
    Where: Hawthorne Hollow
    Why: Part of the Golden Jubilee Festivities
    When: June 20th, 1887
    Forum: Here!

    A nonmagical picnic held in a clearing in the hollow, at the end of a short path lined in magically-grown (and occasionally thorn-shooty) rosebushes. Open to all members of the community, though tents (UC; wealthy MC) and baskets (of varying quality depending on class) do cost money. Lawn games such as badminton and croquet will be available.

    Jubilee Street Festival

    What: Diagon Alley Jubilee Street Festival
    Who: Open to all magical residents and visitors to Britain, as well as their non-magical but aware loved ones.
    Where: Where will it be taking place?
    Why: Part of the Golden Jubilee Festivities
    When: June 20th, 1887
    Forum: Nah!

    Fireworks! Magical acrobats! Carnival games! Music around every corner! Shops and stalls of all sorts! Come one, come all, to the biggest street festival ever to be hosted in Diagon Alley!

    Ball Crawl ‘87

    What: Ball Crawl ‘87
    Who: See below.
    Where: London
    Why: Part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations
    When: Evening/Night of June 20th, 1887
    Forum: HERE

    #PeriodAppropriate—it was not at all uncommon to have multiple balls in the same night, and what better occasion to bring this to Charming than the Golden Jubilee? Flit from ball to ball in a magically elongated evening to ensure you get your fix!  The list of balls, themes, and guest lists will be released on June 18th—watch this space!

    Want to submit your ball, or an idea for one? Do so here on or before June 15th!

    The numbers do not actually mean anything timing wise, they're just for ease of reference! Please include some indication of which ball your threads are set at as well as the time at the top of your post.

    Contact: @Annette Fontaine
    Host: John Fontaine, assisted by Marjolaine St.John
    Description: John's pulling contacts and hiring out the Egyptian room of the British Museum in exchange for donating some significant pieces. The artefacts have been moved to the edges of the room to make room for dancing - magically protected - and most of the exhibits are from the recent excavations by the Egyptian Excavation Fund (society nowadays), the magical branch of which has been researching ancient magic. Pretty standard ball, not costumed, other than the waiters being semi-sentient mummies the team found, who are liable to drop the occasional body part. The EEF have also provided genuine Egyptian musicians in period-appropriate garb, not realising they're all female and the costumes are accurate right down to being topless (They'll be switched out pretty quickly for a proper band when the hosts realise). Guests are to floo in or apparate into the centre courtyard, and there is a Sphinx on the door to guard entry (with handlers in case someone's exceptionally thick because maulings are best avoided).
    Ball One is Magical.
    Who's Invited?: UC, MC who can afford to spend all night partying, AB. Characters known to be interested in history, research, travel or are cursebreakers/archaeologists will have received especial invites. Characters will need to answer a relatively simple riddle on the door to pass the sphinx.

    Contact: @Ophelia Dippet
    Host: NPC Foreward-Leaning, Tolerant Wizard
    Description: This ball is meant as a mixer for Muggle and Magical circles; upon arrival each guest, male and female, will be given a colorful flower to wear somewhere (hair, lapel, wrist, etc) and a very particular dance card (yes, even the men =P). The dance card has lines of different colors, and that line can only be filled by someone wearing that color of flower. Also, although this was not widely advertised, guests are magically prevented from leaving until they've filled their card--which means if they are opposed to dancing with a muggle they might be there a while!

    The ball itself is otherwise quite standard; the ballroom in one of the larger Muggle hotels and decorated with gilded furniture and ornate paintings. A string quartet will provide the music.
    Ball Two is Magical.
    Who's Invited: UC/MC, Magical or Muggle, Rep 3+

    Contact: @Cassius Lestrange
    Host: NPC muggle member of the nobility
    Description: The ball, at a large mansion estate in northern Scotland, offers the very best muggle society has to offer. The host is definitely showing off; think string quartets, fancy wine, the whole nine yards. He is very committed to impressing wizards and deliberately spread the rumor that Queen Victoria may make an appearance. (Unlikely, in reality.) Muggle fireworks will be set off throughout the night, Mr. Host's spare rooms are all committed to billiards or poker for the gentlemen, and he will be demonstrating his rifle-accuracy for anyone who asks.
    Ball three is Muggle.
    Who's Invited: UC magical + muggle. Muggles rep 3+, magical any rep because how would Mr. Host know.

    Contact: @Ophelia Dippet
    Host: Barry Wee Willie Winkle
    Description: A magically enlarged ballroom at the house of a friend in a fashionable part of Muggle London will feature several displays of eccentricities from both the magical and muggle world, including a few freak-show performers, a shapeshifting African wizard, a cage of erklings, and a large tank of water containing a hippocampus. One of the erklings will manage to escape the cage a little after nine, so hopefully you don't have any children with you. These displays are on a raised dais to one side of the room, with the dance floor in a wide curve around it.
    Ball four is magical.
    Who's Invited: Any class, any blood, any reputation, but there is a sort of magical "bodyguard" charm which might see folks summarily ejected from the room and unable to find their way back into it if they cause trouble, pick fights, or are otherwise ruining the party. That's very subjective, and someone might see themselves ejected onto the streets of London if they start boring their dance partner too much.

    Contact: @Ellory Pendergast / Soph's Skype
    Host: @Marcus Lytton
    Description: At the house of Lytton building! The first floor/foyer place thing will be charmed to resemble a ball. The room will be decorated to resemble a fairy-tale forest. This will be an opportunity for Marcus to test a new creation of his - something like... potion dress magic bombs. Basically, they're like fist sized water balloons that include some kind of secret magical potion Marcus created with the help of some well known potioneer company that 'transforms' a dress when it spills on it. The effects are small but fun - think: a dress gets all glittery, it becomes colour changing, some new magical pattern appears on it etc. The effects last only for 24 hours. Basically these Fun Outfit Potions will be randomly thrown on people by fairies? IDK some tiny creature Marcus got for that job. XD
    Ball five is magical.
    Who's Invited: UC and MC people!

    Contact: @Ophelia Dippet
    Host: NPC
    Description: The ball is actually a series of small dance floors, laid out in various rooms with the walls full of mirrors. The path through the house is laid out sort of like a fun house, and each room shows guests in a different persona: as a young man/woman; as an old man/woman; as a living stone statue; as anthropomorphic animal-faced humans; as someone of the opposite gender; as a devil; etc etc. Because #magic, the images in the mirror are how everyone will perceive each other while they remain in that room, dancing, and the decor of each room matches the 'theme' of the guests. Be careful not to break a mirror, or else (aside from having seven years of bad luck), you may be stuck looking like that until you seek medical attention!
    Ball six is magical.
    Who's Invited: Magical only, UC/MC, any blood.

    Contact: @Annette Fontaine
    Host: Lord & Lady Esterwick (the H-Ms, a la @Frederick Humphrey-Mavis )
    Description: Held in the house the HMs rent for the summer/parliament, in Cadogan Square. Guests are asked to arrive in muggle fashion or to floor/apparate directly into an appointed ante-room to avoid the suspicion of the neighbours- the only magical touches to the evening will be dragon shaped cakes and the presence of firewhiskey. There will also be a roof terrace available for use (it will be invisibly spelled to keep it dry should it rain) where muggle games will be available, as well as the main attraction of a newfangled cocktail bar, manned by bar staff recently educated in the new art of making cocktails. There will be a small ice-cream stand, also on the roof terrace.
    Ball 7 is Magical.
    Who's Invited: All respectable UC, including muggles who know of magic (esp. those amongst the aristocracy or who live in Irvingly). Notable and respectable MC who are known to the H-Ms (PM to check), including muggles. Well-known purists (Aka. Josephina and any acolytes) will be conveniently 'forgotten', and all guests are asked to refrain from open use of magic because of the neighbours, though emergency obliviators will be on standby just in case.

    Contact: @Madeleine Backus
    Host: Bertram Blackwood
    Description: Broom makers ball
    Ball Eight is Magical.
    Who's Invited: LC only- Transport provided between Ivringly and London for those that need it

    Contact: @Madeleine Backus
    Host: NPC
    Description: An event for the shop keepers, and tradesman of magical britain, To take place at a public dance hall in Cheapside. No theme, but the balls decor and food to be provided by the shop owners, food by the food shops, drinks and ale from the pubs and brewers, and decor from the milners and drapers.
    Ball nine is magical.
    Who's Invited: LC and MC shop owners -while it's a ball its also sort of a networking event.

    Contact: @Madeleine Backus
    Event: Earlier in the afternoon of the ball Cecily Carmichael will host a 'mock' ball for children under the age of 15. There will be a small band, games, and some festive food and drink. The event will end at 6pm when Chaperones and servants will Floo children home.
    Ball ten is magical.
    Who's Invited: UC children under the age of 15, and Slytherin children under 15 rep3+

    Post below using the form if you want an event added! Check out this thread for more information.
    [b]What:[/b] What is your event? Just the name here, please! Any additional information should go below "When".
    [b]Who:[/b] Who is it for/who is hosting it? Who is invited?
    [b]Where:[/b] Where will it be taking place?
    [b]Why:[/b] Self explanatory.
    [b]When:[/b] IC Date (If you want a forum please post 2+ weeks in advance).
    [b]Forum:[/b] Does your event need a forum?
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    What: Belvina Black's First Birthday Party
    Who: Upper class purebloods and equally wealthy and pureblooded children
    Where: The Black estate in Cumbria
    Why: Belvina's turning one
    When: Afternoon of June 16th
    Forum: None!

    A big children's tea party/picnic in the garden overlooking the beach because children are supposed to appreciate a nice view and not wander off and drown *wink wink*
    [-] The following 2 users Like Ursula Black's post:
       Madeleine Backus, Odira Potter
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    What: Ball for the Benefit of Wayward Women
    Who: UC Guests of any blood and rep; LC women who might be deemed "wayward."
    Where: Mrs. Cosmina Selwyn's estate, Wellingtonshire
    When: 15 June
    Forum: Yes, please! And earlier than the IC date if possible~

    See this thread generally and this post specifically for details.

    This ball was generally agreed by all guests to have been the most ill-advised and poorly planned social event in recent memory.

    The first and most egregious of Mrs. Selwyn's oversights was that the invitations she sent to all of her well-to-do guests did not indicate that they would be expected to actually interact with these wayward women, and many were scandalized to see that the beneficiaries of this charity were actually present at the ball. Mrs. Selwyn seemed to have some idea that this event would result in many of these women turning from various paths of darkness to more wholesome avenues, but the women themselves did not seem much inclined to be converted; in fact, most of them seemed to have come either on the promise of free food, on the idea that perhaps they could steal something of value from Mrs. Selwyn's house when no one was looking, or simply because they really didn't have anything better to do.

    By the end of the first hour, most of the women had gotten their fair share of food and wandered off again, and the only wealthy guests who still remained did so only because they had not yet located the party they needed to depart with. It was at this point that the body of Mr. Sterling Carrow was discovered, meaning that none of the remaining guests were allowed to depart until the arrival of the Aurors, much to the general dismay of everyone in the house. This did, however, explain why Miss Artemisia Carrow could not locate her brother when she'd first decided she wanted to go home nearly half an hour before.

    Anyone not on the 'suspects' list who would like to attend should either leave before the body is found, or else have a very solid alibi--the latter can reference being briefly questioned before being released by the Aurors but won't get threads
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Ellory Pendergast
    What: Petra Sleptova’s Coming Out Garden Party
    Who: Mainly UC adults with a reputation of 4 and up! MC people with important positions and who are friendly with the Sleptovs or the Humphrey-Mavises. Old classmates who were friendly with Pet will be invited, regardless of class; Eva is willing to give old dresses to any LC girls so they can attend! That being said I assume they wouldn’t be more than 4-5, and talk with Olive to establish their relationship with Pet. Any gentlemen that aren’t friends of Pet will need to be 25+ or already inherited. Any young women would need to have come out and be friends/friendly with the family.
    Where: The grounds of the Humphrey-Mavis estate in… wherever in England that is.
    Why: Pet is coming out!
    When: June 3rd!
    Forum: IDK

    A big portion of the Humphrey Mavis land will be charmed to accommodate for this party. It will be in a magical bubble of sorts to provide excellent sunny weather regardless of what happens in the outside world. (Guess who’s paying for it? Nik. ;]) The afternoon will begin with a dancing performance by the magical branch of the Bolshoi that Eva got for the occasion. ($$$ NIK) It will end with Pet being presented as the Belle of the Ball. Think that scene from The Little Mermaid except Pet has no choice but to be in the middle lest her sister kills her. After that happens, the dance floor will be open for light, garden party themed dances.

    There will be small 4-6 people tables scattered on one side and light, summer-y food will be served. On one corner there will be lawn games with a tournament to win time with Pet on a hot air balloon. Games will be: archery, croquet and gobstones. So 3 lucky winners. ;)

    There will also be a big maze with a little ‘treasure hunt’ involved. If you find Pet’s favourite books, you have to take them to her. The books will be 5. The maze is also charmed to block any sounds to prevent cheating. (Or that’s what we’re saying ;])
    [-] The following 3 users Like Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Odira Potter, Ursula Black
    What: Estella Valenduris Debut
    Who: Held in honour of Estella Valenduris, at the country home of her father and Stepmother in Hampshire. The event will be hosted by her Stepmother. Invited would be PB/HB and UC with reputations 4+, and any MC who would know Meserimus of rep 5+

    The event will be Alice in Wonderland theme, there will be little potions, giant games of wizard chess (think Philosophers stone without death), singing flowers, Seer 'caterpiller', rabbit hole slides, croquet with flamingo enchanted mallets and anything else a bit barmy.

    Mad Tea party themed dinner, her father will be dressed as Mad Hatter, and his step wife will be white rabbit, and Estella will be Alice. There will be table with fun potions to try out that have little fun effects like changing hair colours, giving fake wings, and the like.

    Where: Valenduris Magical Estate in Hampshire
    Why: Estella is coming out
    When: 29th June
    Forum: nope
    [Image: ItXbzb.png]
    <3 Nolan sets are crack!
    Daisypath Friendship tickers[Image: haddie_zps26uqdttk.jpg]
    I'm Doing a Challenge! HELP
    What: Theodosia Oakby's Coming Out Masquerade
    Who: All UC with a rep of 4+, all Pendergast Roses and any MC families whose daughters are friendly with Theodosia (hmu if you think your character might be!).
    Where: The Oakbys' Ballroom, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade
    Why: Dosie is coming out and celebrating her 19th birthday! and terrified of fucking it up
    When: June 16th, 1887

    Theodosia is almost painfully awkward whenever the topic of marriage and courtship is even hinted at, and wears her heart on her sleeve despite her best attempts at poise and grace. Ignoring her father's half-hearted objections, she has decided the best way to mitigate this is to make her coming out a masquerade ball. Masks are required to enter, the more elaborate the better.
    [Image: bfxUK9C.png]
    pretties by stff!
    What: The Coming Out Ball of Araminta & Annabelle Scrimgeour
    Who: Invited are all reputable members of upper class society and notable middle class members of society. Mudbloods will not be welcome, nor will any people with a reputation lower than four. Araminta's friends will be invited, as will family friends!
    Where: Hogsmeade Ballroom!
    To celebrate the coming out of Araminta Scrimgeour! There will undoubtedly be heavy gossip in the air regarding the absence of Araminta's twin (@Annabelle Scrimgeour) who was also set to debut as well!

    Fun Fact: Stress and a subsequent emotional breakdown on the evening of the event caused Annabelle to flee the ballroom and hide somewhere! Her parents will undoubtedly attempt to explain her absence with talk of a sudden illness.
    When: June 4th!
    Forum: Nope!

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