Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    What a Catch!

    It was a lovely day for a picnic, Senna thought, and that was how the young florist had seen herself stealing away a lunchtime under a tree in Padmore Park. Stuffed in a pouch that hung from her waist was her trusty pet Nigel - a precocious little niffler who seemed far more human-like than such a little creature did. It was always a gamble to bring him out and about but at times he could behave if only he kept his head tucked in long enough to ignore the glimmering call of everything he coveted.

    "It's a beautiful day to behave, isn't it, Nigel?" She cast a glance to her side, expecting beyond logic that he would be there. He could be quite an affectionate thing in the silence of her room but in the hustle and bustle of daily life the critter she'd nursed back to health as a babe could be quite mischievous. Enough so that she was close to panicking before he came skittering up, dropping a worn little ball in her hand as if he was proud of himself.

    "This isn't your usual fare Ni -" She was cut off by the excited noises of a dog that looked much like a link of sausage coming up on her. She couldn't help the squeal - half shock, half delight - that escaped her as the dog wagged its hindquarters with its little body buzzing with excitement. Senna could think of no reason why Nigel would steal this dogs ball - for surely it must be theirs! - but likewise could not scold him for it. Not when such a sweet dog was waggling its tail and nudging against her knees excitedly.

    It was only natural that she should pet the poor, excited creature as she cooed: "Is this your ball? Oh yes, it must be!"

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       Ursula Black

    gorgeous set by tiffany <3
    Casper's spirits had been low ever since the incident with the little girl that had lead to his resignation. The Daily Prophet exposure hadn't helped in the slightest and every time he left the safety of his Bartonburg home he felt as though dozens of accusatory eyes were upon him. He had dreams about the incident where he'd do everything he could to save her but still failed, and nightmares where he saved her with a well-timed spell. The ones where she lived were somehow worse than the ones where she died all over again, they were taunting him.

    Low spirits or not, staying inside all day wasn't an option when he had Eclair to think about. The dog was probably the only thing keeping him sane and anchored since he had no job to regulate his schedule with and no wife or children to demand he get a hold of himself. Eclair had to be walked. Casper could tell that she could tell that he was depressed and while he appreciated the attempts the four-legged creature made to cheer him up, he couldn't help but torment himself with the thought that were she able to understand the why for his sadness, she would not be so keen.

    He had taken Eclair's favorite ball with him so he could give her a good run with as little effort on his part as possible and it was in the process of playing half-hearted (on his end) fetch, that he realized she wasn't coming back. Concerned that she was harassing someone, or worse, was in some sort of danger of never returning, he began calling her name and looking for her.

    Only a couple minutes later, he spotted her making a nuisance of herself with a young lady. He felt his gut twist and seize up. "Eclair!" he called out, doubting she was going to actually come considering how excitedly she was greeting the lady. With a soft groan, Casper admitted defeat and approached. "Erm. Sorry, I hope she's not bothering you?" He was not so anxious as he usually was speaking to young females, but that had more to do with his sobering guilt than any increase in confidence. He was actually less confident in himself. In his guilt, shame, and public disgrace, he now assumed that no one but his family would want to have anything to do with him and this assumption meant that he was far less worried about leaving a good impression, thus, he wasn't so uptight.
    MAY 18, 1887 | @Senna Potts

    Logic would dictate that her new dachshund friend belonged to someone - surely. Perhaps a young lady on a stroll who'd let her furry companion off her leash by mistake. Whatever the case, Senna could not have anticipated that it was a man who had lost control of the creature that was apparently named after a sweet treat. She was somewhat struck when he approached, apology at the ready as the dog all but ignored him to nose against the hand that still held her ball.

    For a moment Senna merely looked at the man in something caught between awkwardness and shock before she donned a smile that was meek in nature and opened her hand to the dog so that it may grab what it was so excitedly seeking. She could hardly suppress a giggle as its wet nose and tongue brushed her palm, plucking the well loved ball from her hand with no hesitation at all.

    "Eclair, is it?" She looked between the man and the dog, petting behind Eclair's soft ear. "She's an absolute sweetheart." Her words were almost a coo as she continued to love on the dog who seemed content to bask in the attention, all but forgetting about the dogs owner who was standing just overhead. It was easier to focus on the dog than the man that she didn't know after all.

    But eventually she would have to, wouldn't she? "I'm sorry...Nigel must have drawn her away when he stole her ball." She looked around for the niffler in question to find him hiding behind her knee peeking out as if he knew he'd been caught red handed. And he absolutely had. She picked the wriggling critter up to introduce the aforementioned Nigel so that the man wouldn't think she was mad as a hatter.

    @Casper Darrow

    gorgeous set by tiffany <3
    Casper hovered awkwardly as Eclair indulged herself in a good ear scratch, blithely ignoring her owner's present discomfort. He could hardly blame the dog, however, he'd probably find such treatment irresistible too if he were a dog. He was a little confused by who 'Nigel' was supposed to be, until the young woman drew the mole-like creature out from behind her.

    As much as Casper liked animals and magical creatures, he had never actually taken up Care of Magical Creatures and couldn't confess to ever having set eyes on a niffler before. Thus, he had no idea what he was looking at. "That's all right," he insisted with a nervous sort of almost-laugh. "Hello... Nigel." He wanted to ask what Nigel was but he struggled to find the confidence or willpower to do so. Should he reach out and pet him or not? Casper wasn't sure.

    After too much painful deliberation, he quickly reached out and gave the niffler a gentle pat-pat on the head and then withdrew his arm.

    MAY 18, 1887 | @Senna Potts

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