Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    MAY 15TH 1887

    Spectators agree: best match they've seen in years.

    [Image: 21dls1.jpg]

    The Chudley Canon match against the Wimborne Wasps ended with a bit more excitement than most bargained for when Canons beater Magnus Lockhart collapsed mere moments from disembarking his broomstick. The game was a mildly long one at just over six hours of total gameplay, and was decidedly arduous for all the players involved. The teams were neck-and-neck up until the moments just before Canons seeker Cassius Lestrange caught the snitch, but for many the most memorable moment of the game occurred nearly half an hour before, when Lockhart took a bludger to the forehead. Most assumed he was out of the game (and he would not have been the first player that match to have gone down, as Wasps chaser Lionel Reed broke his hand at hour three and had to be removed from play), but after a few moments of swaying and clinging to his broomstick, Lockhart seemed to rally and pulled himself together enough to continue the game.

    "If nothing else, Lock's dedicated--the true hallmark of any good teammate is their dedication to the sport even when life and death are on the line! I only wish the game might have lasted longer, give him more of a chance to show off a bit!" commented team captain Fitzroy Prewett, following the match. Lockhart's efforts in the match managed to derail two attempted goals, by landing bludgers on the opposing chasers at critical moments, and broke Wasp chaser Daffirend Thompson's wrist in the final attempted goal before the end of the match.

    "He looked awfully ghastly, with all that blood on his face," Canons supporter Philip Sminton commented, referring to the large gash on Lockhart's temple, which had, by the end of the game, covered most of his face and a good deal of his shoulder with blood. "But you have to admit it was a hell of a thing to watch. Bloody excellent game, all in all."

    The stadium healer was standing by to examine Lockhart's head wound as soon as the match ended. Before medical attention could be given, however--in fact, within seconds of his landing--Lockhart had collapsed on the pitch. He was unable to be roused by the efforts of the healer and was quickly admitted to St. Mungo's hospital for further treatment.

    "Quidditch is not a gentleman's sport, though gentlemen do play it; we must always remember that it has an inherent danger," said team sponsor Nathaniel Gallivan, following the match. "Mr. Lockhart knew this and chose to play anyways. We commend his dedication and wish him a speedy recovery."


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    MAY 15TH 1887


    [Image: dp_zpsbdnyxump.gif]

    An infestation of toads has begun to appear in Hogsmeade. With no warning and seemingly no origin, the toads began to show up in Hogsmeade on May 10th. The infestation has increased in volume in the past four days.

    Miss Zelda Fisk of the Ministry's Magical Accidents & Catastrophes division spoke on the infestation. "They're definitely of magical origin," Miss Fisk said, "They pop whenever anyone steps on them - that's obviously not a normal toad thing to do. Neither is manifesting from nowhere."

    Miss Fisk refused to comment when asked how long the toads were expected to stay. While the toads clearly have a magical origin, the Ministry has not been able to tell whether the infestation is deliberate or the result of accidental magic. One must also wonder whether they are the result of a Ministry experiment; who knows what the Department of Mysteries is up to?

    The toad infestation is beginning to pose a problem for local businesses.

    "The toads are an annoyance, and distract my shoppers. I want the toads taken care of, as long as they're not harmed," said Mr. Conri Power, owner of Power Charms and Spells Supplies.

    One of the most annoying facets of the toad infestation is their tendency to croak at all hours of the day and night. Citizens of Hogsmeade haven't experienced a completely silent night since before the toads began to appear, and with more toads appearing, it's becoming even louder.

    Mr. Alexander Echelon, Wellingtonshire resident, commented, ""I haven't slept in days because of all the damned croaking and I think I'm beginning to hallucinate. Wait, why are there two of you?" 

    For Mr. Echelon's sake, the Prophet hopes that the toads disappear soon.


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    written by Beanie

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