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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    This Hair is On Fire
    Open Thread 
    Harriet had been drawn to the bathrooms by the smell of something burning. She might have been old, but her smelling was her strongest sense yet. This tended to be the case with those who worked with the earth. If you asked Harriet, she'd tell you that different earths had different smells.

    "Oh goodness, child, what have you done?!" Harriet exclaimed as she found a very upset female student whose hair was slowly burning in a blue flame. "Is this because of that lice business?" She'd assumed that the school's nurse was taking care of it, but apparently not, if girls felt the need to take the matter in their own hands!
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    set by Rune <3
    Tears dripped down the cheeks of the seventh year, her eyes puffy and pink at the sight in the mirror. She wasn't quite sure what she was the most upset about: the fact that her scalp was dry and scaly from all the itching she'd done, or the fact that the only way to get rid of the itching was to burn her hair off!

    Annabelle had been slightly more intelligent than she could have been; instead of using flames that would have undoubtedly charred her to death, she used cool-flaming potion that still was able to burn off her hair.

    Approximately seventeen seconds after she'd used the potion, she regretted it. She worked diligently to pour cups of water onto her hair, completely and utterly soaking her and the dress she had on. The flames, however, were persistent. The appearance of the professor (and her great aunt!) brought some amount of relief to the struggling Gryffindor.

    "Oh, Professor! Please help me get rid of the fire! I've decided I don't want to be bald!" she sobbed, pressing her palms against her eyes.

    Harriet didn't recognize the girl as one of her nieces at first. It wasn't that she didn't care about her, there were just so many nieces and nephews for her to remember! This one had to be one of Arthur's granddaughters... Or was it Barnaby's? Whose daughter had married up? Either way, Harriet's granny instinct kicked in, though it would have had anyway, even if the girl was a stranger. And to be honest, she sort of was. Harriet was much closer to Arthur's son's family.

    "Did you actually burn off your hair, dear?" Harriet sweetly asked the girl. Now, she wasn't strict and tough like Maudie, but even the kind-hearted Harriet considered this move somewhat... silly. Before this she'd assumed that this had been an unfortunate accident.

    "Stay still, dear," she instructed and then she conjured something like a water tentacle and manipulated it towards the girl's scalp. Nothing happened. Harriet furrowed. "Did you do anything other than use a fire charm, my girl? I suspect that you've made these flames un-extinguishable..."
    [Image: 5ySZOXC.png]
    set by Rune <3
    The professor was quite right—this was a silly move on her part. With the stress of NEWTs and the impending Coming Out Ball weighing down on her over the past few weeks, it was no surprise that she had little patience to deal with head lice as well. She looked up with horrified eyes at her great-aunt's comment; had she made the flames inextinguishable?

    Another choked sob left her throat, and her body shook right along with it. "There has to be something you can do. What do you do with inextinguishable flames anyways? They have to be put out somehow." Yes, there had to be a reversal spell. What had she used to conjure them, anyways? What supplement had she used? She felt no burning on her head except the itching burn.

    Oh how terrible this was!

    "Oh my chicken, don't worry!" Harriet quickly assured her student. She hated seeing children crying like that! Especially for something quite trivial! Harriet had been like that, at her age. It took her decades to realize that there wasn't a problem without a solution and that crying about it rarely helped.

    "I'd say that there's a potion that can extinguish it. I'm sure Professor Prince has some in his office!" she told the girl. "Come, I can escort you to his office!" He was likely busy with OWLs and NEWTs now, so he might not appreciate a crying teenaged girl coming to his office!
    [Image: 5ySZOXC.png]
    set by Rune <3

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