Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Wish You Were Here

    May 16th, 1887
    Dearest Anais,

    I saw in the Daily Prophet that your brother welcomed a pair of twins only a few days ago! Congratulations to him and Mrs. Rosalind Beaumont. I must admit that I was a bit surprised to see that they'd announced the births only a day after they occured. Your brother must not be the cautious and superstitious type - most people wait in case the worst happens... Not that I would want to mare their joy!

    How are you, my dear? Things here at hectic. I don't know what to be more anxious about; the ball or my NEWTs! As if that wasn't enough, we had an outbreak of head lice! I think that almost every female at Hogwarts got them. It is awful - truly a catastrophe!

    I wish you could attend the ball. I wish we could come out together. Are you coming out this year, at least? Your brother has kept your at my future aunt's school for long enough!



    @Anais Beaumont @Katherine Midford - I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty to post this! <3
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       Katherine Midford
    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    May 17, 1887
    Dearest Artemisia,
    I miss you so much.

    Thank you. I must say, I was quite surprised as well to read about it. He did not even wrote to me about about the birth first but had the guts to announce it to the whole wizarding community. I suppose, he has not been thinking clearly as he is occupied with two kids and a sick wife. Then again, He frequently doesn’t make the right decision.

    Anyway, school is alright. We do get to attend some fun events -like Mr. Dippet’ s birthday party- aside from our classes though what I can’t stand is my current roommate. She’is full of her self and obnoxious, I do not even understand why Mrs. Pendergast paired me up with her aside from us sharing the same blood and social cirlce. I wish you could have been my roommate, then I can get rid of Miss --- and we can have fun together. Are your parents not sending you to Mrs. Pendergast's school?

    How awful, lice! It must have come from those who live in the slums. Surely, the school’s healer should have de-liced them at the start of the term. Is the headmaster not doing anything about the infestation?

    As for your NEWTs, I’m sure you will get ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Exceeds Expectation’ as you are smart and studious. I have included a few fresh lavender picked from the school garden in hopes of cheering you up and relieve your anxiety a bit.

    I wish I could share your burden for the exams and especially planning for the Hogwarts Debut ball. Sadly, it looks like Mathias is keeping me here for another year or until I reach the age where I can no longer attend the school. Do tell me what you to wear for the ball, Is it a Lytton gown? And have you met with Mr Lestrange recently?

    With Affection,

    OOC: No problem Soph <3 I was supposed to ask you for a letter thread anyway :D And sorry for the long reply ^^"
    [Image: mIIrgVp.jpg]
    [Image: wki5uv.png]

    May 18th, 1887
    Miss Tatiana Lestrange,

    Is your roomate giving you hell again? I cannot wait for us all to be socialites, so I can invite her to my tea parties and give her a taste of her own medicine! That being said, I suspect that Mrs. Pendergasts has paired you for a reason. You will have to endure the company of people you dislike all the time when you are out. When you are faced with that, you will wish to return to your horrible roomate!

    On the head lice business: the nurse is giving us some potions that are supposed to stop the infection. However, not all of us use them and not all of us get rid of them with the same pace so, even if you do get rid of the lice once, you could catch them from someone who still has them. And the circle of head lice continues!

    My dress is going to be a Lytton gown! I wish you could see it, though I suppose there is nothing stopping us from inviting you home to show it to you after the ball. I imagine that Witch Weekly will cover every outfit extensively, too. I have not met with Mr. Lestrange, though we are corresponding. I hope to see him at the ball. It might sound silly, but I'm afraid that he might deem it unimportant to attend, considering that we've already been matched.

    Oh! I almost forgot to answer your other question. I am not going to attend Pendergast School. From what I understand, I will be given one year to enjoy debutante life before I marry Mr. Lestrange. Seeing that I'm already betrothed, there is no need for me to be finished.

    You should talk to your brother about coming out this summer as well! You would have been a debutante this year, anyway. He can't keep you at that school forever.


    Artemisia Carrow

    [Image: 2zGMwfD.jpg]
    artemisia's gloomy set was brought to you by the talented mj <3
    May 19, 1887
    Dearest Artemisia,
    I also wish I could be there to see it with my own eyes. Oh well, I can at least read in Witch Weekly on how you would be the bell of the ball. Would slytherin be descending first this year? We can surely see each other this summer! My mother has no reason not to allow me to  visit you.  As for Mr. Lestrange, he might be a bit distant due to his job but he does not strike me as the sort to be insensitive with the feelings of his future wife. It is your special day and he would surely want to be apart of it. He can without a doubt make time if he wishes to as it is only for one evening.

    It is quite difficult to persuade my brother. I definitely planned on talking about debuting this summer with my mother as Mathias listens to her opinion. Hopefully, she would be more open to the idea.

    Good luck with your exams!

    [Image: mIIrgVp.jpg]
    [Image: wki5uv.png]